Miracle cures

June 15, 2021
 by Paul McGowan

While standing in the supermarket checkout line I couldn't help but notice the splashy magazine headline.

"Lose 13" off your waist in 1 week".

The only way in 1 week to lose 13 inches off your waist is through surgery, something the magazine editors were not promoting.

Most all of us are in one way or another searching for a miracle. Perhaps it's the external power supply that will change everything, or that one cable that will forever bring life to the system.

Certainly, there can be miracle products and it's good to keep a watchful eye open.

In my experience, it's more likely that a miraculous sounding system is the result of hard work and good decisions.

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32 comments on “Miracle cures”

  1. Frist. Paul’s elves, can we resurrect the old function, whereby i was notified of a reply to my post.
    Others miss this too.
    Not all of us sit poised over this forum continuously while awake, lest a post of personal relevance should drop.

    1. I also would like to see this feature return. Without constant reference you can never be sure you didn’t miss something, not the end of the world, but it’s a conversation. As it existed before it really shouldn’t be too difficult to reinstate though in all honesty, I don’t think Paul wants it. Why?

      BTW, hope you get to see this 😉

      1. Hi Richtea,
        I suspect that we are all frustrated with this loss of facility, however Paul has assured me that 'reply notifications' facility will return...hopefully before the FR30 floorstanders are finally released (Eye rolling emoji)
        Apparently it's up to 'Kevin' to get it done & of course none of us are privy to Kevin's current list of priorities.
        In the interim I have got into the habit of going back during ad breaks, when I'm watching the idiot box late at night, & hitting the 'refresh' icon to see if the number of posts has changed up & if they have I then scroll down & take a peek at the new posts, however, if there is no change in the
        number I go back to being an idiot.
        Lastly, I will scroll down the whole 'Paul's Posts' one last time when the latest one is posted & then I move on to the latest (new) one.
        I guess that we do the best that we can when previous good options have been removed.

      2. Thanks. I do see all the comments and it's not that I don't want it (because I do) but it's because we only have one engineer assigned to work on website stuff and, after the launch and build up to the new website, his list is long. Really long. We've prioritized his work load and he gets to it when he can.

        Getting our systems working for online shopping, keeping track of orders, and then all the internal communications issues you all never hear about (the RMA system, the serial number system, Octave Music services backend servers, engineering's website, engineering's documentation system) have taken precedent over some of the public facing website issues.

        They will be fixed and, believe me, it's frustrating to me to have to wait as well. It's not like I am a patient person.

      3. Hello Richtea,

        Loosing 13 pounds (sterling) in a week is easy betting against an Englishman in a local pub. 😀

        Getting response notifications back here will be a miracle.

        One can only assume responses back to respondents are no longer encouraged. It must help keep the HiFi family under control. I am slowly weaning myself off of the early morning responses (my time zone and today being an exception). Now I’m just trying to look things over at night. There’s No sense in responding to any given individual unless their going to take the FR route and hit refresh every half hour or at the very least during the commercial breaks.

        Maybe the idea is to get us all to loose 13lbs (us weight system) by constantly hitting the refresh key 😉

        Maybe the real cause is there is only one to handle all the web site stuff. Maybe a coding audiophile intern could be found to help out with the response part?

          1. Paul,

            You were clear. I hadn’t seen your response when I hit send. By the time I looked again the cut off time had expired and it was too late.

    2. Totally agree!

      Keep Listening 🙂
      PS, just arriving today: Bill Evans Piano Solo Vol. 2 On CD, Art Tatum-Ben Webster Quartet on pure virgin vinyl 180 gram. This one is an Pan-Am records. Still due is another Evans and a Ernie Henry Quartet. Can't wait.

    3. I agree, however you probably know this anyway.
      The comment section in of itself is kept alive longer with that feature of update. 🙂

  2. To me, coffee is a miracle cure, but I've never tried pouring it over my hifi. A couple of days ago a friend poured one over her new MacBook Pro, or at least her elbow did. It didn't cure anything. Quite he reverse.

    The only miracle in home audio would be if it sounded like the real thing. You've got more chance of losing 13 inches in a week.

