Tweaks and good practices

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This is my last post of 2017. Tomorrow we’re jumping into the new year and I trust it will be a good one for you and yours. Thanks for reading these posts and thanks for being a valued part of our extended family.

There’s more than one way to optimize your sound system: new equipment, major overhauls, tweaks of the existing setup, a simple tune-up. Each year I recommend at least one of these practices. The simplest is a good tune-up.

Every year I make a point of cleaning and reorganizing Music Room One. This usually happens right now and again in the spring.

At a minimum, I will unplug all the AC power cords and connecting cables from equipment on the floor behind the speakers. There, we have the amps and Power Plants that drive them, along with the IRS subwoofers, active crossover, and passive crossovers. Once disconnected I get the trusty vacuum cleaner into play and make a thorough cleaning—something our cleaning crew never touches under threat of something awful. With the carpet cleaned and the equipment dusted, shiny tops Windexed and polished, it’s time to reassemble the gear. And that’s where the sound quality changes.

The simple act of unplugging and plugging in power and connecting cables has a positive impact on sound, not to mention the placebo effect—like your car running better after it’s washed.

Always good to make a fresh start each year.

I did want to leave you with a video. This 10-minute presentation you can watch here was recorded this summer. It’s a walk in the woods with me and one I like. Hope you enjoy it as well.

Happy New Year.