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Ohms Law

Everything you ever wanted to know about audio, music and its reproduction is here. PS Audio co-founder and CEO Paul McGowan shares his more than 40 years of high-end audio experience, stories, interviews, and hilarious tales in this one-of-a-kind podcast. Ohm's Law is produced by PS Audio and presented ad-free for the community. Subscribe through your phone's podcast app and get the latest each day. And please, leave us a rating so others will join in.

Recent Episodes

Is there a high end conspiracy? 0

This customer’s dealer keeps encouraging him to spend more money to eliminate listener fatigue and he asks Paul if perhaps it’s all a conspiracy to separate him from his money. Paul lets us in on the ways to eliminate listener fatigue.

Is the BBC dip still used in speakers? 0

When BBC launched their famous BBC Monitors they incorporated an unconventional dip in frequency response nicknamed the BBC Dip. Is that famous dip still in use by manufacturers and designers of today’s speakers as well?

How to identify the weakest link. 0

The weakest link in any system or chain is the point at which the greatest chance for failure occurs. Paul explains which components are the weakest links and has a few suggestions about what to do with them.

Does PS Audio scope out its competitors? 0

When PS Audio sets out to design then build and market new products is the first step in that process to gather together the competition? Do we try to keep up with the other manufacturers? The answers might surprise those unfamiliar with PS Audio.

Do optical cleaning products enhance CDs? 0

Our snake oil award goes to this video but its content might just surprise you. Some will be horrified, while others may cheer. Paul talks about optical cleaning products for CDs.

Do equalizers have a reason to exist in 2018? 0

The days of graphic equalizers and bass and treble controls on equipment have long since been replaced by better equipment that no longer needs these crutches. So, is there a place for them in today’s world? Yes, and you might be surprised at what Paul has in mind.

Counterfeit Stereo equipment 2

Wouldn’t it be easier for PS Audio and other manufacturers of high-performance stereo gear to look inside their competition and steal their secrets? Why don’t more manufacturers do it?

Can small amps power big speakers? 0

Can you take an amplifier rated for low wattages, like 30 watts, and use it effectively to power a speaker with a maximum input rating of 100 watts?

Are inverted preamp outputs important? 0

Some preamp manufacturers insist their use of an inverted output is the right way to go and any products that do not invert are simply not as good. Is that true?