    1. I will have coffee later, my currently preferred "The Good Life Blend" from The Mill (support your locals). It's actually a single source Columbian Supremo but a proprietary mix (meaning that I don't know the ratio) of dark and medium roasted beans. They found the sweet spot (that term again).

      And so to bed.

  3. "If it sounds to good to be true..."

    We talk a lot about A/B testing audio gear, but lately I've been A/B testing between 'Original' CD recordings & the remastered versions, hence my fervent worship of
    Mr. Bob Ludwig.
    For those of us who are not able to wait a decade for all of our favourite albums to appear in pristine DSD, the next best thing is to see if there is a cleaner sounding (un-loudness war) remaster of said favourite albums.
    Not all remastered albums are better than the originals, in fact some that sounded great through my old Ditton 66 floorstanders now can sound slightly 'etchy' (there's that word again) through my brand-new KRIX - 'Harmonix Mk2' floorstanders & remember my audio rig is pretty basic; wellset-up & 'tweaked to the max', but still pretty basic.
    However, having said that, I'd say that well over 70% of remasters that I have listened to, & subsequently purchased, are a 'sound' improvement over their 'originals'.
    Apart from the Doobie Bros. CD that I raved about a few weeks ago, I have since come across a 'The Mamas & The Papas' & 'The Carpenters' CDs that sound amazing when you consider when they were recorded.
    There are some originals that blow me away as far as recording quality is concerned,
    & I have mentioned them before...'Teaser & The Fire Cat', 'Tea For The Tillerman',
    'Hot August Night' (especially for a live recording) & 'Mad Dogs & Englishmen' is pretty damn good too; just to mention 4 that always spring to my mind.
    It's refreshing to know that there were some recording engineers who could function very professionally whilst stoned out of their gourds back in the late '60/early '70s
    ...& that's coming from an ex fellow high-functioning THC imbiber.
    Happy listening folks 🙂

    1. Yeah. I mean how you feel about the success in hearing better audio quality with in the remastered tweak is how I feel about Peter Gabriel and Black Sabbath remasters. They’re phenomenal and head and shoulders better than the originals on CD. 🙂

      It is fun to A/B. Paying attention to detail and playing the memory game has always brought me much joy. 🙂

  4. My audio miracle happened when I activated crosstalk cancellation in my DAC. Another miracle most unexpected happened when I put some most expensive footers under specific components. And recently I had a miraculous experience when playing a copper record Stockfisch Records DMM1) from my old Luxman turntable. No miracles happened when exchanging cables, DACs, amps, preamps. Only in some cases there were marginal differences in sound quality. Better invest in new loudspeakers, preferable active ones with DSP,

    1. paulsquirrel,
      I can only speak for myself, however, I'm sure that there's bunch of us here,
      regulars on 'Paul's Posts', who would be very interested to know what you
      consider to be high-end 'active with DSP' loudspeakers;
      more-so, which ones you end up purchasing.

      I look forward to a full review from you; once you've burned/run them in.

      1. My first DAC offering crosstalk cancellation (XTC) was a TacT RCS 2.2 XP. The company does no longer exists. Thus the unit was replaced by a Weiss DAC501 from Switzerland offering even more EQ-features and even cross-feed for headphones. However you can even set-up yourself a mechanical XTC solution, see: http://www.ambiophonics.org for getting a first impression of this awesome effect! Just take some desktop speakers in near-field listening set-up.

  5. In audio the more money you spend, the less improvement you get.
    That's what I call a miracle.
    If you got the disease of audiophilia there's no cure for that 🙁

  6. Speaking of miracles, the Japanese highend stereo systems are most always placed in tiny rooms where there is barely enough space between speakers to place the audio gear. Utube has a bunch of vids by Kenrick Sound that are stunning.
    So are we doing something out of character trying to make a highend system sound good in a large room. Or is it a matter of hard work and a lot of common sense?

  7. There is a cure for bad sound : get a divorce, and from then on you can buy the electonics you always dreamt of and finally place your speakers wherever they sound best.
    After all : bad spouse kills good audio, bad audio kills good sound and bad sound kills good music.
    However, this cure is not for the faint hearted and definitely not cheap !

