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NuWave DAC

An affordable, no compromise asynchronous DAC

Built in Boulder

The NuWave DAC is an affordable high-end digital to analog processor. Based on our acclaimed PerfectWave series, the NWD accepts inputs from any digital source including USB (up to 192kHz 24 bit asynchronous) from your computer and connects to your system’s preamplifier with either single ended (RCA) or balanced (XLR) connections.


Hand built and shipped within 10 working days of order

NuWave DAC

Product Description

Sometimes good things come in small packages and that's certainly the case with the NuWave DAC. Our most affordable D to A Converter gives up little in the way of features from our larger and more expensive versions. Fully asynchronous on its inputs, the NWD can take just about any type of input, at sample rates and bit depths to match current high resolution standards and output pure analog through a fully discrete output stage.

Used with any CD player or transport, the NWD produces a seamless three dimensional soundstage from your entire CD library. Connected to your computer, running music management software like iTunes, Bit Perfect, Amarra, or J River and an iPhone or Droid controller, the NWD becomes your center for streaming high resolution music at the touch of a finger. Performance as well as musicality are never compromised. Hand tuned and personally voiced by Paul McGowan, this fine audio instrument will bring the listener years of musical bliss.

  • Three digital inputs
  • 192kHz asynchronous USB
  • RCA and XLR balanced outputs
  • High current class A output stage
  • Native mode
  • 192kHz selectable upsample
  • Low jitter PerfectWave clocks
  • Class A fully balanced discrete analog electronics
  • Burr Brown 24 bit DAC chip

High Fi News

April 2013

"Listening to the NuWave through its USB input, I was immediately struck by the sheer verve of the performance it offered, sounding punchy, taut and crisp."

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PS Audio NuWave DAC - Stand and Deliver

By Rob Johnson

"For those seeking a high quality DAC under $1k, especially those who want to delve further into high resolution digital content, give the PS Audio NuWave DAC a try and you might find it in your home system sooner than you think."

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PS Audio NuWave Digital Analog Converter (DAC)

By Karl Sigman

"The PS Audio NuWave DAC is an outstanding DAC with no unnecessary whistles and bells. Simplicity. And, its price is truly a bargain. Highly recommended."

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PS Audio NuWave DAC Review

By Andre Marc

"The PS Audio NuWave DAC simply must be auditioned by anyone looking for a DAC anywhere under $2000. It delivers the sonic goods, is ruggedly built in Boulder, CO, and has an excellent sounding USB input. Far from being the DAC flavor of the month, the NuWave DAC is based on decades of digital engineering. Highly recommended."

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PS AUDIO NU WAVE DAC - Unprecedented quality at this price level

By Christiaan Punter

"Judged purely on sound quality at only a fourth of the PWD's price, I have no hesitation to call it a bargain."

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PS Audio NuWave DAC Review on Daily Audiophile


"The NuWave DAC is a worthy successor to the Digital Link III. It has improved sound and better features. It's few shortcomings are easy to overlook given it's excellent price."

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En exclusivité, PS Audio DAC NuWave


"Pour tout dire, le PS Audio DAC NuWave nous a conquis d'emblée et nous avons tout de suite senti que nous étions en présence d'un appareil possédant des grandes qualités musicales, en tout cas, telles que nous les aimons."

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PS Audio NuWAve DAC

By Christian Rechenbach

"Und es dauert auch nur kurze Zeit, nur ein paar Takte, bis man weiß, dass hier was ganz Großes am Werk ist. Das Klangbild wirkt so ungemein aufgeräumt, tonal absolut einwandfrei und mit Ausdruckskraft ,wie man es ehrlich gesagt nicht oft zu hören bekommt. "

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Test: PS Audio NuWave DAC


"Er klingt erfreulich unauffällig und das bitte ich, als großes Lob zu verstehen. Ganz gleich, welche Art von Musik er zu verarbeiten hat, tut er dies unaufgeregt, sehr harmonisch und mit viel Liebe zum Detail."

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PS Audio NuWave DAC

Settembre 2013

" questa fascia di mercato al momenta si evidenziano due leader, PS Audio e Wadia, dalle caratteristiche sonore per quanto possibile agli antipodi."

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PS Audio NuWave

By F. Guida

"Nel complesso si puo affermare che la prestazione del NuWave sotto il profilo della f1prociuzione sonora e eccellente per un prodotto di questa fascia di prezzo"

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The NuWave DAC handles USB, single ended and optical digital audio up to 192kHz 24 bits and features a fully discrete output stage and remarkably sound quality.