Vintage audio equipment

March 20, 2018
 by Paul McGowan

Is vintage audio equipment worth keeping? There are certainly audio classics, treasures few would want to relegate to the trash heap, yet modern equipment is often so much better is causes one to wonder.


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  1. Having some very old electronics, some still in use, I have to say that most are merely collectibles, while others that were top in their respective markets are still be quite usable. But inevitably you end up sinking barrels of cash into them to keep them in top shape, especially the tube equipment which needs at least biannual tuning and tube replacement. I have a very early reel to reel, a Magnacorder, which I display but ultimately do not use. It’s mono, a real tape hog and has a “Green Eye” for a level meter. Very cool as a history perspective but not for actual use. I also use a monster of an old sine wave generator from Hewlett Packard. It’s tube and hot and heavy and ultimately can be replaced by a cell phone with an app. I have HK Citation 11,12,14 setup but needs repair as well as a host of pre and power amps from various manufacturers, most of which have seen better days. Seeing that PS Audio sells new stuff, and assuredly much better stuff, for roughly the same price as upgrading and repairs on older gear, unless it has sentimental value, it’s just not the best choice. But make no mistake. There is a lot of cheap crap out there that will be short lived and poor performing. So new isn’t always better at all. Do your homework and use your ears. If the old stuff is still doing well and pleases you, I would enjoy every minute of it for as long as I could.

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