Lines of demarkation

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“Well, that it!” I say to myself. “Now things have changed forever.”

And then, they aren’t.

How often do we reach a point of crossing a mental line in the sand of no return only to retreat the next day? Happens to me on a fairly regular basis: not going there anymore; not doing that again; can’t get any better than that.

It’s apparently comforting to complete a cycle and be done with something even though most things don’t actually work that way. I like to think of progress and events not as having endpoints but rather turning points. Endpoints suggest a finite game while turning points lean towards continuums.

My search for better sound is not an endgame I hope to win but rather more like a twisting and turning joyous path.

In the same way we don’t want to win life’s journey, it’s far more fun to think of our quest for better sound as a voyage without end.