July 28, 2021
 by Paul McGowan

Ok, this is nothing more than a personal rant so if you’re not in the mood let’s connect tomorrow.

I cannot imagine any of us that have not gotten at least one phone call informing us our car’s extended warranty has expired and we should renew. Perhaps this is just a US thing, but I would be surprised if something similar doesn’t happen elsewhere.

It was alright when the predators were Nigerian Princes offering through email to put money in our bank accounts. Alright because they were so transparent and easy to ignore as to be humorous (though not so funny if you actually did fall for it).

But today, these predators are getting slicker by the day, and worse, they’re using the phone system. Just recently I misdialed my credit card company by one digit and got sucked into a predator’s vortex. The call had all the trappings of what you might expect: “our agents are busy”, “this call may be recorded”, etc. But then something different. I was eligible for a survey with but two questions: was I older than 55 or not? Press 1 for yes, 2 for no.


Regardless of your choice what was on offer was a free medical alert device. The only catch is the $49 a month monitoring charge with a discount if you pay it all upfront.


What kind of people prey on others? I know it’s a silly question because this kind of lifestyle probably goes back to before we dropped out of the trees on the African Savanah.

There will always be someone out to enrich themselves by the pain of others.

Hopefully, we can help each other by exposing the scams and trying to stay one step ahead. An impossible battle but one worth the time.

End of rant. Back to audio tomorrow.

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84 comments on “Predators”

  1. I remember a dude called Noel Lee who’s products had a 300% retail mark-up; if that isn’t predatory I don’t know what is.

    Funny that you should ‘rant’ about this today Paul because only yesterday, out of the blue I received three scam phone calls from three different phone numbers (2 from a cell phone & the other from a landline)
    Here in ‘straya we have scammers who pretend to be from our federal police, our social security office or our taxation office & they threaten people over the ‘phone with imprisonment if you don’t pay allegedly outstanding amounts of money to an account number…yadda, yadda, yadda.
    But we are constantly reminded by government spokespeople that these calls are BS, & to just hang-up on these parasites.

    And now, to cheer everyone up, some wonderful ‘Virna Sanzone’ YT videos:

    Enjoy folks 🙂

  2. I’m not a clinical psychologist and even if I was I’d probably never know all the details and variables as to why people do this in general, but I do know that older generations are a big target by these get rich scammers.
    All in all, it is getting very hard to trust humanity these days.

  3. My concern is that what our government is doing about it to protect its citizens. Never open an email if you cannot recognize the sender’s email address. Use software to screen out phone calls. Never accept anything that is too good to be true. Good luck.

        1. Shortysiht: “what our government is doing”

          JoeyphDumG: “our government, the biggest scam operation ever”

          Sleepy: “BINGO!!!!!!”

          Pardon me, great Americans, I’m just trying to figure this out, cause I’m slow.

          So, as Libertarian, anti-socialist, anti-communist pro-Putin/Kremlin/Russia loving, anti liberal, government-hating deep thinkers, you want the evil, big scam, shadow BINGO government to take action against phone scammers, or perhaps all scammers on all fronts.

          But, as Libertarian, etc., etc., etc. [see above] great thinkers, you don’t want any government at all, or hardly any government, except to wage war when you feel like it. So, uhhhh, you want no government ——except when you happen to want government.

          Hmmm. Yes. I understand.

          Bonus question: how was it that the greatest human ever made was the president and head of the evil, shadow, scam, BINGO government?

          Oh, right. Right. He was busy battling baby eating reptilians in pizza parlors and impeaching Hilary. Right. Got it.

          Stay proud boys.

          No vaccines ever / Hydroxy 4-ever

          Rock on.

  4. I have submitted a post (comment) above, at 2:33am, but it has a notice attached to it that reads,
    “Your comment is awaiting moderation. This is a preview; your comment will be visible after it has been approved.”…WTF?!!
    Paul, what on earth is going on here??

      1. Or, it could have been a robot that hacked Fat Rat’s login! Don’t worry, @Fat Rat. I knew it wasn’t you messaging me about a plot of land for sale halfway between Australia and Antarctica.

  5. I’m still laughing at Fat Rat’s comment. But you’re right Paul this is happening everywhere, even in Canada. The laws aren’t strict enough when dealing with these scammers. These people want the easy life with minimum effort. Like the song says; ”get a haircut and get a real job”.

