March 16, 2021
 by Paul McGowan

To tweak is to improve something by making small, fine adjustments to it. In other words, we take something that we already like and make it slightly better.

In our world of high-end audio tweaks abound: vibration dampers, cable lifters, tube rings, shorting plugs, green pens.

I bristle when someone suggests a Power Plant AC regenerator is a “tweak”. Certainly, a Power Plant makes something better, but it’s hardly a “fine adjustment”.  It fundamentally changes AC power.

I think it’s valuable to separate essential and fundamental improvements from those products making only slight adjustments to an existing product.

A record cleaning machine might straddle the center line.

When we’re considering investing money into our systems we should be aware of the balance scales. Do we invest in a tweak or a fundamental improvement?

I think this is a subject worthy of further discussion.

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24 comments on “Tweaks”

  1. §Off topic§

    Nice looking website now. No access to all the comments to yesterday’s post or any other post listed. You probably know all this Paul. Even the edit window is much smaller.

    1. Kicked my fee up and had a whiskey as was suggested last night. On the road so headphones and a portable player worked. The new web site is very nice. Kinda miss being able to go back on Paul’s post and read the replies. But look forward to going forward.

    2. Yup. New website’s been in development for nearly two years and there will be tons of kinks and wrinkles to work out. We had to lose all the old comments (sigh) which is a shame because those were great! The lead engineer was up to 4:30 am getting all the content moved and clearly he missed today’s post too. Lots of kinks to work out.

      TRhanks for the patience.

      1. No issues for me Paul. I like the site so far. Changing it all is a big undertaking. So patience I can have. Good luck.

        I’m glad it wasn’t a rewriting of history, but was something known that was going to happen. ✌️

      1. Hi Paul, apologies for delayed reply but I’ve been out cycling for the best part of the day, nice and sunny here in U.K. for a change.

        Like others I was referring that I didn’t get my usual email re your post and I couldn’t find it paging forward. I still haven’t had the email but the post has now appeared. Also missing most of the previous posts and replies.

        I’ve now seen various explanations and appreciate this is all teething problems with the new website. Just thought it would help if you knew. Will update if I find any other problems.

        Seems a shame you couldn’t transfer older comments, there was a lot of useful information there, the sort of stuff you might refer back to but, unless you could remember the specific post there was no index making it very difficult to find. Great in theory but how many times did I refer back? Almost never, so looks like you took the right decision.

  2. So does this count as a website “tweak”?

    I just read the blurb at the top of Paul’s Posts. Is it new? It says, inter alia:
    “Kind of like the Car Talk of audio. Not much is sacred, and there’s rarely a mention of our own products.”.

    Yesterday’s posts to this thread were more like locker room talk than car talk. We no longer talk in the car, ours seems to be a mobile podcast zone.

    So if it is limited to car talk and rarely a mention of PS Audio products, I suspect “Paul’s Posts” will die a natural death by next Tuesday. On the other hand, it might not.

      1. Asking an audio manufacturer not to talk about their products at least once every 20 minutes is akin to asking them to give up audio and take up knitting. Expectations of change are low. Apologies to any keen knitters out there.

  3. According to this “new” site the SACD transport has some Interesting features. What to think of : damping factor > 1100, 600watts/channel
    Some more work to do for the programmer(s) I guess…

          1. I know it was a joke and I like the humor (damn, some folks here are way too serious all the time), so my answer was also a joke.
            And I know with changes like this (the website) little errors like this occur.
            In my professional life I did a lot of IT testing for my employer. So it has become second nature.

  4. If I click on the hyperlink (under “product manuals”) of the DSJ then all I get is the latest software (zip file). No manual…
    I’ll keep you posted if I find more errors, if we can agree on my salary for this testing.

  5. Tweaks can make small to big difference or be a waste of time and money if one falls for fancy sales pitch. Much depends on the quality of the sound system. On a high resolution system the improvement is easy to notice. As for the power plants they make a definite improvement. How much ? That depends on the quality of the AC. Nothing beats pure AC and that is what the regenerators are about . As for the new site well my reaction is mixed. Fancy looking but in practice no better in fact the comment box is a step backwards. looks like the change was made simply because people get tired of the same old thing even if it is better. Regards.

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