    1. Ok, I'll jump back in here JB4 on your comment. Yes, a bad spouse will definitely kill your tunes, however getting a new "administrator" that's in tune will cure it as well and I have one. My miracle is her and some new listening chairs. I had them(chairs) all along and decided to move them to my room. It would turn out that not only were they more comfortable, they were much lower and put my ears right at tweeter level and took yet again my sound to a new level. Setup! Thanks Paul, I moved my speakers out and lowered my ears 🙂

      Wow, Keep Listening 🙂

  8. As I had very coherent (but a few) speakers from the beginning of my Hi-Fi life, there were the following little miracles in my history, noteworthy to mention over countless other changes (otherwise I agree with Paul, that it’s usually hard work to get things magic):

    A sub (ambiance, overall bass quality, low end extension)
    Class A electronics (it delivers in terms of satisfying tonality and others, what most miss until then from solid state)
    An adjustable speaker (bye bye to change-depending tonality problems)
    Tubes (natural, open, fast, holographic, headroom)
    A certain quality of preamp I didn’t know so far (dynamics, energy, holographic imaging)
    A certain quality of DAC (ending the serious digital limitations up to the 2010..years)
    A certain amount of turntable and setup effort (basic capabilities and holographic imaging)
    A certain quality of tonearm (basic capabilities and holographic imaging)
    The right cabling and active HF/EMI protection (holographic imaging and authenticity/realness/non Hi-Fi sound)

  9. "In my experience, it’s more likely that a miraculous sounding system is the result of hard work and good decisions."

    Agree Paul! Here are My series of Audio 2.1 “Miracle Cures” over past 4 years:

    1. My components resided stacked on top my subwoofer that was set between my AA Sierra monitors (small 90sf listening room-5ft monitor spacing)! Decided to re-locate the sub cabinet into the tight left corner of the 9ft set-up wall. Got the sub dialed in to tame the corner placement rise but then, was Blown-Away at the Huge Increase in Soundstage Depth and Height, simply amazing! To state there was also a Stunning Midrange Renaissance of holographic beauty would be an understatement! Seems the component stack on top the subwoofer cabinet (total 36" height) was causing reflections/cancellations that diluted the 2EX mid-woofer Midrange Bandwidth capabilities (6-13-21)?!!!
    2. Obtained New Monitors, AA Sierra-NrT to AA Sierra-2EX (3-2021)!!
    3. Setting Stand Monitors to 50Hz High Pass and Sub to 50Hz Low Pass (10-2019)!
    4. Removed 1" of exposed bare speaker wires and installed gold plated banana plugs (9-2019)!
    5. Replaced cheap RCA's with shielded interconnects (6-2017)!
    6. "Toe-Out" Monitors 5 degrees for expanded soundstage with solid center images (1-2015)!
    7. Fine Tune Monitor room placements for optimum Stereo Holographic Presentation (Ongoing)!


  10. “Lose 13″ off your waist in 1 week”.....
    The physical conscious act of continually sucking my gut in for the last 30 years should have IN ITSELF developed into a firm six-pack...
    See? Even long term hard work does not a miracle cure make.

  11. There are no miracle cures just a methodical slog until your happy. There's no easy way to audio nirvana.
    Like that advert to gain you three inches in height instantly, when the package arrived it had two 3 inch square blocks of wood with instructions to stand on them.
    Anything worthwhile requires effort.

  12. "Your faith has made you well" (Luke 17:18)

    Sometimes just having a little faith can make miracles happen, even with a placebo.
    Put a new cable in your system and, hallelujah -- it's a miracle! 🙂

  13. My audio miracle experience is definitely my AC regenerator add in. I’ve said many times already, especially on here but the fact is “Clean new AC Power” works.
    It really does and I’ve been loving this upgrade (P3 Stellar) for about
    3.3 Months now. 🙂
    Miracles do exist.

  14. Even if I stopped eating for a week I wouldn't lose 13 pounds let alone 13 inches around my waist so I assume they have some miracle pill that will be eventually be banned and with lawsuits against them due to destroying the health of many desperate people.

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