March 27, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

Just a quick note to share with you the setup in our room at the Montreal High End show. Today is the last day of the show so if you do have a chance to make it there, it will be something you don’t want to miss.

Here’s a shot of our room taken at around midnight after Scott McGowan and I finished setup.

The room is fairly large, as you can see, and the setup pretty standard. In order to get the FR30s to play nice with such a large room, we pulled them out from the front wall to where in the hot seats the bass was pretty even. It only took us a few hours of tweaking to get them sounding quite good.

In either the lone front seat or the row of seats behind, the speakers are simply gone. Close your eyes and there’s nothing but music.

Our thanks to Peter of Nexus, Don of Kimbercan, and Travis of PS Audio for all their hard work getting the room set up so that Scott and I could come in and make the final tweaks.

Hope you get a chance to see and hear them.

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42 comments on “Montreal”

      1. The fluffly Oscar presentation this evening as well with the exception of Will Smith walking on stage and slapping Chris Rock. (classic moment)

  1. Very attractive setup. Looks like a fantastic room compared to the tiny rooms that plague most shows. I look forward to hearing attendee reactions.

  2. Setup looks great Paul. It looks like you have a a transport for a source, but also using a laptop for playing music.

    A couple questions on the laptop setup:
    1) What player software are you using?
    2) How is it connected to the DAC, because it looks to a several meter run?

    Good luck on the show, and sorry for the loss of your friend.

      1. No doubt they are sturdy, with all the care that went into their design.

        But for me it’s a visual thing. All that mass atop what appears to be a very slender stand.

    1. So let’s talk about the “flimsy” look of the of the FR30’s. Imagine that the cabinet of the FR30 has the same length as it currently has except it has a flat bottom. Then imagine that instead of attaching it to the current base it is attached to a base that is the same xy size as the current base but the new base does not have the ~ 4″ vertical riser that the current base has. The speaker would be about 4″ shorter and it would look like every other tower speaker out there. None of us would thing that it is flimsy or unstable. I can assure you that the FR30 is no more unstable than any other tower speaker is.

      Now, let’s talk about old people like me. When I was young I was 6’1″, 180 lbs. and played end on my HS football team. Now I am a fat old oaf who is not quite 6′ tall and I weigh 220 lbs. If I were to fall in such a way that I would end up flat on the floor except I encountered the broad side of a tower speaker, I would most likely knock that speaker over and end up on top of it with it on the floor. My advice to old people who have tower speakers is walk carefully around them.

  3. Hmm. To my failing eyes, it looks like there are amps sitting on top of the power regenerators. The P15 manual says not to place anything on top of them. Any comments? I’d love to put my subwoofers on top of the P15s as I have a small room.

  4. Paul,

    Sipping my coffee with the Sunday paper, I just read that there is a bad wildfire just south of you in Table Mesa. Over 19,000 people evacuated and 1000 homes already leveled.

    With the rest of the bad news around the world, this story was stuck in a small corner of the paper. I hope you, your family, and all the PS Audio staff is untouched.

  5. That setup looks really nice. I was just thinking about how it will be fun to check them out at Axpona. But, I just checked the Exhibitors list and didn’t see PS Audio… Are you guys skipping that show?

  6. I absolutely love Montreal Audio Fest. Being a Canadian from Toronto and back in my days of being a single man I went a few times, but it is a luxury to try and go every year. It is expensive.
    Honestly, seeing the photo here gave me goosebumps because of how much I know I love these shows and knowing how I would feel sitting in that showroom. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I havenโ€™t been to an audio show in nearly 3 years because of the dirty C, but absence makes the heart grow fonder.
    Paul. Your room looks incredible and the FR 30โ€™s have such a presence. I have no doubt you and your team got a round of applause. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Way to go, man. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I learned that you were not going to be at Axpona and thought it was out of an abundance of caution with Covid. But you are in Montreal. With your business model, it is very difficult to have the opportunity to listen to your products, especially the very large ones. I know you donโ€™t owe any explanations but as an invested customer, I would like to understand your decision. Thanks in advance.

      1. Sure, and thanks. “We” aren’t in Montreal. Our distributor, Kimbercan, is manning the booth and doing the setup in Montreal. That was his decision. I agreed to fly in and set up the speakers but did not want to risk being at the show when it started.

        As we are the “distributor” of our products in America, we would have to man our own booth at Axpona, a decision we made to not put us at risk.

        Hope that helps.

