Loud and inexperience

December 20, 2021
 by Paul McGowan

Have you ever noticed how often the loudest voices seem to come from those with the least experience?

I posted a YouTube video on the benefits of braiding power cables and why it matters. The responses were, as expected, quite angry and negative.

First, I don’t understand the anger.

Second, it seems like those with the most heated objections are those that have never tried listening to the differences in cables.

It’s as if the idea is so abhorrent that it’s not even worth their time. And yet, it seems worth folk’s time to voice loud and angry opinions.

That doesn’t make sense to me if only from a simple conservation of energy perspective if nothing else.

Is their loudness commensurate with their level of outrage at how far from their worldview the idea is or something else?

The louder people shout about things they’ve never tried the more I am confused.

There is much in human nature that eludes me.

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101 comments on “Loud and inexperience”

  1. It’s today‘s burning of witches. And there are enough outside who just want to burn a witch for whatever reason available.

    Reasons mostly are:
    Dogmatism for the sake of it
    Ignorance of things beyond ones own experience or options to experience

    Even if those folks would be willing to try, their environment would partly probably in fact not show the results.

    Audio is probably the worst for being discussed, it just can be experienced under controlled conditions.

    If you buy a better or worse TV and connect it, everyone more or less experiences the same thing.

    Even if two would buy exactly the same stereo, experiences can vary to a lagre degree, just by different music played, different placement and surrounding conditions.

    With audio you chose the most difficult topic to preach and discuss (after politics and maybe sports)

    1. We bought two new TV’s earlier this year (same model, different sizes). We went to a department store and looked at the picture, the design and the price. There were, thankfully, only 3 or 4 brand options.

      It should be said that the quality of the product is a vast improvement over our last TV, purchased about 10 years ago.

      How do you get wide experience of hifi? There are hundreds of brands, many thousands of products, many almost identical and vastly different prices. In my case, mostly from dealer demonstrations, the only way I know to get to hear different hifi in well set up and relaxed conditions. Even then, you are limited to the brands those dealers carry.

      Paul has his own pet hates, such as all-in-one systems and mains conditioners, which I and many other people use. He has been pretty vociferous about those, both online and in his book. What is his recent experience?

      As you say, subjectivity probably dominates most of these arguments.

      1. But Paul even sells what I’d call more or less all-in-one systems (Strata, GainCellDAC, Sprout) 😉

        And Paul said Conditioners working in parallel to the power circuit do their thing, he just rates regenerators superior. We don’t all have to agree with everyone’s opinions and experiences, we can do with them, what we want 😉

      1. I bought some cheap from China (Mckingtosh) $ 445
        they were ok!
        but it was not enough !
        next step Ansuz Powercable A2 price 3331.81$ pr. pcs. Denmark
        There is a big price difference,
        but if you can not hear the difference then you have to go to the ear doctor
        Sincerely. Ove Denmark

        1. I really did like this comment. That get the people going. Low-end ok China-made amplifier and Anzus crazy priced power-supply. Giving you better sound. If it is not ment as a joke it’s one hell of a provocation for the”flat-earthers” and computer-engineers. Of course there is a difference in cables, but it’s subtle and vary from system to system. I.e. Good fun for us tweakers…

        2. Sorry it was cheap powercable from Macintosh ( China )
          I can hear the difference , and the cheap cable was a Experiment ! This wash a wast of money !
          I all so use ( Powergrip) to clean the power for My Stereo and it sound much better !
          Happy Xmas and Happy New Year
          take good of the ears
          We only have 1 pair

    2. Perception is everything, it seems. Indeed the biggest variable in listening to an audio system are the people themselves. I am glad I don’t need the latest and greatest floobydust power cable, would be wasted money to me, and I can hear just fine, thank you. If it works for you, go for it and enjoy.

  2. I just read the post (Ask Paul – 10 December). I don’t know which correspondent Paul is complaining about, possibly an early one who was aghast that the power cables cost $5,400 per metre.

    Someone else ranted about the fact that from the socket to the consumer unit you’ve got loads of unshielded Romex (I don’t, I have shielded audio-spec cable).

    I haven’t tried a cable that cost $5,400 per metre or anything in that financial universe. To most people that is an obscene amount of money, it’s just the idea that such a thing might possibly be necessary, and using such a cable is hardly going to encourage people into the world of hifi, especially from a brand that tries to promote value.

