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Octave Music Player

PS Audio's premier music playing system

Built in Boulder

PS Audio’s Octave® is a remarkable music playing system designed to both empower and delight the world’s music lovers. Four years in the making, this extraordinary state-of-the-art system of hardware and software will bring you closer to the music and the artists that create it. The Octave system consists of the Octave Play™ app and the PerfectWave Octave PlayerC hardware. High-resolution music from streaming sources like Tidal, and Qobuz, as well as your own stored libraries of tracks, come alive as never before. Octave Play connects you with the artists through its library of rich metadata while the PerfectWave Octave Player delivers stunning audio to your DAC. Finally, there’s a complete system that integrates perfectly the best in music library management with the finest high-performance audio output in the world. Oh, and did we mention Octave’s a joy to use?

Octave Music Player

Product Description

The Octave® Music System is built upon two products: Octave Play and Octave Player. Octave Play will be available as a free download for your IOS or Android device. Once loaded onto your phone or tablet, the PerfectWave Octave Player will import all your music and then, referencing Octave Play’s more 31 million track database, find out everything you ever wanted to know about the composers, artists, and musicians that make up your library.

Finally, you’ll have an incredibly easy to use searchable album collection that cares not where your music is stored.

Search for Steely Dan or Leonard Bernstein and as if by magic, a wealth of tracks from your personal library as well as the two largest high-performance streaming services are ready to play at the touch of your finger.

Want to dive deep into the artist’s bios? Read reviews? Connect with the works of band members, conductors, composers, or producers? Just touch the links provided by Octave Play and soon you’ll be immersed in the wonder of new music. With Octave Play installed on your phone or tablet, your favorite artists are just a touch away. You can search by artist, genre, composer, band…why, you’ll find the possibilities of easily getting to your music faster and more fun than ever before.

Remember back in the day when we grabbed an album cover and found ourselves immersed in the liner notes? Octave Play brings not only those days back but provides so much more. Whether classical, jazz, or any of the up to 400 possible genres in Octave Play’s enormous database, you’ll scroll through photos, labels, associated players, and find yourself happily immersed in the music as you never imagined possible. Octave Player’s ever-growing database contains over 23 million recordings, 1.3 million works, by 1.7 million artists, composers, and music makers.
Octave Play is as powerful as your imagination. With the press of a finger, create personalized playlists that pull from any source you wish: streaming, NAS, Octave Player’s built-in SSD drive, or a network connected computer anywhere in the home.
Want to discover new music? It’s easy. Simply follow the links within your favorite music to discover a treasure trove of great works from the millions available from Tidal or Qobuz, or your own treasured collection.

To build a state-of-the-art music player requires both dedicated hardware and software. While Octave Play researches, catalogs, and offers an impressive user interface, the heart of Octave is found in Octave Player. The PS Audio PerfectWave Octave Player is a first of its kind: galvanically isolated hardware whose separately powered operating and audio output systems are connected together with nothing more than light. Using advanced optics and sensors, Octave Player keeps the noise and workings of its powerful 4-core processor and its SSD drive safely away from the delicate digital audio stream delivered to your DAC. Octave Player’s built-in Digital Lens perfectly reclocks the audio stream with an isolated low-jitter fixed clock, and presents clean, jitter-free digital audio to your DAC through Octave Player’s many outputs including I2S, coax, XLR, and USB. The player also features Ethernet, WiFi, a bit-perfect ripper, and a 1tB solid-state storage drive, all housed in a beautiful PerfectWave chassis. On its rear panel, find a nice helping of isolated USB 3.0 inputs allowing users to connect as much external hard drive storage as they need, as well as a dedicated USB 3.0 backup port providing automatic backup services through your connected external storage.

If you are interested in being among the first to own an Octave Music System, we are currently accepting reservations to purchase. You can add your name to the growing list of PS Audio HiFi Family members from all over the world by emailing us your name, address, and phone number.

We will keep you up to date with where you are in line and provide timely updates as to when you might expect to be next to own this one-of-a-kind music player.