Vase or voz?

September 7, 2016
 by Paul McGowan

Target or Tarjay? One’s a discount store, the other’s a step above WalMart.

Rodeo Drive or Rodayo drive? One’s a street for horse and cattle contests, the other for Gucci.

Jason Or Jáson shampoo? One’s the name of a mechanic, the other a fancy artist.

I recently had to gently talk a customer down off the ledge of uncertainty when it came to Classé Audio (pronounced Class A). He had understood the name to imply the type of amplifier the Canadian company was famous for. He had it fixed in his mind that all their amps ran hot and with high bias associated with Class A.

Maybe we should think of changing our company’s name to PS Ãudió and charge more?

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14 comments on “Vase or voz?”

  1. Paul, A strange thing happened on the way to the forum Saturday.

    While attempting to post in your ‘history of the brick’ thread a flag appeared saying something to the effect of “your post is being held for review by a moderator”. The post appeared on the screen while logged in, but was not visible on the public forum when logged off. So I attempted to post a second time to no avail, same script.

    Another interesting event occurred while logged in. I clicked on the Community – Forums menu and gained access to an administrators sub-menu where there was a listing of my posts in the upper left side of the page, plus an ability to select and delete posts and a button labeled ‘suspend’ on the horizontal button menu in the middle of the page which was the default setting, which of course i attempted to change.

    Always inquisitive and not understanding why my username was locked I selected and deleted the two posts in the administrators menu and they disappeared from the menu above, though the default setting went back to suspend.

    Unable to comprehend why my username was blocked I attempted to create a new user name and post again which was also blocked, actually I did that twice. On Sunday, the original two identical posts under my username eventually appeared on the public forum.

    I’d like to believe that you wouldn’t censor a post except for extreme circumstances. Are there many people with access to the administrators log-in? The other feature I haven’t been able to locate is the unsubscribe feature for the two phantom user names.

    Boulder or Boudoir?

    1. I don’t censor posts or replies and that’s really weird. I just looked and there were two replies held for moderation and I approved them and they’re now available to read in the Brick Post. I hadn’t seen those before. But they were not from you.

      Replies are automatically held for moderation when there are a bunch of links included in the reply. I don’t remember what the limit is, but we set it for something recommended. Turns out spammers use lots of links. We’re just trying to keep spammers from getting in.

      You’re obviously not spam. So I am unsure what has happened. You mentioned you had admin rights? That’s weird. Your name is listed as a subscriber. So I am quite confused.

      I apologize for any inconvenience and I can assure you that I don’t censor replies – unless they’re really bad – and so far I haven’t found any to be objectionable.

      1. There were four links attached to the post and that now explains the ‘held for moderation’ flag. My best guess is that someone must have been logged into the system as administrator around 1:23 pm mountain time Saturday enabling access. When you’ve had a moment to think through this, there are three post’s on that thread that could use a little housekeeping.

        No inconvenience really, the situation made me think and grateful for the reassurance of not being spam. I’m not a hacker, just a reasonable proof reader who enjoy’s solving a good puzzle.

  2. potayto, potahto.. what’s the problem.

    BTW gringo Paul…if you change the name then why not set up a new production facility in Spain or Portugal, save some cost of labour and charge less.

  3. What’s the point when our world is so screwed up that a headphone company would create a brand name evoking the idea of relaxed sound then insist it be pronounced like a work of Homer?

  4. Not only is Classé Audio a Canadian company, it is also located in French-speaking Quebéc. The name provides a play on the words “Classy” and “Class A”. Although the earliest Classé products were indeed Class A, that is no longer the case. The accented “é”, which is really just a stylistic accessory conceived as a nod to the brand’s language-sensitive Quebéc origins, actually means that the literal translation of the word is “Classed” or “Classified” – but, being French, only if used in the masucline form (otherwise it would need to be Classée). Pay attention. Tomorrow there will be a test.

    Today, Classé Audio is part of the B&W Group, which in May was sold to EVA Automation, a company based in Silicon Valley and run by a gentleman with hyper-serious business credentials. It will be interesting to see what he has in mind for his new high-end audio acquisition.

  5. Definitely change the name but also:

    – begin milling your products from solid blocks of aluminum (British pronunciation)
    – train all customer facing staff to speak with a French accent
    – wear Italian suits and elite shoes at audio shows
    – drop the friendliness for which PS Audio is known

  6. I know you are being facetious still PS Audio is a voice of reason and sanity in the high-end ( grossly overpriced equipment many times ). Have you noticed how a word or statement is given the opposite meaning by making minor changes so that people get the wrong message. There was a time when most people said what they meant and meant what they said. Not anymore what with PC muddying the water and making it wrong to tell it as it is. Highly amusing. Regards.

  7. Paul, this post might be better in the power amp section, so I could move it there.

    But for now :

    Talking about Class A, I would be interested in your opinion and feedback, what’s the reason, that PSA/BHK decided against strong Class A biased amps?

    Having owned quite a few more or less hot and heavy amps of different concept, but most strong class A biased, i’d be interested, if this was just a decision of not making it too expensive, or if heat dispersion/reliability mattered or maybe you don’t like their sound etc.

    Although I also have owners/listening experience with pros and cons of the concepts (Class AB: Threshold/Gryphon/Chord, fast class A: Pass, Heavy Class A: Gryphon/Vitus Audio, hybrid tube/class A: Lamm, Tube: CJ), I’d be interested in the reasons for you and BHK.

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