    I have used braided power cable. I sent it back because it is so inflexible I couldn’t install it safely behind the hifi cabinet. Paul has the luxury of a straight run with no furniture to consider.

    Maybe it is the unanswered questions.
    What is low inductance? (My mains inductance measures much lower than Mr Fremer’s even after all his work and gurus.)
    Does all audio equipment benefit from low inductance?
    Aren’t power regenerators meant to reduce inductance?
    Is 2m of power cable really going to make much difference to inductance overall?
    Does PSA have a commercial relationship with the cable suppler?
    Did PSA pay retail for the cables?
    Has Paul tried more economically viable braided power cables?
    PS Audio makes mains power cables, quite expensive ones, advertised as low inductance. Are they braided and, if not, why not?

    1. I just can say that very good (and mostly very expensive) power cables can change e.g. bass performance in a way, even new speakers or new amps rarely do. IMO they are a fundamental basis of best sound, more so than even power filtering or regeneration efforts. As you experienced yourself, a try at home clarifies more than a thousand questions and answers.

    2. A lot of good questions. They are all valid and can easily be answered by Paul. No problem and we can this out of the way and down interesting details.

    3. I have tried shielded power cables, and yep, they are much stiffer and difficult to manage. Also, did not hear any difference at all. The small amount of inductance, capacitance and resistance in an AC power cable only matters relative to the shielding of unwanted signals induced on the cable, otherwise the audio product’s power supply transformer swamps that particular issue.

      As a long time engineer I have “enjoyed” the EMI and TUV testing and design issues over the years, and yes, shielding (or the lack) can indeed have an affect on a piece of equipment’s performance. Most of the time, though the problem with shielding came from the accessory cables in medical equipment. Inducing noise on the AC line could sometimes have an affect, but the levels probably way exceed what most people would experience. As I have said before, if getting a $$$ AC power cable makes difference for you, go for it and enjoy. I am glad it doesn’t for me….

  3. I am an old test and measurement guy, a metrologist to those who know the term, the science of measurement. Not to be confused with meteorologists.

    We have always in my labs twisted/braided the DC power cables to the devices under measurement. It is a common practice that is measurable.

    RAAF/ hp metrologist Australia, retired.

    Kind regards,


  4. Paul, I’m not sure I would let it bother one’s self so. Once having said a thing, one will work much harder to prove themselves right, than they would if they wouldn’t have said it at all. That’s simple ego involvement.

    Case in point, in a conversation with Gene DellaSala from over at Audioholics, which was started by Gene to provide “hard facts and no fluff,” he asserted that he was friends with all the engineers employed by Harman, and that they all simply used 12 gauge zip-cord for speaker cables. And while Floyd Toole had publicly stated he used 12 gauge zip-cord in his system, I sent Gene actual pics from systems which in fact showed that some very well known engineers from Harman, those home systems he was making claims about, none of them utilized 12 gauge zip-cord. (in fact they utilized some very robust and expensive cables) It was Gene’s ego involvement to promote his position that cables didn’t matter that caused him to assert a flat out lie. It betrayed the very reason he started Audioholics.

    The only thing I can say concerning power cables, is that if it isn’t UL approved, and you’re in the US, then your insurance could deny a claim if they were the cause of a fire within the home.

    1. Gene’s giant ego causes him to pontificate and reinforces his belief that he is the Emperor of audio just because he uses measurement and he used to be an electronics engineer of some high regard… Ooooooh.
      Salami salami boloney.
      Gene is a legend in his own mind.

      I see enough measurement information from Stereophile so why would I need to watch a second venue that spends so much time discussing equipment measurements when I hardly look at the measurements in a magazine. My opinion is that people who adore Gene believe he deserves a huge amount of attention and he seems to get it. His arrogant presentations cause me to shake my head in disbelief. I’ve only watched him four or five times and I don’t watch more than a minute of his videos before I can’t take anymore.

      Floyd Toole? Doesn’t he live in Mayberry?

        1. Thanks for posting the link Bradley. I was just making a joke but you just gave me a new network to subscribe to. Floyd seems to be a very well-balanced articulate and astute individual and I liked what he had to say in the few minutes that I watched the video. Floyd has a new follower now, like it or not 😎

            1. Oh I think he’s a whole lot more than what I stated. I’ve already subscribed to his channel. This was my good find for the day so thank you for posting the links.

