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Noise Harvester AC cleaner

Eliminate noise right at the source. Our Noise Harvester is a parallel noise elimination device.  Plug it into any AC outlet and it collects line noise and converts it to harmless light.  Similar plug-in noise reduction devices simply place a capacitor across the AC line which only shunts line noise from hot to neutral but does not eliminate it.  Only a Noise Harvester collects and stores the noise in a capacitor and when enough energy is available, discharges all the unwanted noise into light and it’s gone forever.

Most power conditioners attempt to isolate your equipment from all the power line noise, but they cannot eliminate or remove power line noise. Only the Noise Harvester removes AC noise and converts it to another form of energy, light. Give your power conditioner a nice head start by lowering your noise floor in the first place.


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Noise Harvester AC cleaner

Product Description

“Bottom line: The PS Audio Harvesters are the real deal and surprised me with their ability to further remove artificial noises in a system that already employs highly recommended AC conditioners.”
– Clement Perry, Stereo Times

You will actually see the Noise Harvester working as it converts all this noise into light. You will easily be able to hear the improvements, and the effect is cumulative: the more Noise Harvesters the better. Place one on any outlet where you have a computer plugged in, a refrigerator, a lamp or light with a dimmer switch and place a few in the room with all of your audio and video gear. This best-selling budget tweak from design team at PS Audio really makes a dramatic audible improvement. Any system will reap the benefits of the Noise Harvester.

Works on 120V to 240V (plug adapter may be required).

“Ingenious…I use Noise Harvesters in my home-theater system, to good effect.”
– Robert Deutsch, Stereophile


Noise Harvester, Noise Harvester 5 pack