  6. A worthwhile warning, always good to have this at the forefront of your mind.
    Don’t forget text message scams. Short and to the point, can look very convincing and so easy to respond or click on an attachment, especially if you’re in a hurry.

    More generally, I find mistakes usually happen when you’re rushing.
    Music is a great antidote to that 🙂

  7. 60 billion robo calls last year. Imagine how much wasted time business has to put with. My local auto repair service won’t pick up the phone anymore. Am more concerned about the ultra elite that have us all in an electrified gilded cage.

  8. Rant on Paul
    Total disrespect for our fellow man is everywhere.
    I am sure it was always there to point but modern technology has allowed some low life’s to take advantage of the rest of us

  9. So, I will see your rant and raise you one rant. It is terrible that these phone scammers target old people which includes me. I get my local TV news from the place called NYC and almost nightly we get to see some old person ( both males and females ) getting the crap beat out of them so that some worthless scumbag can steal their smart phone. Now those of us who are technically inclined know that if Apple and Samsung would cooperate smart phones can be setup so that if it does not see your thumb print within 24 hours it goes completely dead and is worthless. But, Apple and Samsung know that people are going to continue to buy their phones without this protection so why bother doing it. And, as if this isn’t bad enough, if by some small miracle the NYC police manage to catch the scumbag that stole phone the no cash bail system in NY with set the scumbag free within 24 to 48 hours of being arrested. Isn’t that special. You have been raised one rant.

    1. I leave my smart-phone on my bedside table when I go outside these
      days; it’s a small price to pay.
      Missed calls & text messages are replied to when I get back home.

      1. I rarely go out anymore. I was starting to a little more, but Maryland, the COVID positive rate has almost quintupled in the last month, and my various issues make going out more and more difficult. (I think I unknowingly joined the Issue of the Month Club!). That just gives me more time to enjoy music!

    2. My mom lives in a little village a few miles north of Newcastle, Oz. It is basically a retirement village though a lot of military people live there too now as there is a base close by.
      In order to go into almost any place, she needs to show her phone with a QR code.
      She is old fashioned, she doesn’t “need” the phone like most of humanity and many times she will leave the house without it. Also, she tells me that many of her friends do not have iPhone types, but flip phones. They only use it as a “phone”, how quaint. So this creates huge problems to get anyplace (as a result of COVID tracking protocols). No QR code, lots of bureaucracy….

      1. CtA,
        “Lots of bureaucracy”?
        What “lots of bureaucracy”?
        I just write my name & mobile (cell) number on a clipboard when
        I enter a retail shop, bank or Post Office; it takes 10 seconds to do.
        Is that “lots of bureaucracy”?

        I think not.

        1. It is not like this in every place she goes. You don’t live there, what would you know?
          Even in her golf club rules get changed frequently.
          But you don’t know about being active in sports.

          1. CtA,
            Please, oh please explain to me how golf is a sport.
            I want to know how golf gets your heart rate up & makes you
            sweat & builds muscle mass…please explain…I’m all ears…

            I do go on long walks around my local area you know;
            I just don’t swing a long stick while doing it.

            You are hilarious!

              1. Tony,
                I’m just surprised that he didn’t tell me to take a long walk off a short pier 🙂

                Besides, he’s talking about his mother
                & I doubt that she jogs or power-walks
                around the 9 or 18 holes.
                It’s all about context my friend.

  10. Best I can tell my ‘72 Plymouth ruster is covered until the next century….

    As far as robo calls and unsolicited scams I agree they are out of control. Not so long ago Ma Bell new exactly where every call originated from and where it ended. Now all of a sudden they don’t? Instead of relying on the gov’t to solve something they have no expertise in why not drop your phone service provider? If Enough of us do, they’ll get the hint…

    On the cell phone I silence every caller that’s not in my contact list. If it’s important, then they’ll leave a message. On the home phone same thing, slightly different technique.

    The funniest part of today’s rant is Paul called them instead of the other way around. 😀

    The 2nd funniest thing so far today is the moderator comment from FR. Apparently every form of communication is being screened in order to reduce spam?