  5. Cables are like a security blanket for me. You just wanna make sure your giving your audio components the love they deserve. Some cables are truly constructed and made better than others, especially shielded with better quality copper than romex wire. Lol.

    I talked about this very recently and replaced all my AC power cords in my system and until they all arrive ( 5 to be exact ) I will be happy to share my experiences honestly.
    I know for a lot of people cables are like the politics side of HIFI.
    We hate to engage in some views, but we know we have to!! It is human nature. 😉

    1. My dealer recommended some not-cheap power cables, I had a home loan, there was a noticeable benefit, so I bought them. I’d never heard of the brand and I had no idea how they were made. I can’t say I was that interested after listening to their impact. I still don’t know how they are made and if they are braided or not. I still use a $10 signal cable.

      More than one dealer has told me that cables have by far the largest profit margin in home audio, so expect manufacturers to try their hardest to condition consumers as to their benefits. FOMO.

      1. I think it needs to be said that a large profit margin doesn’t necessarily mean the product is snake oil. We know this e.g. from a lot of medicine.

        The value of a product is not only defined by the cost of its parts or manufacture, but sometimes also to a larger extent by the skill, time and experience necessary to make it efficient. If it would be possible to offer extremely efficient cabling cheaper, the expensive ones would hardly be sold.

        But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t enough cable products not performing to their price level. As always, our ears let us choose.

        1. I’ve been posting for the past several weeks about how happy I am to have purchased a full boatload of XLR interconnects from synergistic research that are at the low end of their price spectrum relatively speaking. I just ordered the speaker cables as well because the differences that the interconnects made put a big smile on my face. Research, research, research. Then get a trial with sample cables that you can return so you’re not losing very much in the way of dollars and sense -)

        2. You look at a brand like Audioquest, they have a massive range of cables at many price points, encouraging people to buy their way up the chain as their budget increases. It’s a classic and well-trodden marketing path.

          At the other extreme, take Townshend whose speaker cable I use, they designed one cable in 1980 and have sold it for 40 years and counting. After 38 years they expanded the range to 2 speaker cables.

  6. Paul, you have been doing this for long enough now to know what happens when you discuss cables; be they braided or not.
    So don’t feign surprise or disappointment, as this sort of negative & ignorant reaction from the naysayers happens every time.
    Did you think that all the naysayers that crawled out of the woodwork last time you opened this particular can of worms just disappeared into thin air?
    They are stuck in their ways of thinking because of their egos or because they are aurally challenged or because their home audio rigs just aren’t resolving enough for them to be able to hear the difference between cables.

    As to why they behave like children throwing tantrums?
    Well, some are just juvenile trolls with nothing better to do than bitch & whine about anything & everything that they can’t understand, or measure with a multi-meter or a Klippel.
    Some are still really pissed that Trump couldn’t lie his way back into a 2nd term & some are frustrated because they didn’t get any from their partners the night before your video came out…take your pick.
    It doesn’t matter because ‘stupid is as stupid does’

    Ignore the idiots & just get on with what you know to be correct & truthful…look how well it has served you so far.
    Look at your life, your family, your business, your success & don’t let the turkeys distract you with their negative venting…they will always be there whining & bitching because they don’t understand certain things in life.
    Live & let live & ignore the losers.

    Speaking of losers:-
    Australia: 2
    England: 0
    with 3 games yet to be played.
    As 10cc sang back in the ’70s,”I don’t like Cricket, oh no, I love it!”
    America kicked the British out & became independent, whereas Australia plays England in Cricket every 3 years in a major 6 week event called ‘The Ashes’ & we beat the pants of them.
    It’s defeat by a thousand cuts, there is nothing more satisfying.

    **From Yesterday**
    If I somehow managed to get my home audio rig to 100% (ie. figure out that last 10%) imagine how bad some of my most beloved CDs of music that were recorded in the ’60s, ’70s & ’80s would sound on such a perfect rig.
    No, no, better that I sit at 90% & not hear all that dulled tape hiss or the fact that they were never originally recorded in DSD.
    For the sake of the music, the oldies (favourites), there has to be some compromise (there’s that word again)

    I’ve heard that nostalgia is the mortal enemy of the high-end gear loving audiophile 😉

    1. Of course it happens Fat Rat you have the advantage with the weird ball you insist of using and I can tell you we dont give a rats ass about it its is just a game

      1. Alan,
        Of course it’s just a game, I’m just stirring the pot.
        It’s like Steven said a few posts ago that there is
        genuine love between Aussies & Poms.
        Do you know the love story of how ‘The Ashes’ came to be?
        Royal Ascot Mike & I have been getting right into the rivalry &
        making all sorts of disparaging remarks, all for the fun of it.
        Remember ‘body-line’?
        Just a game, eh?

