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Ohms Law

Everything you ever wanted to know about audio, music and its reproduction is here. PS Audio co-founder and CEO Paul McGowan shares his more than 40 years of high-end audio experience, stories, interviews, and hilarious tales in this one-of-a-kind podcast. Ohm's Law is produced by PS Audio and presented ad-free for the community. Subscribe through your phone's podcast app and get the latest each day. And please, leave us a rating so others will join in.

Recent Episodes

System synergy 0

Stereo systems are complex. Their collection of cables and equipment makes sure that every system sounds different for better and for worse than any other system. We learn that the one common thread amongst systems is their synergy between components.

Studio monitors vs. home speakers 0

We hear that recording studios and the professionals that run them are the best in the business. So should we use the same speakers they do in our home systems?

Sharing our passion 0

Is it incumbent on us as audiophiles to share our passion with younger aspiring people or should we keep it close to the vest and not foist our fun on others?

Underpowered systems 0

Can it be that an amplifier is just too wimpy for a room size? Or, is the power specs of an amplifier adjusted to the speaker rather than the room?

How to choose speakers 0

Choosing loudspeakers can be one of the most important, yet difficult, decisions we make when assembling a stereo system. How does this happen at a time when there are fewer dealers?

How does bi-wiring work? 0

We hear about bi-wiring, bi-amping. But, what do these terms mean? Paul goes into good detail on this often asked question.

Expanding the sweet spot 0

Often the sweet spot in a two-channel audio system is narrowed down to one person, but what if you want to expand it?