June 26, 2021
 by Paul McGowan

It's often tempting to believe that if one thing is true then ergo, something else must also be true.

Take for example a system that excels at reproducing the sound of an orchestra. Beethoven, Mahler, Mozart, and Copeland are perfect.

Does that mean Coltrane, Morrison, Hendrix, and Enya are equally represented?

Are glorious highs and mids always accompanied by realistic bass?

When it comes to sweeping generalities and expectations it's rare one truism follows another.

Too often I have made the mistake of believing that if this is one way then surely what follows is predetermined.

Truth is, life and stereo systems are full of surprises.

It's one of the reasons I truly love what we do.

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31 comments on “truisms”

    1. Journalism doesn't exist or very rare these days with todays corporate owned media that reports only what is in the corporations best interests and political views and is 99% bullshit. 95% of all media is owned by the 6 largest corporations in the world. Politicians are mostly liars and propagandists. Audio is 99% true.

      1. The BBC is politically independent and is one of the largest, and certainly the most widely distributed, news organisations in the world.

        There is great journalism around. It is important to separate fact-based reporting and opinion. Good newspapers and broadcasters do that. When opinion is piut forward as alternative facts you are in trouble. The same goes for audio journalism.

  1. A personal taste, as long as the instruments sound real it does not matter what the venue sounds like. It's all good..
    Everything degrades over time even Truisms.

  2. Okay, so that’s different, perhaps I speak too soon?
    I just got an email with the content of David’s post at 3.29am above.
    I thought when you ticked the box for follow up comments that would be follow ups directly linked to my own comment, as it had worked previously. Not and email advising of every comment posted and thereby rapidly filling my in-box, no thanks.
    I seem to have fallen into the truism trap already, taking the option and expecting what we had before. Life really is full of surprises.

    1. Rich,
      Paul's, or Kevin's, way of still keeping us on our toes 🙂
      Btw, Sydney is in CoViD lockdown since two & a half hours ago...woo hoo 😮

        1. Hi my brother from another mother,
          I'm not complaining, we haven't had one in Sydney since
          January & that one was only a partial one; for 10 days.
          It's Melbourne that keeps having the big & long,
          small business destroying ones.
          Compared to the rest of the world we
          are still wa-a-a-ay ahead of the game.
          My kitchen cupboards are stacked high
          with food & red wine & my bathroom has
          sh!tloads of sh!t paper...I'll be fine.
          Thanks Mr. Magico.

          1. That is good to hear. Things can go sideways so quickly. Even in my relatively well vaccinated (myself included) locale, I still minimize visits out and wear a mask when in the stores, followed up with hand sanitizing and/or thorough washing. Dropping one's guard prematurely is an open invitation to Murphy.

            Be well, be safe; you and your beloved, both. And to all commentators here.

      1. You can always watch Eng beat SL in the T20 at Southampton. Just started. I'm driving up to Leeds, wrong direction boo hoo

          1. The Who: "Live At Leeds", one of the best live rock albums ever. Right up there with "The Allman Brothers Band Live At Fillmore East" and "Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out!".

  3. I think that todays post points out what most, if not all, have known for an exceptionally long time.

    The question becomes what is the most predominant reason for this truism? Speakers, electronics, room, or the individuals perception in the end after the ear capture?

    I’m guessing a combination of all, and it has to with the predominant genre(s) one sits down to listen to.

  4. One truism: just because something is logical doesn’t mean it’s valid;

    Another: good speakers are necessary but not sufficient; you also need good source and electronics; add music you like to this bunch and you have the two required conditions: necessary and sufficient.
    Sorry to hear about the Sydney lockdown, Fat Rat: good time to nail that Musical Fidelity and enjoy it.

    1. Richard_43,
      I'd rather nail my wife & listen to the MF; but each to their own I guess.

      It's logical to measure audio gear on the production line, however, I believe
      that it's not valid to measure it in your listening room...unless it's with your ears 😉

    2. "Logic is a little tweeting bird chirping in a meadow. Logic is a wreath of pretty flowers which smell bad." -- Mr. Spock (1967): Star Trek S2,E8 "I, Mudd"

  5. Yesterday on a trip to the grocery store for restocking some perishables, I got to experience something absent from my life for too long: LIVE MUSIC! It was just one guy playing a Roland keyboard into a likewise combo amp, but it was an actual musician playing music in front of me. I listened for a while (by myself, what is wrong with people?). Before going in to take of the business that I was there for, I thanked him and wished him, "May the gigs be with you." He got a kick out of that. This was in the transition from late afternoon to early evening and when I came back out, he had packed up and gone off to I know not where, but it was a wonderful if brief interlude.

  6. The moon is flat (we always see the same face); therefore the earth must be flat. Ronald Reagan must also have been flat, because when he posed with people in photos he always looked like a cardboard cut out with the exact same face and smile. At least he was consistent.

    1. Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains the Cosmic Ballet of the Earth and Moon

      And they are both spherical, but that is for another post.

      1. And I apparently am missing something when trying to post a YouTube link here. If you are interested enough to do a manual input, the code for the video is, in the International Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet:


        1. And bumpy ones at that. Let the ancient Greek philostophers (sic) keep their perfect geometrical shapes (boring), God/nature apparently delights in complexity.

  7. This is definitely one of those “ In The Eye of the Beholder” existences.
    Ones perception is one’s experience. The variation in this subject is nuts.

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