          1. Alan,
            The English brought in ‘Body-line’ which was
            definitely NOT in the spirit of the game.
            If it’s “just a game” why would you do that?
            That was my point.
            But it’s all good, as I’m sure that England will
            get her revenge at some future point in time 😉
            God bless!

            ps. I am definitely not a fan of day/night
            test Cricket…daytime only for me.

  7. You’re so right Paul. I tested all sorts of cables, included the Audioquest power cables. The difference and improvement is mind blowing. My quest started in 1977 and is still enduring! Thanks for all your instructive and positive videos. I wish nice Christmas greetings and a happy 2022 to you and your beloved.
    Greetings from Belgium,

  8. It’s fear and belief.

    Like all cables, it’s pretty easy to make a decision: try it and if it makes an improvement, consider the purchase and if not, don’t.

    It’s really as simple as that.

    Some are so internally sure that something “can’t” make a difference they are afraid to just LISTEN and find out.

    Others feel if they can’t measure a difference, there can’t be one.

    Ultimately, it’s a commentary on the way you live your life more than anything else.

    1. Many times, I’ll use the analogy of other passive components we are all used to dealing with in the audio industry, like resistors for example, where a given resistor of same value and rating, however it’s construction is differing, even though it measures the same, can sound quite different, or an electrolytic capacitor contrasted against a film capacitor, even though both may have the same voltage and capacitance rating, will sound very different when placed in the audio path.

      There is more to it than just a given measurement.

  9. People can be Loud and Inexperienced? Say it’s not so!

    People get set in their ways period. From interconnects they use, to speaker wires, to power cables. Any thoughts to the contrary are taken as a personal affront. If you sit back and read long enough even in this PP’s area you pick up small glimpses…

    The real question to ask is… why? Or what is their motivation?
    Who gives a (excuse me FR and others) a rats ass what others think. Especially when you know you’re right. (Kind of a two way street there…?!)

    The retail costs can be prohibitive or cost just as much or not more as a whole system. So keeping a wary eye is also a defense mechanism. Reviews of that stuff are even more subjective.than equipment or speaker sound.

    Braiding power cords or power wires is something that has been a good simple electronic practice for what seems like forever.

    People who are genuinely interested take notice, contemplate, experiment and do their own research. Then quietly form their own opinions.

    Others just like to see their name in print, or hear themselves talk. Mostly hoping to evoke a response or draw attention to themselves.

    If you need a visual cue, look for the Seinfeld (or similar) episodes on Close or Loud Talkers.

    1. No need to excuse yourself on my account Mike.
      I used the term ‘couldn’t give a rat’s` arse’ since
      before my wife started calling me “Fat Rat” 😉

    2. That was a great commentary Mike. I wish I was capable of following your philosophy. It’s the right way to live life. Unfortunately I fly off the handle at times. Then I have to right my emotional boat yet again.

      1. Hello Stimpy2

        I’m not sure my philosophy on life is any better than any one else’s. What I’ve always been good at is trying to listen. But the second I feel someone is preaching or trying to coerce me into something I become an immovable object.

        As far as speaker cables and interconnects, I went very much your route, took a low risk chance and couldn’t have been happier with the results. In that case, it’s not a matter of belief but rather experience. Are there better sounding ones out there? Probably. Am I going to spend my life chasing them down? Unequivocally NO.

        So different thoughts for different people. Just like different music preferences for different people. Just like different set-ups for different people. Some might say the only commonality is we all like to talk about it.

  10. “what would it take to change your mind? A listening session.?”

    No I wouldn’t ever bother

    Then it is religion— and a waste of time to discuss.

  11. All this talk of cables makes me think of taking cables to a friends house so he could try them in his system,after sometime I got them back and he was not so sure about power cables.
    One night his amp stopped working and instead of changing the fuse on the standard power cable he remembered that I had left one cable by accident.
    So he put in my cable to see if the amp would work not expecting any changes but was shocked to find the amp was sounding as good as hours of warm up on the standard cable.
    He even made a confession to that effect on the Steve Hoffman forum
    under Power Cable he posts under the name Orb.
    Since then he bought the more up to date version of my cable by
    True Colour Industries.
    FR. Ronnie O’sullivan versus Neil Robertson in the snooker final yesterday Ronnie pulls one back for the team how’s that.

