Stuck together

May 13, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

I don’t often recommend films to our community because we all have such different tastes.

Terri and I, for example, won’t watch tragic or heavy films. We stick more to the Disney types or feel-good ones that bring entertainment and leave us feeling good (like the film CODA).

However, once in a while a film is so universally great one has to just shout it out to the rooftops and share it with people.

Such a film is Stuck Together.

Stuck Together is a 2021 release from Netflix. It’s a French film with English subtitles. It’s about the pandemic and how a group of apartment dwellers in Paris deal with the pandemic and each other. And this is a film that will have you rolling with laughter – though perhaps like Terri and me, a few tears at the end.

How quickly we forget is all I can say.

If you have a chance to watch it, let me know what you think.

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19 comments on “Stuck together”

  1. When I first saw the title of today’s post I thought it was a follow up from the one two days ago about magnetism. I’d agree it is very difficult to make recommendations be it music, films or books. Some of the most popular films are not well received by the critics. What do they know? It’s just another individual’s view, albeit an experienced one. I’m tempted to watch Stuck Together but I tend to steer clear of films with subtitles, I like to watch or read. Dubbed would be better, it could even add to the comedic effect.

    1. I did a modest experiment in the past with films of other languages besides English. I watched both a dubbed and the original language/subtitled version.

      Personally I found the original/subtitled versions to be more engaging even though I had to read. I think it was the fact that the emotions of the actors delivering their lines came through more powerfully in the native language as opposed to the voice-over dialogue in the dubbed versions. “Das Boot” as I recall was particularly striking in this way.

      I have now watched “CODA” four times, which Paul mentions, and may watch it again it is such a fun and uplifting story, (although subtitled as most of the main characters are deaf and I don’t known sign language).

  2. There is a fascinating movie titled “The Year Earth Changed” on AppleTV+. It follows how the Earth & nature responded when everyone stayed at home during COVID. It really brings to light the impact we humans have on the rest of the world.

    It made me realize I wasn’t giving enough thought to how I contribute to that impact…. Which I’m now doing my best to correct.

  3. Since we are suggesting movies that most or all will enjoy, i strongly urge everyone to watch “42” about Jackie Robinson, the baseball great. it is tough going for a while but is really well done and the main actor, the late great Chadwick Boseman (the Black Panther) is so good. Plus we get to watch a very crotchety and funny Harrison Ford as Branch Rickey. Highly recommended.

  4. Thanks. I’ll check it out. I don’t watch regular boob-tube TV anymore.
    I’ve been watching netflix kids shows now and then for the last umpteen years.
    I discovered some good movies while supervising my grandkids. The kids seemed to know the good ones.
    Maybe they were supervising me…
    My entertainment meter (cough) indicates the quality of a show based on the amount of dopamine activated, expressed in laughter and tears of joy or sadness.
    Along those same lines certain music can stir emotions too.
    I once watch a documentary on the band Perry when the kids were just starting out and still living with their parents.
    A neighbor told the story of how he went to their house and to listened to them in the basement.
    They are gifted kids with ultra-ultra-tight timing and at times flaunt it in a live setting.
    After watching them play If I Die Young on my cousins hifi entertainment system the neighbor came on to say he broke out weeping after listening to them.
    Which is exactly what happened to my cousin (who is a kick-AAA drummer) and I. Our wives thought we were bonkers.
    Point is, I love it when I get moved to the point that my eyes start leaking.

  5. Sorry, I do not stream anything except Amazon Prime Video because we get it as part of our Prime membership.

    My wife refers to me as a Luddite because I do not read movies ( subtitles ). Movies are meant to be watched and heard. There is one exception. I watch a lot of British videos and I usually have to turn on the English subtitles because often I cannot understand their English accent.

    1. I remember going to a cinema in Tel Aviv to see a French movie with Hebrew, Arabic and English subtitles. I only saw half the movie – the top half. You’d have loved it.

  6. I hate it when my wife leaves the subtitles on the TV, when I want to watch a football game. The words invariably obscure the critical action.

    But even worse are video news clips on the internet when English subtitles come in above the original English subtitles.

  7. Watch any program in english (or whatever your spoken language).
    Now turn on the closed-captions/subtitles.
    Just TRY to watch it WITHOUT looking at the subtitles.
    Can’t do it. Can you.
    Nope. Those redundant unnecessary little words on your screen are like MAGNETS for your ocular orbs.
    Unless the dialogue has a thick Scottish accent. Then you absolutely neeeeed those helper titles. “Eh greee iye et youuu beee grrrrreeeat deh lass!” Wha? What the heck did he say??

    I shall check out the CODA and Stuck Together.
    I shall submit Raising Arizona as my favorite feel good fun flick. Great soundtrack too – Carter Burwell – who (I believe) does all the Cohen Bros flicks.

    “Son, you got a PANTY on yo head!”
    The yodeling song during that truck chase is my ring tone.

  8. I have watched quiet a few good films in the last year that are non English and subtitled.

    All I can say about Stuck Together … to each his own. Now who do I speak to to get that 30 minutes of my life back?

  9. Disney makes great films though I could careless for them as a company. I’m a big sci fi junky. I’m out at the theatre with my son every time the next star trek film is released. I like watching documentary films too so thanks for this recommendation.

  10. My wife and I watched the movie last night. I hardly watch any movies anymore, because of the degree of violence and gore. I don’t want to see people being killed at the movies. You can watch the news for that. That movie was a beautiful example of human frailty and fears. It was hilarious all the way through. I loved the old ladies line. ( Alcohol kills slowly, but we’re not in a hurry). I predicted the ending, when the cleaning lady was infected by Covid, but it still made me cry when it happened. Great movie suggestion. Stay safe.

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