  11. Paul, if you’re reading this, I wouldn’t exactly call these people creditors.
    Here is the reason why I say this.
    With the phone systems anymore these days, it has gotten very easy to steel a number and call other people from that number, just to sucker somebody in to signing up for services that they don’t need.
    I call these people, phone scammers.
    But with the steeling numbers to call other people, in this country, it’s referred to, as spoofing.
    I don’t know if this happens in other cuntries, but it does happen an offal lot here.
    For instance, my wife went out to get us some food to eat.
    While she was out, she got a call, my number showed up, but it wasn’t me that called her.
    Some person spoofed my cellphone number, and used it to call her, in order to attempt to commit

    My wife waited until she got back home to tell me about it.
    Soon after she told me about the phone call, I got on the phone with Verizon, and told them about the problem.
    So now, they’re monitoring the phone calls that go threw their systems, to try to figure out where phone calls like the one I’m talking about, are coming from.
    But my best advice that I could give you, is this.
    If your phone rings, and you see a number on your caller ID that you don’t recognize, just cempelly don’t answer it.
    Sooner or later, they’ll get the hint.
    They won’t leave you a voicemail, they hang upon it, as soon as your voicemail picks the call up.
    And also, make sure that your number is on the FTC donot call list.
    Because that gives you the right to report calls like these.
    And then, they will get slapped with a 50,000USD fine.

    1. I report all unwanted calls from “businesses”, but it’s become almost impossible for the government to identify these culprits, and they admit it. Never, ever give out information to any caller, emailer, etc. if it’s your “bank” saying it’s a problem with your credit card, look at the number on the card and call it. If it’s an “vendor” email about a problem with an order you placed, go to the vendor’s website, get their number and call them. I repeat: Never give any information to anyone who contacts you. Instead, you find a valid phone number that you know to be 10000% legitimate, and you call them. I think I have only gotten one legitimate call about my credit card / bank card. They left a message to call the number on the card. The did not give me a number to call. That is how legitimate incoming correspondence is supposed to work. They make YOU find the legitimate phone number or web address to get back to them, they never provide it

      1. Good morning tarheelneil!
        I both get and understand where you’re coming from.
        This may sound funny to you, but a cupple of years ago, this really happened.
        But first, I will tell you, that I’m not an 80something year old man.
        Yay thoe, I played the part of one.
        In October of 2019, I got a call from someone, claming to be with Chace Bank.
        I never had any dealings with Chace Bank.
        Truth be told, I don’t know if we have one of those here in Lake City Florida.
        But I told the lady, that I was born on June 23, 1935.
        But when she asked me for my credit card number, I made one up, right off the top of my head, and gave it to her.
        She tried to tell me, that the card number I gave her, wasn’t the correct number.
        I told her, this is the only credit card, that I have.
        But after a while, she hung up on the call.
        But I called the number back, and got ahold of someone at Chace.
        I told the man that answered the phone, that his number had been spoofed.
        He thanked me for bringing that to his atencian.
        So, there it is in a nut shell.

  12. Technology has always been a double edge sword. For all of the help that it has brought to society it is caused even more evil.

    Too many of us thought that technology was the answer to all of our prayers so that’ someone like Mark Zuckerberg could slither onto the internet and enthrall billions of weak minded people around the world that would help open a Pandora’s Box that can never be closed because all of the greedy, sociopathic demons have been released on society and there are so many more to come. Delusion with reality has become so commonplace that most folk have become totally numb to it. The world has gone to hell in a hand basket and society will keep allowing these horrors that occur in so many aspects of our everyday lives to continue to wrench control from us like raging rivers until we all drown in the unbridled technology that opened the door for all of these horrors to occur.

    Robocalls are only one ugly outgrowth our day-to-day lives and as I am typing right now a “Scam Likely”call just flashed on my cell phone screen.


    1. >>>>>> For all of the help that it has brought to society it is caused even more evil. >>>>>

      The evil was always there, it has just been given a platform to speak louder.

