Winning and losing

November 8, 2021
 by Paul McGowan

It occurs to me that life is sometimes viewed as a sports event with winners and losers.

I wonder how many arguments might be avoided, or anger averted if we were to instead think of it in terms of multiple wins.

None of us likes to feel as if we’ve lost or on the losing side.

What would happen if we chose to remove the idea of losing from our worldview?

Perhaps when I had my opinion changed by some new information or from the generosity of someone who successfully countered my argument I might feel better if I didn’t think of it in terms of losing the argument.

It’s an interesting mind shift. A possibility worth exploring.

Now, where was all that missing detail I lost in that recording? 🙂

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17 comments on “Winning and losing”

  1. Wake up and smell the roses! People who can’t accept they are wrong or have lost will never learn anything and end up totally disfunctional. I’m constantly accepting the error of my ways, except when I’m right! I would make a wonderful Customer Failure Manager. I wonder if Paul’s Customer Success Manager has ever had a bad day or totally screwed up?

  2. In a society whois characterized by maximum competition (instead of cooperation and solidarity) and follows the principle of “the winner takes it all” losers are disdained. Add religious moral categories as “good” and “bad” (instead of constructive or non-constructive) and you have created an eternal battlefield.

  3. Win or lose – succeed or fail –
    Here’s your participation trophy

    The talk above is about thinking in multiple wins. That implies multiple losses also. So Then remove ‘losses’ from the world lexicon and mindset.. by acquiescing, rolling over, tucking tail or what ever form of self retreat or surrender makes one feel good.

    As long as you think you’re a winner all will be ok. (◔_◔). After all, that comes with the right to rub the losers noses in it….. especially if you are winning for the 1st time.

    Maybe instead learn from your losses….? Grow from the experience…? Strive to get better….?
    “No! that takes effort and maybe introspection…. Where’s my trophy! “

    1. Mike, your trophy is to read what you just wrote and realize that your answers boil down to doing everything that you can to be helpful by putting every idea you’ve got into trying to find a solution for your customer. If you can’t find an answer you then consult a superior as to how to treat the matter. In most cases you will find the proper solution and there are two winners. When you’ve tried every idea possible, even though the customer may lose you still come out a winner knowing you’ve done everything your company could to satisfy your customer and that still makes you a winner.

      One last thing that I could think of is to listen carefully to everything your customer has to say even take notes to make sure that you have a good grip on their problem that’s causing a failure in the customers opinion

  4. I kinda get where Paul is going with the Audio scenario in his post.

    Say I buy a cd that is the original cd release and I think it is amazing. Then I buy the SACD version of the cd and I think to myself. “Damn. I’ve been missing a lot of detail, bass slam and vocal richness over the years. I was losing, but now I’m winning!!” Lol.

  5. Well it’s called the game of life…..isn’t it?
    Which implies winners and losers.
    I like the idea of Paul’s approach, but not so easy in application.
    Then there’s the game of love.
    That’s a whole different game, but it is topically related.
    “If music be the food of love, play on”
    Thanks Will.

  6. I can’t take today’s post seriously since it’s coming from a U.S.A. American and this country is built on winning vs. losing.
    Every company wants to win and be “the best” in their field and PSA is no exception.

  7. It is believed that original sport came about as a way to train young males in the ways of combat that would be needed skills when they became adult males. Thus while the games were just training, the young males soon learned that someday they would have deadly consequences.

    Today, the games are just games that can teach us valuable life lessons, however, as one who has played the games in high school, I can tell you it is difficult that always remember that the lessons the games teach should be applied judiciously and you should not make everything in life about winning or losing.

    I am sometimes amazed at how wrapped up people who have never played the games can become when watching their team play and how much the outcome of the game effects their life.

        1. Hmmmm… let me think for a moment. Oh yeah, the guy who wouldn’t walk up one flight of steps in the White House because there was no elevator and all of his aids who wanted to hide from him used to stay upstairs because he would never walk the steps. Am I getting warmer Secretary???

          1. Not yet. Try the guy who tried to overthrow an election…sent a mob to hang his VP…tried to get foreign intervention in the process. And…just as a bonus….actually managed to bankrupt ad casino. And almost impossible feat, so I’m giving recognition. And caused the needless deaths of hundreds of thousands….and…and…and…

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