  12. Paul, your post doesn’t surprise me. Unfortunately on most audio post sites many speak freely but have not heard the component that is being discussed, they just say what they think.

  13. I do not have a lot of experience with expensive cables, I haven’t reached that level yet! But, I had what might be an epiphany the other day: inductors, used in filters, are nothing but long parallel wires. Speaker cables are parallel wires. Makes me think that something detrimental is happening here. Just my thoughts.

  14. First, whenever I see a cable discussion on a forum, I bypass the thread because I know what will happen. On one side are the people who have no knowledge of how a cable (power or signal) works and interacts with the components it is connecting but either believe that if you can’t measure the difference, it doesn’t exist, or cables, like isolation footers/racks are just a form of audio snake oil. On the other side are people who have done comparative listening and have heard a difference in their own systems. Almost never are there any actual engineers who understand the physics of cable design and signal processing. I find these threads boring, redundant, and totally lacking in any value, unless you just enjoying watching a good fight.

  15. For me a Dutch guy called Jan Breem serves as a prototype ‘naysayer’. It is more complicated than one thinks.

    He spent his working life in electronics. Knows a lot and trust his measurements. He lives in his comfort zone of circuits, formulas, calculation constants, measuring equipment. This he oversees. In his closed world he uses the adage ‘if I can’t measure it, it doesn’t exist’. To people that tell him: ‘I made this aural observation’, his reponse is two-fold: ‘show me the test results of the cable’ and ‘where are your aural blind tests’, ‘no I mean real blind tests’.

    He – and I guess many, many other people – does not want to step out of his comfort zone. That is such a strong force, that the suggestion of just trying it and listen to the results is really threatening. And yes, the basis will often be an uncertainty in the autistic spectrum. Ignoring, yelling, manipulating, quasi scientific arguing, these are all signals of ‘leave me alone in my own world’. They cannot help it. It is stronger than they are. At the same time they praise themselves happy that they are so smart to not spend a lot of money on shitty stuff. That is their reward. Oh, you want to take that reward away? You will regret it.

    I am pretty sure Paul knows all this. Why so surprised then!? Because it is almost impossible to understand why people do so. It is hard to belief that they don’t want to be educated. Unfortunately, that is reality.

    Chances are big they have strong, unique opinions on other subjects as well. And, don’t forget, internet forums are a safe and comfortable environment to get rid of build in aggression. And… usually they are kind people.

  16. This overall anger thing is prevalent right now in all aspects of society. It seems with the advent of the bully pulpit in-your-face attitude of certain reality show hosts/wannabee politicians people feel they have license to just spew forth whatever they want with no regard for others. I speak often with people in retail or customer service and they all say the same thing, the “customer” has in many cases become someone to just battle with as many come in the door just ready to pick a fight over anything. People by and large (speaking for the US at least where I have the experience) are just a selfish and entitled lot, and as such now want to flex their muscles. Sigh on that part.

    As for cables, I long ago gave up any desire to own a system that might benefit from the cables shown in that video. For the most part those systems are big, and ugly (in the eye of the beholder I know) and just not practical for everyday living in a standard home.

    As Steven mentioned earlier, specifically with power cords, they are thick and unwieldy and impractical. I have upgraded my interconnects and power cords from the stock ones in the box, but, went a notch or two above the entry level for the AQ branded ones I bought (Evergreen RCA and Black Thunder subwoofer and Rocket 11 speaker) and they work to my expectation just fine. They look good too, ha, whether that makes any difference. That’s all good enough for me. I had a big thick Pangea power cord that was so stiff I could barely flex it, and promptly discarded it from my setup when I couldn’t fish it through the hole in the stereo cabinet. I eventually found a new use for it as the power cord for my tower computer which had a straight shot from the battery backup to the power supply! I am unsure if the better cable has contributed in any way to the computer’s operation 🙂

    Everyone enjoy your day and Ho Ho Ho.

