How to let people down gently

April 4, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

If a friend asks how their stereo system is sounding how do you reply, especially if you don’t like it? Paul helps us with a few gentle hints.


One comment on “How to let people down gently”

  1. I was once asked by an acquaintance to help them better position their B&W 805 speakers in their listening area. I knew he was proud of these speakers, and I was looking forward to listening to them.

    So, I get to his house and he takes me to his listening room. His B&W’s were on some stands that looked reasonably nice, and then I noticed ……… the B&W on the left had a hole where the woofer should have been. So I asked him what happened and he told me he blew it out about a week ago and was fighting with his dealer about a replacement woofer.

    Then he said, does the woofer need to working for us to optimally position my speakers ……………………………

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