What’s wrong with striving for better?

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Whenever the subject of stereo lovers and obsession comes up in our staff meeting, we get a good chuckle because it’s so obvious.

“What, our customers are obsessive with their systems?” Of course we are. That’s why we’re here.

It’s certainly why I am here.

Obsession for better and passion for beauty are so closely related as to be family. We sometimes feel a little awkward with our quest for better sound and are happiest when we’re amongst friends and family that share our goals.

But why would we feel even the slightest bit shy about what we love? Is it the sideways look we sometimes get from others who do not share in our quest for better sound?

I can most certainly relate to feeling just a bit shy in sharing my passion with those who do not understand.

At least amongst ourselves, we should never question our love and single-mindedness of what we do.

We’re all in.