  17. Paul, I have agreed more with you then disagreed and have increased my audio knowledge in your writings and videos! Dude keep doing what it is you do. We are living in a post “trump” era and you know what has come from that! I can finally say that yes, cables do make differences and I have noticed/heard it for myself. I am a “DIY” for all of my speaker and power cables and Tributaries for my interconnects. Stay the course please. What you need to do just for me is to build some FR15’s…..yeah,…. I can afford those babies!! My sprouts are doing well, I have three now. Two are in the guess rooms for guest to use with cans and the 100 is in my music room as backup if and when the Haflers go down. By the way, we found out why right Hafler went down, it was the mono/stereo switch. She’s having surgery now and should be home soon after recovery.

    Ok, Keep listening
    Hawk 🙂

  18. Paul,

    After experiencing a similar frustration with an individual at work regarding a technical subject which was totally out of his field, my mentor gave me advice I live by to this day.

    “Never attribute an individual’s comments to anger or malice, when the actions can be just as easily be explained by fear or ignorance.”

    Interpreting disturbing actions by an individual in this way allows for the conversion of any stress I experience into a feeling of pity for the individual.

    And if this still doesn’t help, just tell them how much you feel sorry for them. This tends to really piss them off!

  19. Hi Paul,
    I look forward to your posts. I have learned much.
    My only concern with the braided cable post was a comment made concerning induced signal. You are correct about running adjacent wires at 90° to each other. However, braiding does not achieve this. They will not be parallel, but they are not perpendicular to each other.
    Anything other than parallel is good though and I believe braiding is a great step towards removing induced interference in the signal path.
    I was taught that this is most important when running power cabling adjacent to low voltage wire. It is not a stretch to me to believe this concept is important with speaker cabling, even though I haven’t personally tested this idea. I have contemplated building my own braided cables, it’s just down on my list of projects. If my system didn’t sound as awesome as it does, it would be higher on my to-do list. Right now, I cannot hear my speakers and the sound stage is incredible. I’m looking forward to an in person tour of your new facility and listening to your new speakers
    Thank you for being so interactive. I do appreciate you.

  20. Cables sound different is a fact of life so why the agitation ? Maybe it runs against the belief that all wires sound the same because a wire is a wire. Quite wrong still a firmly held belief by those who have had no exposure to reality. Reminds me of an old saying, empty vessels sound much. If only people would gather firsthand knowledge before commenting they would have facts to prove their point. Life would be such a learning experience. Hope sustaineth life. Regards.

  21. Paul please do not worry about those that leave nasty comments they are in the minority. What you do each day is fantastic giving us all insights in to your thoughts and explaining things and setting us out on certain directions to see if it suits our system. Most of us would never know what is available no matter price if you didnt mention it. Thank you for all the info and the videos

  22. The debate on cables are getting to be boring and repetitive. But the new hate-object is audiofile switches. That really gets people going. We are saved! Even Paul has dismissed them as snake-oil. Back in Norway there a lot of scepticism to these switches. But every time someone take the chance on a loan of the English Electric8 they keep it after trying out this cheap gadget. Everything is improved enough to conclude that it’s a major improvement of their system. Nobody knows why, but it’s certainly not placebo….With over 70 % of all bought music is through streaming the big debate should be in fact audiofile switches. I just ordered a EtherRegen switch from the US. It’s just up the road form PS-Audio. I challenge PS-Audio to be open-minded and try one out?….

  23. We are all living in a time where the most convenient and safe way to communicate is on internet forums. With the new virus strain spreading like wildfire, this will probably be reinforced even more over the next few months, and it makes people frustrated and angry, so that anger is pointed at whatever source comes into view; more or less lizard brain response. Discussion of cables always gets a reaction from skeptics, but I would imagine that that response is amplified by the times.

  24. This attitude in humans is called the power of belief and beliefs don’t care about truth, only about righteousness. And fear is the driving force behind that.

    1. Most spiritual people believe that their belief system is the most important aspect of finding their path to true happiness. You are making a generalization in your comment. I certainly agree that many people have such strong beliefs that tend to make them feel righteous but not all of humanity

      1. No, not all of humanity falls into that type of righteousness just because they believe something. But I am guessing the ones condemning Paul’s info so strongly very well may!

  25. “Never take anything personally”
    – 1 of the 4 Agreements

    The times we live in are awash on people that are hyper-aware for things to be offended at.

    All we can do is “be the change”…

    “Man is disturbed not by things, but by the views he takes of them.” –Epictetus

  26. Anyway, I am not going to comment on the indefensible issue of wires and the extraordinary weak egos of people who claim to have “superior” listing or hearing skills. I don’t know which one is better. Wires. Oh dear.

