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DirectStream Power Plant Promotion

Don’t just clean your power, REGENERATE it
If you’ve only heard your sound system powered by the AC from your walls, or even with a conditioner, you have no idea what you’re missing out on. Our Power Plants literally bring new life to your system by offering it unbridled, perfect energy that not only reduces distortion but amplifies the good noises for that live-in-your-living room sound.

Through October, while supplies last, save up to $3,400 on our most popular DirectStream Power Plant AC Regenerators. (This is a US Promotion only. If you are outside the US, please click here for more information.)

Not sure what the difference between a power CONDITIONER and a power REGENERATOR is? PS Audio’s own Paul McGowan walks you through everything in this video.


PowerPlay is HERE!
PowerPlay is a unique feature to our Regenerators that allows you to track in-coming & out-going THD, voltage and wattage, and we’re excited to let you know that the newest and best version of PowerPlay is now available at right on our website. To use, just make sure you’re logged into, on the top menu click on My PS, then scroll down to PowerPlay.

Note in the first two graphs, Voltage and then Total Harmonic Distortion, how the wiggly top line represents the incoming AC wall voltage while the lower straight line shows you how the Power Plant Regenerator corrects what’s wrong. You will be able to see the history of your home’s incoming power quality and how the Power Plant straightens everything out.