    2. “Money!…it’s a hit
      Don’t give me that goody good good bullsh!t
      I’m in a high fidelity, first class travellin’ set
      And I think I need a Lear jet…” – G.R. Waters

  13. Unfortunately , It just the way it is – Now mine are blocked so all scammer do not get thru.
    What a Pain in the Butt
    On the other side of the coin – When I am PO. I play nice and keep them on the phone for a while and hang up
    after a minute or two. Sweet Revenge 🙂

  14. The problem is not US specific. In the UK I am constantly reminded that the warranty for numerous appliances has expired, that there is a problem with my internet which will result in my disconnection, that there are suspicious purchases on credit cards, that there is a problem with my non-existent Amazon Prime account. There are also many ‘Government surveys’ which, if responded to, will profile you for a host of subsequent sales calls. We have 2 landlines and at one time were getting a dozen calls a day. Most use internet telephony with spoofed caller id so they are difficult to block.In the old days I used to let the ‘computer problem’ calls connect to a virtual sandbox PC and note their connection details and the Paypal accounts I was supposed to put money into for subsequent reporting, but nowadays I just tell them to P*** Off.

      1. I should be worried, not you. My PSA profile undoubtedly contains a link to the website of the company I ran for nearly 30 years. It was supporting a technology which is now unfashionable, and the company was closed down a few months ago after a couple of years with no new installations. I am now officially retired. The website is still there because the employee who set up its current incarnation is now long departed, and professes to have no record of the account and password used to set it up. I’ll edit my profile to remove the reference. However, if you want an EDI system, I shall be delighted to sell you an excellent one as a private individual!

        1. Hello Chris,

          I wasn’t worried. Just shaking the tree so to speak. 😀 – since it seemed appropriate, given today’s topic. If I’m ever in the market I’ll let you know.

          Hopefully retirement is working out well and you’re enjoying life.

          As my grandfather often said… “carry on”

  15. The Audio marketplace is filled with companies hawking useless or near useless products at outrageous prices. So much so it borders on the “Nigerian Prince” scams.Remember the saying”A fool and his money are soon parted.” Don’tget fooled.

      1. Well, phono cartridges used to have a much larger markup than that. That $150 cartridge cost the dealer about $15-20. I know, I wised to sell them!

        1. Back in the day ( 1970’s ) I suspected as much. If you bought a TT for any where from $100+ to say $200+ ( that was real money back then ) they would throw in something like a Shure M97E cartridge ( listed at $50 ) for free or maybe $10.

      2. Yeah, FR… I sold Monster products back in the mid-80s…
        Journey came to the Seattle Coliseum, and us salespeople got press box seating for the event (which was stunning).
        The big deal was that they did all their sound reinforcement with Monster.
        We also got a lot of promos on Monster products then – usually 20cents on the doller for personal purchases. The disties gave a lot away also.

        I’ve used them since then and they are decent, but nothing like the stuff marketed today. On Audiogon. quite heated discussions take place over “the best speaker and IC cables” 😉

    1. Me too Rob. Ego, Greed and Power rule society in a way that I have never seen in my lifetime.

      And to Jerryb… when you say it’s just the way they are seems very unfortunate as we continue down the rabbit hole to what evil goes on in our society in today’s world. Things like predators shouldn’t have to be the way they are.

    2. There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who play by the rules and those who don’t. Usually those who don’t end up being criminals.

  16. Or “Medicare has authorized us to offer you a blah blah blah device for your back pain”. On any of these calls, if it’s a live person, I say “I know this is a scam, and I’m going to contact the FBI and give them this number”. Won’t help the car warranty calls though, as they are recordings. But, I do report them to . But I still get their weekly calls. Aaaarrrggghhh!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Good morning again tarheel!
      The reason why you keep getting calls from those people, is because they use diffrent numbers to call you from.
      I know this because, my wife and I get them on our cellphones, all the time.
      One morning, I answered one of those calls.
      I ask the lady, “why are yall calling a blind man with this nonsense?”

      She told me, “I’m calling about your auto warrantee ser.”
      I said to her, “that’s my point!
      I am a blind man, I don’t own a car, and I don’t drive.
      HAVE A GOOD DAY!!!”
      That’s how I had to talk to that idiot.

    1. I don’t agree with this. Let the buyer beware is not a kind attitude. At some level we’re all vulnerable. And the scammers will continue to up their game until its profitable. Maybe think of it this way. If (and when) it might happen to you, would you have the same feeling that it was your fault?

      I hope it never does, but I think we should practise compassion rather than judgement.

      1. I’m a retired delivery guy…and against orders I repeatedly told little old lady’s it was a scam and to call someone they trust…this was pre internet.

