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NuWave DSD

An affordable, no compromise asynchronous DAC

Built in Boulder

The NuWave DSD is an affordable breakthrough digital to analog processor. Based on the acclaimed Sabre 32 bit Hyperstream architecture, the NuWave DSD accepts inputs from any digital source including I2S, coax, TOSLINK and USB, playing both asynchronous PCM (up to 192/32) and DSD (single or double rate) through our exclusive class A hybrid output stage with either single ended (RCA) or balanced (XLR) connections.

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Product Description

Writer’s Choice–Positive Feedback!

Sometimes good things come in small packages and that’s certainly the case with the NuWave DSD. Our most affordable D to A Converter gives up little in the way of features from our larger and more expensive version, the DirectStream. Fully asynchronous on its inputs, the NuWave DSD can take just about any type of input, at sample rates and bit depths to match current high resolution standards and output pure analog through a class A hybrid output stage.

Used with any CD player or transport, the NuWave DSD produces a seamless three dimensional soundstage from your entire CD library. Connected to your computer, running music management software like iTunes, Bit Perfect, Amarra, or JRiver and an iPhone or Droid controller, the NWD becomes your center for streaming high resolution music at the touch of a finger. Performance as well as musicality are never compromised. Hand tuned and personally voiced by Paul McGowan, this fine audio instrument will bring the listener years of musical bliss.

  • Four digital inputs
  • Single and double rate DSD
  • CPLD input (FPGA) lowers jitter, waveshapes, reduces propagation delay
  • Native mode standard
  • No added Sample Rate Conversion
  • I2S input
  • 192kHz asynchronous coax and TOSLINK inputs
  • 192kHz asynchronous USB
  • DSD direct through I2S
  • High current class A hybrid output stage
  • Fully balanced input to output
  • Passive output filter lowers transient distortion
  • Direct coupled without any capacitors in output signal path
  • High bandwidth output stage -3dB 60kHz
  • Low jitter clocks
  • High Current oversized analog power supply
  • 7 voltage regulators
  • High speed power supply diodes
  • Massive 15,000 mFd low ESR capacitors
  • ESS Hyperstream


Jim Austin

I heard a spacious acoustic and strings with a pleasant, meaty buzz, nicely complementing an appropriately percussive piano. I heard something similar with Marc-André Hamelin's Live at Wigmore Hall (CD, Hyperion CDA66765), one of my 2012 Records to Die For: a great sense of the acoustic space, and a solid, impactful piano with nice transients on the leading edges. (I played both of these recordings from actual CDs using my Ayre Acoustics CX-7eMP CD player as transport, connected, via the Ayre's AES/EBU digital output to the NuWave's S/PDIF input, by a Canare transformer and a Stereovox HDVX coaxial cable. It worked flawlessly.) Generally, with good recordings, the density and placement of images—from side to side and from front to back—were very good.

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Michael Lavorgna

I listened to the NuWave DAC for more than a month, and from the get-go what I heard was a very dense, rich, and fluidly rewarding way with music. The PS Audio NuWave DSD DAC offers the ability to play every common file format you can buy, exceptional build quality, and a way with your music that will leave you wanting more: Whether that's more time to listen or more music to listen to is up for grabs.

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Digital Audio Review

Ken Micallef

The PS Audio machine is a good music maker, with serious rhythmic drive, and in this regard at least, the Mytek’s peer. The NuWave’s forward-lean with momentum makes jazz, electronic, and classical music a joy to dig in to. It creates an intimate and upfront musical performance that’s big hearted, fleshy and enthusiastic.

I remain surprised that a DAC this good is available for close to a US grand. Perhaps this is the DSD-able DAC that will set the pace for all comers in its price range.

If I were told I would be required to live with the NuWave DSD DAC as my go-to digital machine, for say, the next year or so, I’d be a happy surfer on (its) sine waves. Indeed, I would count myself lucky among audiophiles.

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Positive Feedback

Tom Gibbs

The flexibility to play native DSD and to convert PCM to DSD via a music player like JRiver Media Center makes it a compelling value for anyone looking for a reference-quality digital-to-analog converter. Is DSD even necessary? To answer my own question, yes—especially in the implementation seen here with the NuWave DSD. Having this unit has made one thing very clear to me—my DAC was without a doubt the weakest link in my system. The NuWave DSD is the complete package and a keeper—very highly recommended!

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Vumetre Magazine

Pierre Fontain

French magazine not translated.

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The NuWave DSD handles USB, I2S, coax and optical digital PCM up to 192kHz 24 bits, single and double rate DSD, and features a class A hybrid output stage with remarkably sound quality.

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