    For those complaining about “country” music from the new issue from Paul’s, I would suggest you listen to Johnny Cash’s American IV, A man comes around. I don’t know if it is “proper” country music, but it is from that general direction. Music and sound are very good. His arrangements of covers are really terrific.

  27. “First, I don’t understand the anger.”

    I think I do understand. They are audio clods. They have no idea how good their system can sound. Their set up sounds terrible by our standards. Yet, they think it sounds good to them. The idea of spending a hefty amount to make their dull (usually bass heavy) system sound better seems ridiculous. They are audio hicks, and have no idea what they are doing. To put a high quality power cable, or and audio cable, into their system.. will not change anything for how they have it sounding. Its like telling someone to try a better coffee bean for their coffee, but they always add ten teaspoons of sugar into the cup.

    Leave them be. They think they are happy with their cup of coffee, though we would spit it out if offered some.

  28. In almost 20 years of participation in various audio forums I have learned to avoid discussions on cables ( speaker cables, interconnects or power cords ), digital versus analog, or how much better expensive gear sounds.

    As already mentioned earlier, many people do not understand how cables are made, how the signal can change passing through the cable and how this can impact the sound.

    Many people do not understand digital audio and thus trying to discuss it becomes very difficult.

    Finally, on the Steve Hoffman forum there was a thread that indirectly surveyed how much people spent on their audio systems. This showed the 60% of those surveyed spent $5K or less on their systems and that the bottom 20 % of those surveyed spent less that $1K on their systems. Now someone starts talking about how great their new speaker cables are. Lets say these cables cost $8K. 60% of the people who read the thread about these speaker cables spent less than the cables cost on their entire system. How can they relate to these cables? How do they feel knowing that some one can spent that much on one pair of speaker cables? This almost always leads to a very heated discussion,

  29. The young and in-experienced are also tend to have the least disposable income, so the cost of entry to experiment and try is also prohibitively expensive for most, even the so called golden ears.

    The pricing structure of the cable industry isn’t free of blame.

  30. Tis the psychological human nature of miserable people. If you can’t afford a supercar – hate all supercar owners. Not going to spend big bucks on a cable – then it’s snake oil for idiots. Take for instance the inane popularity of reality TV. The more drama and conflict – the more people seem to suck it up. If your life is not going the way you want it, then watching tv folk who are thoroughly unlikable, act appallingly and treat others absolutely horribly is going to make you feel better about yourself – for an hour. It’s that all-too-common bring ’em down to your level therapy.
    It is also education – one of the reasons most of us are here on this group…
    I’ve always known (believed in & trialed perhaps better words?) about speaker cable & interconnect quality but am now just starting to experiment with digital cables and power. Five years ago I thought it something I’d never get ‘sucked into’. But now… I am anxiously awaiting delivery of some Kimber USB & HDMI (I2s) cables and looking forward to “playing” with them. I’m also beefing up my power source. And it is thoroughly enjoyable.
    What is the old saying? You should spend three weeks salary on an Diamond engagement Cable….? 😉
    Diamonds are Forever…
    Ya, Bullsh.. they’re only good until the double platinum carbon Cold-Welded, Hanging-Silver Directly Over Pure Purple Copper cable comes out!!! 😉

    Santa goes to your house ONCE a year.
    AND he waits til you are sleeping.
    And ONLY if he deems that you’ve been ‘good’ enough to merit his visit.
    I really ought to heighten my social standards to that level… 😉

      1. Bugger that mate! Chimney or not – it’s SUMMER in YOUR back yard, I’m comin over with several bottles and I’ll just keep knocking at you door til you answer!
        Just once, I want to exclaim: “Merry Christmas – HOLY CREP it’s HOT! Oooh, sunscreen! Thanks!”

        1. Kipster,
          You are welcome any time ma brother 😉

          We’ve had a ‘La Nina’ weather event here for the last 11 weeks which has kept the ambient temp just perfect at around 24degC, however in the last 4 days said La Nina has taken a hiatus & we now have our normal 35-38degC days (proper summer) temp’s back…woo hoo, how I love to sweat 😀

  31. Good comment Tony,

    I still can’t understand why if there are so many people who refuse to believe that cables of all types can make a difference, then why is this segment of the sudio industry growing and new companies popping up every week covering new cable technology. Not making any sense to me unless these companies are making inroads with the deniers especially when you can try them out on your own system on a trial basis and let people hear for themselves. That may be one reason.

