Last chance today

October 31, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

Just a gentle reminder to grab what you can from Octave Records as today is the last day of our sale.

We are offering a rare chance to get free worldwide shipping on any physical media and at the same time, a free album of your choice for every 2 that you purchase.

Whether downloads or physical SACDs or vinyl, the program's pretty simple: buy any 2 and get a 3d one free (plus free worldwide shipping if they are physical albums).

Today is the last day. If you haven't yet added Octave to your collection, there will never be a better time than right now.

Have fun and let me know what you get and what you think.


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14 comments on “Last chance today”

  1. When I saw the picture my brain said "The Enid", who actually played a gig up the road from here on Saturday night, and thought Paul had become a progressive hippie. Chance would be a fine thing.

  2. Love this sale! I ordered the Tierro Band, Gas Pops and Compilation 4 CDs. They are all very good musically and sonically. My faves are Carmen Sandim and Tierro Band. I like the Gas Pops and compilation CDs as well.

    I’m looking at LPs at the moment. The Zuill Bailey is enticing. I enjoyed The Nature of Things and Clandestine Amigo samples. I just may go for it!

  3. From the Obits:
    “ We are truly saddened by the loss of David `Hawk´ Hawkins. He was a beloved member of our small email group of fellow audiophiles from USA, UK to Canada and Australia who kept in touch regularly and shared our love and passion for music and high-end audio. David was a cherished member and his valued and insightful input was always a treasured part of our club.
    We will most certainly miss his participation and invaluable contribution to our group. As he would always sign off,
    Keep listening.”

    1. My issue is with the dang exchange rate.... Grrr
      I'd take out a loan but for the dang interest rate... double Grrr
      I'd go for the SACD hard copy but for the dang border fees... Grrr grrr grrr

      Other than that - Trick'r'Treat folks!! 😉 Apparently I should dress up as a lion. Grrr.
      Or a cranky ole curmudgeon.
      Oh! I'm already there!

      Keep listening.

  4. Thanks Paul, I've been waiting for just such a sale to grab the Bach Cello set and i almost missed it because i got tired of the numerous emails and offers that started pouring out of psaudio lately - so i unsubscribed to everything, except your morning emails!
    Your website has never been very fast, but now it's hardly moving. I own two online businesses and last year we decided to pay more for faster internet for the store and wow what an improvement. Yes it costs money, but our customers deserve a fast shopping experience.

  5. I noticed a slow down of the web site slow down for a small period of time on Sunday.
    Since then browsing or looking thru the web site has been a ‘breeze’

    As far as a bombardment of e-mails I haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary, but then again I might not be the targeted demographic. That’s what the delete key is for. A simple filter puts all the PSA e-mails in a separate folder. A quick glance is all it takes.

    As far as the sale, I’m maxed out on the OR recordings that I like. Now it’s a wait game until the next sale or a recording that I just have to have.

  6. Slow Paul! Slow as the website is so slow you are kicked out; session ending! before I was let in.
    Slow as you/[email protected] did not answer my question I sent last thursday! And that is so SLOW that I missed to get my order 2 get 3 through!
    I hope you can fix that! You are the boss,

    Regards, Toby (Sweden)

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