The great unboxing

August 12, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

Unboxing videos have become quite popular. Like opening Christmas presents online to see what’s inside!

Our BHK600 unboxing video is different.

For one thing, it’s more than 30 minutes long. Half an hour to unbox this big amplifier? Allow me to explain.

When our attorney (and the former president of PS Audio), Peter Rudy suggested we do an unboxing video that covered every little detail of getting it out of the package and then connecting it to the system, we were intrigued. Few people I know of are as detail oriented as Peter. Why not?

In this video, which you can click here to watch, Peter and our own James Herrod roll their sleeves up and wipe their brows. Turns out the only day we could get everyone’s schedule to work was the same day we were pulling maintenance on the air conditioning system. Peter and James sweat their way through a quite enjoyable (to watch) journey down the road of unboxing one of the great power amplifiers of all time.

If you’d like to learn more about the BHK600 monoblock amplifier, head here to get the full story.

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25 comments on “The great unboxing”

  1. Yep…seen it.
    As far as I’m concerned this is better than the manual.
    But I’m only one voice in the home-audio wilderness 😉

    No price in the PS Audio ‘SHOP’ site yet, I see.

  2. I wouldn’t say unboxing videos are popular with me. At this moment I can’t imagine I would want to spend over thirty minutes watching some blokes extracting an amplifier from a box. Still, I like to think I’m open minded, depending on the reviews it gets here I might give it a go. Curiosity can be a powerful tool.

      1. Absolutely. I’m sure in that case the video would be very useful. Sometimes it’s better to be shown something rather than read about it as it’s easier to understand. I’m just unsure about the value of unboxing videos as entertainment.

        I’m with jazznut below at 2.44am, I prefer to read about something rather than watch a video. The reason being I can read at my own pace and skip over the boring bits. 🙂

        1. I also prefer to be shown Rich.
          Only the first half of this presentation (video) is
          about the unboxing, the latter half is about set-up.
          So it could be argued that Paul has not given said video the ‘correct’ title.

    1. I have two videos on my YouTube channel:

      1. Taking off from Paro Airport, where the 737 (I think) has to clear a 11,000 ft mountain ridge in about 2:30 minutes from take-off.

      2. Four Chinese diplomats singing happy birthday to my son from a beach in Northern Iceland in the middle of winter.

      Now I’ve seen this, I’m going to do a video of paint drying, with a commentary by my lawyer. I’m sure someone will watch it.

          1. Steven,
            Once upon a time men took pride in being patient
            & taking the time to learn important stuff.
            Now everyone, well mainly the young, want everything
            straight away, within two or three minutes…they now
            have the attention span of a goldfish…Et tu, Brute!? 🙁

  3. From an undressing video standpoint, unboxing videos seem a little sick.
    As I hardly have the patience to watch even quite interesting topics in a video (vs. reading), I will pass on this one.

    1. jazz,
      FYI…the latter half of this video has to do with set-up & access to the vacuum tubes.
      Just so you know that there is more to it than just half an hour of unboxing
      …which I agree would be extremely mind-numbingly tedious ✌

  4. I like it, even though I’ll probably never own a pair of these beauties! Congrats Paul on the final unveiling of Bascom’s ultimate design…well done!!

  5. I did watch and it is what it is…
    … why 30 minutes, well everything you could want to see is shown and the ‘interesting’ bits are shown twice and probably mentioned thrice 🙂
    It was all ad hoc, so the length is forgiven.

    As Theo mentioned I’m never likely to own so it was interesting to see how such monoliths are packaged, I liked the outer box wheels to help drag into position like a flight case. As Fat Rat stated, if I’d paid £44,000 (sorry I’d buy a Tesla) I’d want to be well prepared before they arrived – UPS/DHL/DPD in the UK would certainly insure the ‘drop to road of three feet’ was tested. The amount of foam is likely to be adequate – even if you have to reseat the valves.

