The outer edge

August 15, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

It’s unlikely you’ll ever read in the local newspaper about your neighbor cutting their grass.

It’s not news.

News happens when an event we have some interest in moves far enough away from the everyday towards the outer edge.

A new amp is news to me but probably not to my neighbor.

Is everyone doing it or thinking about it? News makes us feel that way but it’s unlikely the fellow next door is thinking about a BHK600 pair.

The distance between everyday normal and the occasional outer edge is different for each of us.

It’s all a matter of viewpoint.

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13 comments on “The outer edge”

  1. …and interest even more than normal vs. outer edge…this newly released high tech fishing pole your neighbor eagerly waited for might leave you cold as fish might be something you either don’t eat at all or your absolutely satisfied having it breaded on a plate 😉

  2. Speaking of fishing poles…how many American politicians
    will visit Taiwan before it’s just not news anymore?
    Is Sen. Ed Markey on the outer edge…yet? 😀 😉

    Because I bought a brand new beast of an amplifier last September, the
    arrival of the BHK600 is currently not in my sights, ie. it’s on the outer for me.

    However, I know that Paul is as excited as a kid in a candy store about
    it’s introduction to the audiophile world & given how many very positive
    reviews there have been about new releases from PS Audio in the last
    12 months, I have no doubt that the BHK600 will also get it’s fair share
    of praise from respected reviewers & high-end home-audio publications.
    Good for you PM & ‘PS Audio’! ✌

  3. Whatever rocks your boat.

    I tend to look at home audio as a series of financial levels, say budget, mid-fi, hi-fi, high-end. What attracts me are products in one level that can perform at a much higher level. They make better sound or better facilities available to more people and make both consumers and competitors rethink. It doesn’t happen often, as most products are just more of the same.

      1. My dealer sells Soulution and stocks their 701 mono amplifier. Like the BHK600, it is 600w into 8 ohms, and has the benefit of weighing only 75kg. So a lot more manageable. The wheels on the box are redundant as he delivers and has a helper or two if needed. They are only £150,000, a little more expensive than the BHK600. I don’t know if you get one or two amplifiers for that price, hopefully two. If I got a pair and you got the BHK600, you could bring them round and we could compare.

  4. ‘Newly received or note worthy information’ = news

    So if someone doesn’t take ‘note’ is it news or just arcane fact?

    Depends on the level of interest of the receiving individual.

    Earth shattering audio news to some will be when 99.9% of the ‘absolute sound’ can be had at mid fi pricing?

  5. Ah, but if the media thinks it should be news, it will be on the front page of their website for the next year, maybe longer. If it’s there long enough, Congress will think it’s a crisis, pass legislation and hand out money. And then, more people can afford your product. You just need to set your sights a little higher, Paul. 😉

  6. Sadly, I have become rather jaded about the news.

    First, you have to separate local new and national news ( I hate it when the local news reports national stories ).

    I have become jaded about the local news because my local new comes from NYC. Most people listen to the local news for three reasons: weather, traffic and sports. Since I am retired I no longer care about traffic. I listen to the local news for weather, sports and the murder count. That’s right, I said murder count. In 2020 and at least part of 2021 the murder count was replaced by the covid deaths. Politicians no longer talk about the covid death count because they want people to think the pandemic is over and the newscasters think gruesome murders are more newsworthy than covid deaths.

    Oh well, I guess a will tune in later today to see if Arron hit another home run.

  7. ^^ the news and the political news reminds me of professional wrestling theatre.

    Anyhow. This post is kind of funny to me because what we all know on here about audio and the incredible improvements that can be made, you’d think the world should know about it !

    Sometimes when I listen to my audio system I sometimes say to myself, “man I can’t believe 99% of people out here haven’t heard their music like this. “

    Hearing things on an elite level you kind of get ahead of yourself and think the world should experience what you experience and have it become news. 🙂

    I’m excited for Paul and the new found praise the BHK will experience. 🙂

  8. Paul – I am trying to purchase an Amp from you. Over the last week, I’ve called you 800 number several times and no one answers. I did speak to someone in you sales department last week and he gave me false information. He said the BHK 250 came with a remote. He was going to email me some information which I never received. Since I could not find that information anywhere on your website I called this morning, and again NO Answer. I called Sales, Tech Support, Customer Service and I even left a message in the voice mail of your accounting staff. I tried an hour later and spoke with someone who was going to look into some possible options and send me an email link and I am still waiting. All I want is to buy something from you and I don’t know why it is so difficult and your sales staff gives out
    false information – John Sirola

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