      2. I was the victim of a scam here in the marketplace forum. Interesting to see it’s no longer here. Yes I was foolish to not dig deeper into the seller’s background. I guess I was lulled into a false sense of security because a PS Audio product was being sold on this site, which does require an account.
        Law inforcement was totally uninterested in finding the culprits, even though I had some very specific information that could have helped, including a location with a time stamp that might have had surveillance cameras. So much for the Decatur, IL police.
        So all these comments are good advice, and I certainly share Paul’s resentment of these people.
        Lesson learned.

  17. I can’t possibly agree more, Paul! I have gotten so many bogus robo calls that I don’t even answer the phone anymore if I don’t recognize the number. It is usually 4-5 per day, usually around lunch or dinner time. I now rely on people to leave me messages instead of answering. These calls are are a travesty, and Should be Illegal!!!

  18. Your rant is mild compared to the emotions I feel when I get those malicious calls or phishing emails. I NEVER answer my telephone until I hear the person on my answering machine and recognize them as legit.

    I remember more than once getting a call where I am told the sheriff is on the way to arrest me because I didn’t pay my taxes, and I must call a certain number to straighten things out before it is too late.

    I hate the police benevolent association calls, where the person with the deep voice (who probably is not really a police officer) asks for a donation to help his fellow policemen with their financial difficulties. I wonder how many people give thinking they will personally get better police protection.

    And what about some of those TV ads, begging for thirty dollars a month to feed certain people or save certain animals. There is one commercial in particular that has for years shown the same video clips of the same poor old women that should have died naturally long ago. I looked up the financial disclosures for that organization and saw that the CEO who looks like an ordinary person of modest means on the commercial draws an annual salary of well over $700K plus benefits. She could afford to pay for all the food boxes that she is begging others to fund. What a cushy scam she runs. She actually took over the operation after her husband who used to run the operation died. These people enrich themselves at the expense of others whom they make feel guilty by showing images of suffering people.

    Scam and crank calls go way back. I remember as a kid when some of my naughty friends used to pick up the phone, dial a random number and ask the person who picked up: “Mam (or Sir), is your refrigerator running?” When the person responded “Yes,” or “Yes, I think so,” My friends would say, “Well better run and catch it before it gets away!” and then hang up.

  19. If I do not recognize the caller I just let it go to voicemail. I get at least 3 a week letting me know my car warranty expired. One time I responded letting them know I have an extended warranty on my car from the dealership and that it is not expired. They still tried to sell it to me. Had to just hang up on them. Pain in the asses won’t let up.

  20. Every time something like this happens, I log onto and add a micro loan to someone who needs drinking water, or sanitation, or school fees, or such and that makes me feel better. It brings a balance to the force. At least in my mind it does. I also encourage my kids to do so. There will always be predators a plenty, and the best we can do is beat them with the good stuff!

    PS: We are on a road trip, through the middle of the country, heading home to San Francisco. We were in Boulder yesterday. Tours at PS Audio are off, given the COVID situation, and rightly so. That’s unfortunate, but we managed to drive by the facility and take a couple of pictures from the outside. For road trip memories. Perhaps next time things will be better. We did spend the rest of the day in Boulder, hanging out on Pearl Street. Went by Beat Books and had a nice long conversation with Tom about World War II photographs 🙂 Crossing the Rockies today. Road trips are awesome!

  21. It’s a cruel truth that human society has always had the subset of “predator and prey”, I know which one I am and try to implement appropriate predatory counter measures. Technology implemented as being exploitative is unfortunately an easy conveyance to a much wider audience. Tell me again, how many Nigerian “princes” are there on the planet? Not being content to simply sell to us, some corporations have found that selling us will suit their profit margins just fine. One might want to explore topics such as “social engineering”, “ethical hacking”, etc for possible solutions that might be applicable for your particular circumstance, knowledge is power. I remember the wise words someone once said to me; “If you are going to act the role of a sheep, don’t complain when you get fleeced”. There is no excuse for the “examples” that prey on the elderly, etc, hopefully Karma will catch up with them.

    1. Great Comment.

      Suggest you take a look at Amazon’s book list for the book “Karma” which spells out exactly what Karma means and it’s nothing like we think.

  22. I was told by them if it’s a legit organization with a rogue salesman they might be able to help. If it’s a total scam your all on your own according to my understanding.

