Personal taste

July 7, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

So much of what we are searching for falls into the realm of personal taste: food, art, music.

What I like you may or may not.

What builds community is when our personal tastes are shared.

We all like great audio.

We all get excited when we hear something extraordinary.

This need for a community sharing the same pleasures is one of the reasons we created Octave Records.

And why on our forums we have over 5,000 albums recommended here.

The greatest pleasures in life are those we share.

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17 comments on “Personal taste”

  1. Great music; great recordings would be a perfect audiophile world.
    But I’ll settle for great music; ok or good recordings, since not many studios are
    making great music & great recordings these days…they are few & far between.
    There’s a lot of very well recorded ‘Muzak’ out there that just doesn’t rate a
    second listen…unfortunately.
    However, your mileage may vary 😉

  2. Awe Amen! Absolutely love when others share their deepest and greatest sonic treasures or discoveries. A lot of the times I click on everyone’s YouTube or music links to get an idea what people like here or what they care about.

    I have to be honest though and of course I’m not naive. I would say 30% of my music collection is truly incredible, very well recorded stuff while 90% of my collection is very listenable and a good 10% of my collection is absolute hot compression garbage where by every part of the music is just jacked on high. It really is terrible, however I can adjust the volume to extremely low to tolerate the disaster recording. I shouldn’t have to do this though.

  3. I agree, I love to share things about audio with people who are also into audio. I do, however, wonder – if I have personal pleasures that I do not share, does that make them guilty pleasures? 😉

    1. My wife and I almost divorced over radically opposing views of Louise Bourgeois. Given we had reconciled over Anselm Keifer (I changed my mind), it was a shock to the system. As I don’t personally know people on audio forums, I am unmoved by their desire to listen to the unlistenable. Agreeing is boring, conflict is much more fun, but only with people who I actually care about on a personal level, mainly because you have to live with the consequences.

      1. My wife and I have considered divorce several times, but never over architecture, art or music. Our taste are very similar when it comes to those things. We do, however, disagree ( sometimes very viciously ) over travel, politics, morality and being a pack rat.

        1. We often disagree on architecture, art and music and agree on travel, politics, morality and not being pack rats. We learned a long time ago not to drag each other to shows and cultural events the other won’t enjoy, so often do our own thing, sometimes on the same evening.

          Last year she did drag me to a ballet fundraiser in a field in Somerset, a 3 hour drive, and she booked a hotel in Bristol for the evening, to return home the next day. Unfortunately she booked a hotel in Bristol, Tennessee, not Bristol, UK. I wanted to divorce her, but we had a nice Indian meal in Bath and I forgave her.

          1. “Unfortunately she booked a hotel in Bristol, Tennessee, not Bristol, UK.”

            Got a good chuckle out of this! Hopefully honest mistakes like these create strong bonds and not divisions in a relationship…we’re all human!

          2. Bath compensates a lot…so nice!

            And the hotel guy in Tennessee must have had a quite strong British accent 😉 But yeah, that’s the disadvantage of booking online.

            1. I did learn that The Bristol Hotel, Tennessee is actually in Virginia by about 100 metres, a town split between two states, the state line being a road imaginatively named State Street, line Kansas City, split by the equally inspired State Line Road. The Bristol Hotel is next door to the “Home of Country Music Museum”, which is basically full of dead old white men in suits and big hats with banjos and mandolins.

              The clue was that when I looked at the email from, it cost $162.50 rather than £162.50. When I spoke to the hotel receptionist in Virginia/Tennesse and told her I was in a field in England watching ballet and my wife had accidentally booked a hotel on the wrong continent, she was not receptive to a refund. Such is the price of love.

        2. There’s a lot to be said for waiting until your 49yo to get married.
          For my wife & I divorce is not an option…& we’re not even Catholic 😉

  4. Strong views can be to the detriment of us all. A classic line from an old boss of mine, sadly no longer with us was “does it really matter?” When you apply that thought to so many of the things we anguish over it really can bring a different perspective.

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