    I admit to also reading the whole instruction guide – it’s not a manual – it’s like a walking guide with pictures to somewhere you’ve never been 🙂

    As it can also be used as a reference guide with index to the bits you need at the time I think it’s a refreshing change from the norm. It’s not unique, as the now defunct oppo high end Blu-ray players had a similar style – with Introduction, Basic, Advanced and a very readable style with pictures – this is the version from oppo Digital UK Ltd. Before the Chinese wrote their own…
    The UK does typically write good guides/manuals.

  6. Whenever I have unboxed heavy items like loudspeakers I rarely had a helper because I didn’t want to wait for a helper to arrive. I should have made a video of the crude technics I used to unbox, move from A to B and lift said monsters up on stands without breaking my back. I resorted to using thick blankets to slide the beasts around and building a stepped ramp of books, boxes and pillows to reduce the height of each lift. To get my Harbeth M40.1s onto 4-foot tall stands I used stepped boxes and pillows. That way I could lift them a few inches at a time, rather than strain to lift them 4-feet above the floor in one go. Finally, I used a heavy duty wide clamping strap to secure the speakers to the tops of the stands to prevent them from ever falling off the stands, something we folks in earthquake tremor areas must consider.

    For those who wonder why I would want to put M40 loudspeakers on 4-foot stands, it was to elevate the tweeters to ear height when I’m sitting on my organ bench playing the organ.

    1. FR, my Von Schweikerts are not VR-5s. They are custom speakers using larger VR-4.5 outer shells. The drivers, internal bracing and resonance control, crossovers, time-alignment, wiring are custom-configured and superior to the VR-5 MkIIs. As for portability, they, like the FR-30s, each have a treble module that rests on a bass module. One only has to lift the treble modules up, to place them on the much heavier bass modules. I like the two-component design of my VS speakers and the FR30s. It makes for much easier shipment and speaker moves.

  7. Watching now Paul. Beautiful stereo system. The FR30’s look so beautiful in white. Black too. Tough choice to make on color.

    Maybe instructions should come with the BHK on the outside of the box to view this video online before unpacking for those not aware of this online video.

        1. I owned an Adcom amplifier that had clipping indicators light up by flickering and got more steady as the clipping got worse, it also had a thermal overload that would light up letting you know when things got too hot inside. I think it would eventually shut down if the temperature didn’t come down.

  8. I like the ending where the guys unscrewed the back of the amp and showed the Tube Staging.
    Now that was cool and the design of PSB for the tubes looks so bloody sophisticated.

    Bascombe was one smart guy. May he RIP.

    Honestly, lately I do prefer videos. I have a 4 year old so throwing a visual on in the background while I do my best to take care of the little monster, seems to work best for me.

    Thank you, Paul.
    Design and packaging really looks first rate.

  9. What a beautiful amp. I have experience with a large, powerful and heavy power amp. Back in 2019 I was in the market for a pair of mono power amps much like the BHK600. Of course, the BHK did not exist back then. While I was shopping I lucked into an incredible deal. I found out that a trusted dealer was selling his very lightly used personal reference stereo power amp at 1/3 its retail price when new and he was giving a one year warranty with the amp. I bought the amp. The amp is a Constellation Hercules II ( which BHK helped design ). It sounds absolutely wonderful, however, i refer to it as the beast.

    Now, the BHK600 weighs 106 lbs. Two of them weigh 212 lbs. The Hercules II weighs 220 lbs. because it is two separate mono amps stuffed into one case. There are no handles on it ( good looking or otherwise ). Because it weighs 220 lbs. it take three to four men using lifting straps to move it.

    I have not heard the BHK600, however, after watching the video I give it an A+ for ergonomics!

  10. If they give away awards for packaging and box design engineering, you’re gonna take the blue ribbon home for this one! Impressive. It’s got itself some WHEELS!

    At first I was jealous of the amp, but let’s face it, I’m more impressed envious and of the length of time those two can remain down on their knees and the speed & silent nature which they ascend from that position.

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