      2. Hi Frank. Paul is triple vaccinated and probably wears a mask any chance when necessary, but still wants to play it safe. Do i understand his decision to stay away? I do and I donโ€™t if that makes any sense because I get the psychological scaring many still have right now and are somewhat very apprehensive to gather in large social circles.
        It is very sad. You have had so many people do exactly what their governments told them to do and yet with all the vaccines and masking many are still stuck at square 1. They canโ€™t move on unless the media or government tells them it is completely safe to do so.

        I guess I must be an alien from another planet, but I see something very wrong by how the many like Paul, are still living in some kind of fear even after all they have done by following โ€œthe science.โ€ Yeah right.

        1. Thanks for the concern but this attitude is so foreign to me as to be a real head scratcher. CoViD is quite real. I haven’t paid attention to the current daily death rate but it’s still very high.

          I see no discontinuity in the thought process of being comfortable at the level of risk. I rarely wear a mask unless I am forced into tight quarters indoors. For example, I wear an N95 when on the airport train, but when walking inside at a distance I don’t wear one at all (and in the market I don’t wear one either).

          Being vaccinated is a good safeguard from catching it and if I do catch it, my chances are good of not getting too sick. But, like wearing a seatbelt or keeping my hands on the wheel while driving, it makes sense to me to not get into situations I am uncomfortable in.

          This is finally going down and perhaps in a few months we can put this behind us. I truly hope so.

          Let’s be kind to people who are older and worried about getting the flu, CoViD, and any sorts of debilitating diseases. And in exchange I promise not to shake my head at folks who think this is all made up.

          1. It is a concern. As a member of this community I truly wish you were hoping on a plane and representing your company at all these incredibly fun audio shows, especially because you and your team just unveiled a new speaker for the first time!
            You, like many others, deserve to live your life and move on. I know I am right about this and that is the main point Iโ€™m trying to drive home here and I did not once reflect on Covid being made up or not. Certainly not the point. Iโ€™m sticking to the psychological problems that still plague the many. Sadly.

          2. Yes Paul the vaccine protects you and my natural immunity also protects me from getting sick if we are exposed again by some unmasked person. But neither the vaccine or natural immunity protects us from giving it to others if we catch it while we are protected. A good N95 mask is best at protecting the transfer to others and to a lesser degree the blue surgery masks. The cloth masks are almost useless. Why wouldn’t you wear a mask to protect others? We should all be wearing masks to protect others in case we cough or sneeze around them since we can still be carriers. Vaccinated people can still catch it and get sick from another vaccinated person. Its really disappointing that this experimental vaccine that needs to be taken 4 times a year doesn’t stop the virus in it’s tracks and prevent transmission to others. Only a N95 mask worn properly does that. But you might suffocate…lol.

  7. Looks spectacular!
    I miss the ole trade shows from my old audio store days… Great fun and gets the excitement glands going.

    Half a dozen trips across the border to CES in Vegas were some of the most wickedly fun excursions I don’t remember attending… You’d experience a never ending three weeks of go Go GO in 4 days.

  8. I went to the Montreal audio fest today and I made a beeline for the PS audio room. The setup was very well done, one of the larger rooms, but luckily this morning there were only a few of us in there listening.
    The speakers are larger in life than they appear even online, not so much tall and intimidating, but very deep and definitely have a presence. There is a subtle and beautiful PS audio logo on the side at the top, this is so nicely done and one of the nicest design elements of the speakers! They don’t look unstable in person, but I am still not a convert to the overall design of the narrow feet and rounded bottom. The finish and assembly look absolutely top notch though. Then we listened to them… Let me tell you, the stories of the development, and all of the hyperbole that Paul seems to mention about them are absolutely deserved. These are truly world class speakers, capable of awesome dynamics, completely full range, detailed, and really disappear in the room. They were revealed delicate details in the middle of a mix while being powerful at the same time. These are not inexpensive speakers and I for sure cannot afford them now, but after having heard them I have to say I consider them a fantastic value. I haven’t heard much that can do what these do, even for 6 figures. Very well done PS audio, congratulations on a great new product!

          1. Was in Old Montreal on vacation in 2019 (the Vermont Maple Season)…missed the audio fest by “that much” (only 3 years)!

            Beautiful city, wonderful hospitality and very friendly folks…Thanks for sharing your FR30 observations with us, Deki!!

  9. Beautiful Paul. They look good in all the colors. Choosing a color must be difficult but a good problem to have since they are all gorgeous. I would love to hear them. This room is about a 6 1/2 hour drive from me. Is a vaccination required to cross the border and enter this facility?

      1. Ah too bad they couldn’t have made a stop at my address so I can hear them before they continued their journey to Colorado. ๐Ÿ™‚

        Maybe they will show up at another show someday in the good ole USA that has no restrictions. Thanks Paul.

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