April 26, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

Utopia is an imagined place or state of things in which everything and everyone in it is perfect.

It’s the state of perfection we often strive to achieve but occasionally get to enjoy.

Those fleeting moments when everything clicks.


When we put on that new track of music and are suddenly transported to another dimension where we’re not thinking about anything other than being there in the moment.


The better our systems get the more often we taste her sweet fruits.

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28 comments on “Utopia”

  1. The word Utopia means a place that does not exist, in considerable conflict with Thomas More’s own religious beliefs and that was not printed in his own country during his lifetime. I suspect a more appropriate corollary would be a moment of religious ecstasy. The modern equivalent is more likely to involve a puff on the funny stuff.

      1. Sorry, no.

        It’s a fabulous period in history and one of my favourite biographies is Peter Ackroyd’s Life of Thomas More. Utopia was required reading when I was at school, not least because the school was founded by one of Thomas More’s closest associates and was something of a joint venture to root out moral corruption in the church. By the time I got there, 500 years later, moral corruption was on the rampage.

          1. I hope not. The one that I never got into was Gulliver’s Travels, but then I never studied 18th century English history. Good time for music, mind you.

  2. The caveat being that the “new track of music” must be exciting & uplifting,
    not bland & boring…otherwise you wont be listening to it for very long.

    Here’s ‘mini home-audio Utopia’ for those who live in apartments & can’t listen to music at realistic listening levels due to neighbours in close proximity.


    And at Axpona 2022


    Just perfect for when you can finally purchase a
    pair of PS Audio – ‘Aspen FR10’ standmounters.
    Don’t cha just love physics 😉

  3. At first I thought this post was gonna be about the Focal Utopia’s. Haha just kidding. 🙂

    Anyhow the sweetness of music is what helps motivate me in life to basically get through life. I know many don’t like headphones here, but when I’ve got them on I really am in Utopia, especially when I put on that right track which gets you grooving to some place else. 🙂

    1. That’s so true and one of the big problems (for consumers) with this hobby. You then have to go in search of the new utopia. This naturally keeps the business going.

      Then again, as Steven said the other day, just because it’s old(er) doesn’t mean it’s bad. We’re just led to believe that. Always makes me smile with car reviews. 2021 model is the greatest until 2022 model comes out.

  4. I may not be in utopia and I sure don’t have a Tiger Fox, but I do have a pair of Klipsch R51PM powered speakers on opposite corners of my L shaped office desk and a 10″ sub underneath. It’s dang nice. It’s like having nice headphones on without the discomfort or weight and you can “wear” them all day long.

  5. My 12 year old Pioneer Kuro plasma screen TV is starting to go bad ( becoming intermittent ). As you probably know TV technology has moved on from 1080 P plasma screen technology in the past decade. I dread what I am going to have to go through to pick a new TV, install it and rearrange all the connections. New is not all utopia.

    1. Key acronym = OLED. I had a Pioneer Elite Plasma for many years and loved it. OLED has better blacks and overall better picture so fear not. LG and Sony make some fantastic OLED TVs at a fraction of the cost (and weight and power consumption) of the venerable plasma technology.

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