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Snowmass Upgrade

Transform your DirectStream series DAC with the latest

Built in Boulder
Snowmass is now available for the DSD. DMP 3.10 is now available for the DirectStream Memory Player

Since its introduction almost 3 years ago, the DirectStream DAC, and now DirectStream Junior, have altered the expectations of audiophiles worldwide, and proven their ability to be upgraded in the field at no cost to their owners–obsolescence is obsolete. The Snowmass operating system upgrade provides further reductions of jitter sensitivity, lowers audible noise, improves upon the work Ted Smith performed in Red Cloud. The sound quality of Snowmass is significantly better than any iteration before it. The upgrade is free via download and self-installation or by purchasing this pre-formatted SD card, or USB memory stick (DSJ only) delivered to you ready to install. Instructions for the upgrade are here.


Snowmass DirectStream Upgrade

Product Description

Snowmass is the latest operating system for DirectStream DAC and DirectStream Junior (DSJ). Available as a free download or purchase as a pre-loaded card, or USB memory stick (DSJ). Snowmass transforms DirectStream DACs into even higher performance level yet achieved. Snowmass improves the sound of Red Book audio as well as DSD and high-resolution PCM. Blacker backgrounds, greater instrument weight, wider and deeper soundstage, elimination of upper midrange glare, improved image separation, far lower noise, better clarity and more lifelike presentation of music are among its many benefits.

Snowmass is a free upgrade for DirectStream and DSJ owners.

Snowmass is the single biggest improvement yet in the DirectStream product line. It shouldn’t take long for you to hear the major improvements, big enough to call it a new DAC. Let your friends know you just got a new DAC and for free, just one of the many benefits of our unique software upgradeable DAC series. And, because it’s PS Audio, we never charge for software upgrades.

For instructions on installation go here.

  • MQA, Tidal, ROON, Spotify Connect, Quboz, Vtuner Ready (with Bridge II update)
  • Significantly better low level linearity at low volume levels
  • Lower audible noise
  • 20X upsample rate
  • Extended high frequency response
  • Extended low frequency response
  • Reduced jitter
  • Reduced linearization heuristics
  • Blacker backgrounds
  • Linearized lower level signals
  • Increased depth of soundstage
  • Lessened noise on DSD -> PCM or PCM -> DSD transitions