New and better

January 17, 2017
 by Paul McGowan

New doesn’t always mean better. A new disease. A new disaster. New Coke.

But often it does, and that’s the┬ácase with Stellar, our new affordable audio system.

The big mono amplifier, the M700, were gone within moments of going online.

There are a scant few Gain Cell DACs and S300 stereo amps left to beta test if you’re interested.

You can go here to sign up.

Beta testing officially begins in another week.

Stay tuned.

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9 comments on “New and better”

  1. Can’t wait to beta test Gain Cell Dac! My first ps audio product. I noticed there aren’t any pictures of the remote control on the product page yet. But I guess it’s still beta so will be updated later

    1. Same here – just ordered! What I like about this is that it seams to focus on the analog side rather than it being a convenience add on as in many DACs these days. Seems ideal for my setup, which is primarily vinyl but still want to pull CDs from a NAS and do spotify premium. Now to sort a better streamer than my current chromecast audio.

  2. Paul – not to be…whatever (petty, petulant), but I perhaps speak for others who put down their cash when I ask why, if you know how many you “have”, is there a two week hiatus between purchase and ship of beta units? Trying to understand the process on your end. Do you take orders, then build that many/order them built? Otherwise, why not build some, test them, THEN announce the beta and ship?

    1. No problem. It takes about two weeks, sometimes longer, to line up beta testers, both the ones we invite through the website, and others we invite privately. We tried once to build them first, take the orders, then ship and the results were quite mixed. What we want to happen is to have them all ship out at the same approximate time, so the reviews come in at the same time too. This helps make sure one review doesn’t influence another.

      The only downside to this is the taking of people’s money upfront and asking them to wait. I wish we could do it differently – get pre-authorizations first, then hit the card only when we ship. Our system does not currently permit this. We’re working on rebuilding the webstore to accommodate this function and once that’s done, we can move to that model instead.

  3. What I would find particularly interesting is understanding how the gain cell stacks up against the DirectStream (jr.) run in DAC direct mode. Obviously lesser caliber D/A, but adding analog preamp section into the mix. Hope to hear from someone putting them side by side. Paul, any comments? Sure you have tried this in house.

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