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Limited edition 99% True

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Here’s your chance to get a limited edition signed copy of PS Audio founder Paul McGowan’s memoir, 99% True. There’ll only be a few of these personally signed copies available and when they are gone, that’s it. Get your copy now.

“This book will make you laugh and push you to do something remarkable.”
-Seth Godin This is Marketing

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99% True

Product Description

It’s 99% True…

Confessions of an Audiophile.

Paul McGowan tells all (and then some) in this riotous tale of misbegotten success that’s 99% true in all the best ways. From his not-so-innocent youth growing up in the shadow of Disneyland and summer evenings in the innocent 1950s, to his dope-smoking, snake-eating, draft-dodging, loony-bin misadventure through Europe, to his struggles to build a thriving enterprise from a stack of dusty albums. Come enjoy funny bone laughs and heartrending stories as Paul tries to find his place in a worldwide community you never knew existed.

Here’s your chance to get a limited edition personally signed copy of the hardback edition of Paul’s memoir, 99% True. There’s a limited number available on a first come, first served basis. Grab one while you still can. When they’re gone, they’re gone.

If you want to read more about the book and see the photo gallery from Paul’s crazy career, go here.

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Adventures in Gonzo entrepreneurship

The book is an adventure story, and the adventure is the second half of the twentieth century.
The core audience for this book is anyone in love with music, its production and reproduction, though anyone who grew up in or wishes to know more about the era of 60’s music and the effects of Vietnam on America will find a treasure-trove here. I would also recommend “99% True” to anyone freshly graduated or to any twenty or thirty-something whose first, second or third efforts in life resulted in failure. It’s wonderful when initial effort leads to success, but the most interesting lives are built on hard-won knowledge that,

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What an absolute pleasure!

What an abso!ute pleasure this book is! I'll take a cue from Paul and be very honest: I purchased this book more out of respect for Paul than an actual interest in reading what I feared would be an embarrassing collection of corny stories. Though I don't know Paul personally, I think of him as a friend and I would hate to see him make a fool of himself. I am delighted to report that this book is NOT an embarrassment at all. Paul's writing is very good, very consistent, and is often humorous.

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Weird fossil

Shockingly honest, weirdly entertaining

I read the book over 2 days while recovering from foot surgery and wasn’t sleeping much. It kept me thoroughly entertained and my mind occupied which was a good thing. It’s definitely a memoir rather than a novel in my opinion but in saying that it’s a good yarn. Multiple yarns really. Some elements of the book, I found quite shocking given Paul’s propensity for high jinks both as a youth and as, in theory, an adult, and the number of times he was taken advantage of as well as him expanding the envelope of advantage taking was prodigious. Gullible so many times but still bouncing back with an optimistic view. (His wife really must be an angel).

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Strap in and hold on!

If Paul McGowan ever had a theme song for his life, it would be the old chestnut "Pick Yourself Up." His new memoir tells his life story where he has picked himself up, dusted himself off, and started all over again numerous times to eventually lead his successful high-end audio company, PS Audio, into the 21st century. His life has been a roller coaster ride of ups and downs, and his life's misadventures, successes and failures are a wild ride at times. The memoir is at various points elated, discouraged, happy and sad, but most of all it's a story about drive,

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Jerry Davis

One of the best books I have ever read

This is what I personally wrote to Paul: "t is a wonderful book, Paul. I grew up in the same era, went into the Army, loved music, got out and eventually founded a Biometrics technology company. Also drove a VW Super Beetle and a Sirocco. I read your book in three days, and loved it. My heart really went out to you over your synthesizer. I got cheated badly on a deal, too. And the gate at Nudells place hammering the roof of your VW cracked me up. One of the finest moments in the book, and there are very many great moments, was your visit to Manila and the music room experience. The guy just wanted you to hear what your work sounded like in the most pristine listening environment imaginable

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Clarence K

Amazingly honest and enjoyable

I admit I read this book as a long-time audiophile (and hence know who are McGowan and his various companies). But i was pleased to find that the enjoyment of the book is from reading a well-written auto-biography with touching and amusing tales. While it was nice coming across some known names from the audiophile world (e.g., HP, Arnie Nudell), this provided a very small % of the book's enjoyment. Anyone would enjoy reading this book, even if a newbie to obsessive audiophilia. Mark's honesty about his several business failures before achieving success reinforces the sense that the books is honest history of his life, while also not being catty about the folks Mark has encountered

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Joseph Solek


Who the heck would want to read a book about the life of a guy who owns a high end audio electronics company? Surprise, you do. This book is an easy, enjoyable read. Paul's antics early in life growing up and time spent in the army as a disc jockey are rife with hilarity and misadventures that, quit frankly, is somewhat amazing that he escaped not doing time in the big house. On the serious side, it is also a study in perseverance as he overcomes multiple set backs to establish the company, PS Audio, that he now finally owns and loves. The continuous thread of his love for music and its reproduction carries on in his life even to this day.

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It's like growing up with Paul

I enjoyed the book immensely. In some parts I related to doing some of the same dumb things and in other parts I was amazed Paul lived through it all.
The book flows well and is an easy and fun read. The book kind of seems like two different books. The first half (actually more than half) came across as a true adventure story but the later half was a lesson on how to succeed in business. I finished the book feeling I know Paul and, of course, that I am glad to be an audiophile, have purchased equipment from PS Audio, and every day look forward to Paul’s posts.

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