  23. Today’s doom and gloom made me think of one of my cd’s :

    “One of the wonders of the world is going down
    It’s going down I know
    It’s one of the blunders of the world that no-one cares
    No-one cares enough”

    Porcupine Tree, “The sound of muzak”, 2002 album “In Absentia”.

  24. Paul-
    I hear of large companies or possibly mid-sized local companies (large to me) getting cyber-hacked and asked to pay large sums of money to be able to access their info again. It seems to be very real yet doesn’t seem to make it anywhere in the local news. Very strange.

      1. What I am saying is the orgs I know of didn’t make any news to my knowledge. Maybe they wanted it that way themselves.
        Plus, I don’t watch much news. When I do, I do the polar opposite of what they recommend much of the time.

  25. Like the post said fraud and trickery are as old as humankind itself the biggest difference is that then the person had to go and do it but now it can be done many times a day sitting in the comfort of one’s room and people can be reached across continents. Downside of technology but that is the nature of things. Even the best has a downside. Good and timely rant. Regards.

  26. Just got a new come back for a scam telemarketer…

    “Why are you calling me? …. I guess you need to call everyone, because you do not know who the morons are?”

  27. Scams?

    It was JosephLG’s comment about “the person with the deep voice” that reminded me about what might be considered a scam, one perpetrated more in America, that being the evangelical scam as personified in the Genesis song ‘Jesus He Knows Me’. Some might say it’s a lifestyle choice.

    I was just reading a press release informing me the box set of Mark Knopfler Studio Albums 1996-2007 is being released on October 1st. A quick check on Amazon revealed the U.K. pricing is £34.99 on CD or £154.99 on vinyl, that’s over four times more.
    Similarly the Dire Straits Studio Albums 1978-1991 are £16.27 on CD and £98.91 on vinyl, that’s over six times more. No wonder vinyl is proving so popular…..with retailers.
    When CD was introduced a disc was generally about double the cost of the vinyl.
    How times have changed.

    Finally, explain audiophilia to a non believer, imagine the look on their face,
    I’m sure they’d think it’s a scam.

  28. Yeah, email, TV, phone, snail-mail – its just sickening.
    And the sheer number of links that want to try to install ransomware…
    After 35 years in the IT business, I’ve seen a lot of damage from an unwitting user clicking on a link of one sort or another.

    I have offered many users (and use this myself on all my PCs), MalwareBytes

  29. Thank you for correcting me in the use of the word ( I’m not being sarcastic here, I am always willing to learn ) I will not use the word that way again, my apologies if I offended you. Turning to the subject at hand, perhaps predator was not descriptive enough of a word to use. Predators in the natural world serve a useful function, parasites might be a more appropriate and descriptive word. Sometimes I enjoy having “fun” with them. To provide an example; I receive at least several text messages a week sent to my cell phone addressing me by name, listing my property address, etc offering to purchase my home. Obviously someone has performed “social engineering” on me and is hoping for a response, I have a saved text reply on my cell phone which I will quote. “Thank you for reaching out to me, I am thrilled with your proposed offer and would certainly be interested. I would be gladly accept what you think would be acceptable for the property you mentioned. Unfortunately you have reached the wrong person and I don’t own the property you mentioned, please contact me again and we can discuss your generous offer”. For some odd reason, I have never received a subsequent response from the same phone # and my call volume concerning such matters has decreased. I think that kind of response throws a spanner in their social engineering model, whether they paid for the information or acquired it themselves is irrelevant. Just my 2c worth, YMMV.

  30. I just noticed that Paul used a picture of a wolf as a the symbol of this post. It is WRONG that we call these scumbags that we have been talking about here “predators”. Wolves, foxes, lions, tigers, panthers. etc. are true predators and they are noble animals who are essential to the balance in nature.

    There is nothing essential or noble about these criminals we have been talking about. Don’t call them predators, they scum and bottom feeders.

    1. I’d like to think we’re using the term predator using the figurative and not the literal meaning.

      I always feel the same way when people used the word perfect until I realized that this word can be used either figuratively or literally. A word like perfect should never be used in the literal sense because it doesn’t exist. I always quote the Dalai Lama with regard to the word perfect:

      “True perfection seems imperfect, yet it is perfectly itself“.

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