McCartney and Rubin

July 29, 2021
 by Paul McGowan

My son, Scott is a fan of Hulu television. I haven’t spent much time exploring it because I don’t watch much television.

Sometimes though, a show or two is good enough to really grab my attention. Like Apple TV’s light-hearted comedy, Ted Lasso.

But then, sometimes, a show comes along that’s not just good for a laugh or break from work, but something truly extraordinary.

Such is the show McCartney 3,2,1.

Producer Rick Rubin sits down with Beatles co-founder, Paul McCartney, in an extraordinary 6-episode series of one-on-one.

What’s fascinating is their viewpoint. The show is filmed around an old analog mixing board and playing is the original multi-track masters of the Beatles and their music (as well as McCartney’s).  If you’ve ever wondered how important the mixing artist is, have a watch as they turn up and down the individual tracks and talk about the performances and how it all fits together.

Rubin is amazing. You can go here to watch, though it is a paid service.

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23 comments on “McCartney and Rubin”

  1. Beatles: How The Beatles Changed The World.

    This compelling historical documentary is not so much about their music per se, but more about how the phenomenon known as The Beatles impacted world culture.

    Always streaming free on Tubi here in the US.

    Btw -> you can sign up for a free 30 day trial @ Hulu. Now back to studying the 8.2 Alaskan quake this evening to learn of any Tsunami warnings.

  2. Vale Joseph Michael ‘Dusty’ Hill (1949-2021)…’Cause every girl crazy ’bout a sharp-dressed man.

    I’ve never had any doubt about the ethereal artistry of the mixing wizard(s)…have I ever mentioned Bob Ludwig 😉

    Ted Lasso, the opposite of Sting’s, “I’m an Englishman in New York.”

    When Ringo shuffles off this mortal coil it’ll just be, ‘The Beatle’
    Just like, ‘The Bee Gee’

  3. I wasn’t born when the Beatles were a hot group.
    But when I was a small boy, I remember listening to Paul on the radio back then.
    But in the seventies, Paul formed a group that he called, Wings.
    They sangged songs like, With A Little Love, and Nocking and quite a few others.
    But when the aities came about, Paul struck out on his own.
    And he sangged songs like Take It Away Feel So Bad and he also done a few Christmas songs too.
    Those are my memberies of Mr. McCartney.

  4. I’ll check out the series, but with some trepidation, as I’m not a great fan of McCartney or Rubin. Rubin, for his contribution to loudness wars compression and McCartney for his devolution into his lightweight solo and Wings career. (What he did, with Lennon, in the Beatles was genius).

    1. I know I am being a little harsh on you, but putting the fact that Lennon and McCartney were genius in parenthesis as if it is an after thought, is like asking someone who won the Noble Prize in physics 30 years ago “What have they done lately?”. When you do the kind of thing that Lennon and McCartney did you only have to do it once to be great forever.

      1. I totally agree with you. I just think McCartney’s music, without Lennon and co., is so shallow by comparison that I couldn’t stand to listen to it. If the documentary is filled with Wings, etc., I’ll have to pass!

  5. I thought it was very well done and free on Hulu. It wasn’t only the Beatles but George Martin was just as important as the other four.

      1. Paul, Thanks for the heads up on this, however, we do not have hulu. 🙁 As to Ted Lasso, I’ve tried it twice ( we have Apple+ right now ) and I just cannot get into it. I think the critics that rave about it just like weird shows.

  6. Peter Jackson (of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit films) is finishing/has finished a documentary titled “The Beatles: Get Back”. He had access of 55 hours of film and 140 hours of audio for the project. I’ve read that it will include the entire 42 minute ‘rooftop concert’. Disney has acquired the world wide distribution rights, so it probably will show up on Disney+.

    1. Okay, I found that it is scheduled for release on Disney+ in three 2 hour segments on November 25, 26, & 27, 2021. Thus spake Wikipedea. Happy Thanksgiving!

      There will also be a book.

        1. The way it usually works is the program is put up at some time of the day and then you can select it for playback at your convenience. Usually.

          Long live Arlo, son of Woody.

  7. I really enjoyed McCartney 3, 2, 1, and much more than I expected. What I found really interesting was that Rubin is such a good listener, his questions really thoughtful. His recent interview on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast the other day was great as well. By the end, he was interviewing the interviewer. Rubin’s collaboration with Johnny Cash toward the end of Johnny’s life produced some amazing work as well.

  8. If you’ve ever needed proof that the average listener is clueless when it comes to playing and recording music, this video provides proof.

    You could show people how music – especially pop/rock music – is recorded in tracks, track by track, then mixed and re-mixed track by track ——- and all of it flies over the average cranium like a foul breeze.

    The facts never connect. People’ll still think that bands play all together, live in a studio. They think that, cause that’s what they see in rock videos. Hell, they’ve seen rock “musicians” flying upside down and under water, while still playing, so they think all of that’s done, too.

    Some of those posting here are no exception.

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