    1. Neil, It’s not that simple. Many new audio companies are not interested in entry level gear. I once heard an amplifier manufacturer say he can make more money ( i.e. money he puts in his pocket making a $50K amp and selling 200 of them than he can making a $5K amp and selling 2000 of them. The both generate a revenue stream of $10M but there is more profit in going after the hi-end customers than the mid-level customers. I imagine the same thing applies to cables.

      1. For sure…. there are so many wealthy people that have high-end audio systems that we don’t know about. The list of the hundred richest people does not indicate how many billionaires there are in the world that have private companies and do not have to disclose their worth. I purchased three sets of fully balanced interconnects and one set of speaker cables from Synergistic Research for around $2200.00. Expensive by many standards but not when you were talking about quality cables. The sonic changes of going over to fully balanced and using Synergistic Research’s own methods of producing high-quality cables that compared to some of their much more expensive models is not that great according to a Jonathan Valin review where he compared them to the same companies cables that cost 27 times the price that I paid and I have to say that I am thrilled by the sonic improvements made to my entire system

  32. Like my dear sweet Grandmother used to say: Some people would bitch if you hung em with a new rope. Some people just live to complain, or criticize. Does a braided power cable make a difference? Dunno, but I keep an open mind about it. Paul is a very smart, educated fella, so I tend to listen and value his opinion on stuff.

    Keep rockin, Cyrus.



  33. Well the good news is, I’ll never have the coin to buy those AQ braided pc cables.
    And the bad news is, I’ll never have the coin to buy those AQ braided pc cables.


  34. Dear Paul,

    I’m sorry your payment for sharing your observation was a small dose of grief. However, a law professor, in college, taught my class:

    If you have the facts, pound the facts,

    If you have the law, pound the law,

    If you have nothing, pound the table!

    Alternatively, those who were giving you grief, having nothing, were pounding the keyboard.

    Unfortunately, I have nothing to add to the wiring topic. Why? After acquiring your manual on setting up my speakers, I am extremely happy, and have forced myself to stay out high end stereo stores.

    Unfortunately (2). I’ve replaced it with going into high end camera stores. LOL!

    No rest for the addicted.

    Just another Steven

  35. “I’ll shout and scream, I’ll kill the king, I’ll rail at all his servants” — Mick & The Boys

    “Same as it ever was, same as it ever was
    _Same as it ever was, same as it ever was
    _Same as it ever was, same as it ever was
    _Same as it ever was, same as it … ever … was” — Byrne & The Boys & Girl

  36. Hi Paul, I’m hoping you didn’t take my comment about the angles not being close to perpendicular as a tirade against braiding. It’s was not. Not only do I know about induced signals, I love the look of the braids.
    By the way, I have both books and the CD. I have had similar experiences in Germany.
    One such tale:
    My unit, a target acquisition platoon, was air lifted in an alert to Germany. We didn’t know where we were going until after landing. I think it was Manheim but it’s been 43 years. We drew our go to war equipment and we’re directed to coordinates in the Black Forest. We passed through many small towns and were oftentimes camped near one. Someone invaded one of these towns and returned with a nice baggie of hash. But, because we had been whisked away from our base and we had passed through customs, none of us had a way to partake. I came up with a solution.
    We moved away from the camp far enough so that we were able to view the camp. While the generator tech went to retreave a spare brass screen fuel filter, I disassembled my flashlight, the type that was plastic and had a right angled reflector. I removed the bulb and it’s holder, turned the reflector around and placed it back into the flashlight. So it became an inverted cone. Then, removing the batteries and putting the screen where the bulb used to be, I had devised a crude pipe. We quickly each took a turn with this pipe. Things were looking up!
    Someone noticed the sarge coming our way so smokers lit up their Marlboros, and I quickly assembled my flashlight.
    Sarge demanded to know what we were doing and I asked him if he ever had intermittent flashlight issues. Of course he did. Everyone did. I explained that I was showing the guys a method that would fix the issue of the switch not working well and even turned mine on and off a few times. He was impressed and told us to carry on. The mission was so much more enjoyable after that evening. Reforger ’78
    Thanks for your posts. I’ve enjoyed them all.
    Bill, in Eastern Washington state.

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