Keeping it real

January 9, 2023
 by Paul McGowan

Though I am not an avid listener of the news, the last time I listened, some newly elected congressman from Long Island admitted to having fabricated just about everything about his life and career. And when questioned, he says everyone makes mistakes.

I wonder how it would go over in our little Audiophile universe if we decided just to make up everything about our products.

After all, everyone makes mistakes.

In my mind, everyone does make mistakes. I make them almost daily.

Editorially speaking, it isn’t mistakes that we have to be concerned with but rather trust.

Trust is earned when like minded people openly share their successes and failures with an eye towards making things better.

Keeping it real.

My hope for 2023 is that we, as a group, do our best to generously continue helping each other get to where we hope to go.

Thanks for all you do and for being here with us.


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70 comments on “Keeping it real”

  1. Paul, I couldn’t help noticing that you very diplomatically refrained from using the ‘L’ word.
    Unlike you, I like to call a spade a f#@king shovel…& so…

    Within a family we should accept each other’s demeanour, but we should not accept each other’s lies.
    When someone lies to you, they are in-fact disrespecting you & if you don’t deserve that disrespect then you should call-out the lie.

    I’m always happy to assist & have discussions with my fellow audio-enthusiasts, based on my experience in HiFi, including retail & my knowledge about what I’ve learned & what I’ve heard.

    If I’m not familiar with the subject matter or with the intricacies of the topic, then I take a back seat & I either switch-off or I listen (read) intently.

    Of course you all know that I’ll try & squeeze some humour in here & there…& I know that said humour is not going to appeal to everyone…so sue me 😀

      1. Lp,
        As an outsider, I’m curious to watch & see exactly
        how much crap the American public are prepared
        to swallow from these scumbag politicians.

        Further down from here ‘CtA’ quotes,
        “Power is easy if you keep them uneducated”.
        I would venture that,
        ‘Power is even easier if they start off stoopid’.

        1. There are certainly plenty of things to keep Americans “stoopid” as you say. TV, video games, drugs, guns, gambling and lots of other addictive consumer activities. Good government is the enemy of unbridled capitalism and unfortunately, capitalism is quite unbridled these days. Big business owns a lot of the dysfunctional politicians these days.

  2. Trust is the most valuable asset in any relationship. I recall a friend saying he trusted his doctor without hesitation. It seems the doctor told him he could not work out what was wrong with his daughter.
    However, he referred him to a colleague who he said could likely diagnose the problem.
    Honesty builds trust and trust builds honesty.

  3. Trust is granted by someone to others. If trust has to be earned, then one has to ask to why… as that implies that some action caused an initial distrust.

    When it comes to audio I trust what I hear…

    Why do govt’s feel antitrust laws are needed when it comes to business and trade?

  4. The Congressman was a failure of quality control by the GOP and local press not checking the guy’s credentials.

    For audio we rely on regularity certification for safely some independent assessments (not the reviews paid through advertising). Idle chat is fun, but I’m not sure how many people would trust someone’s opinion enough to buy some audio gear. I trust my ears.

    The fun thing about the Congressman was his ability to make excuses and make stuff up. A real talent. Prevails in the hifi industry to a considerable extent as well.

    1. For some reason we have given the PRESS a sense of legal power. The legal system in the country is ineffective and that is why this congressman still sits in his seat in D.C. It is shameful that a slew of senators and congressman are still in their elected positions when they have confabulated and then had the audacity to apologize for not telling the truth and still remains in congress.
      Our country spent millions of tax-payers money to support congressional investigations that were bogus.
      Many people had their lives destroyed and still no action to prosecute.
      What a way to live!

      1. The EU is Regulation Central, the process is that the EU creates regulations by way of Directives and they then get enacted in national legislation. The UK has left the EU but retains almost all of them. Generally they are a good thing as they cover everything from labor law (e.g. The Working Time Directive) to the quality of mains power and the geometry of bananas. There is lots of consumer protection, we have The Consumer Rights Act that gives wide-ranging powers to consumers.

        Americans hate regulations, which is why from this perspective we call the USA the Wild West.

  5. I’m not sure what brought on today’s post. This creep who now sits in Congress is a pathological liar that can’t or won’t stop himself because he has ambitions far beyond his capabilities and should be called out every day until he can’t bear the pressure. Hopefully, he will be indicted soon because he has many of his constituents upset as they voted for him based on his platform of lies. I don’t even want to go into his past history of lying about everything including the death of his mother twice who is still alive to the best of my knowledge. I’m not sure how he got away with all of his nonsense other than the fact that the opposing party didn’t do their homework so they couldn’t call him out well before the election.

    Would someone please enlighten me and let me know what you believe brought about today’s post.

    1. Hi Stimp. I believe Paul wrote the post (as usual). It is one of those rare instances where he stepped outside his field of expertise and into the quagmire of life that most of his readers live in. In essence, he poked the hornet’s nest. The participants here all have their political (and moral) beliefs and values and we usually set them aside on this forum. But sometimes the hornet’s nest gets poked. In a way, it’s good to be reminded that we all have issues beyond the borders of high end audio and that our lives have more than just digital and analog dimensions. Paul’s Post will return to normal in a day or two and hopefully, George Santos will enroll in a 12-Step program for ex-politicians with an excessive sense of grandiosity. And yes, I could name a few others on the national and global level that should join him there.

      1. I appreciate your well put comment to me Longplayer. You seem to have a deep insight into what went on here today. It’s easy for someone like me to lose their way after reading the comments relating to his or her political leanings. Everyone should be entitled to their opinion. These opinions should be shared on political venues and not here. I broke the rules because I was so pissed off with this person’s comments that I went off the rails. Thanks for getting me back on, it’s truly appreciated.

    1. Our country has got enough dirt (factual evidence) on Trump already to build another Mount Everest. Trust me. Will the DOJ move forward with all of this evidence is the bigger question.

      The good people of Colorado have given the nod to one of the most distasteful and disgusting people in this country to wreak more havoc for the next two years and beyond until she hopefully gets indicted which is my most fervent hope.

    2. Dear Invalid. Nice political spin. But this is the GOP hen house we’re talking about. So who let the fox in and why is the fox still there? Is the GOP too spineless to police their own or too corrupt to care?

    1. I wish you would’ve said that in your first comment. I wouldn’t have had to reply to you if you did. It seems that you and I agree more than we disagree after your second comment.

  6. I do not talk about this much because most people get upset. I have always believed that in a democracy ( which includes the US where we have a representative democracy ) the people get the government they deserve.

    Because I live 30 miles north of NYC the congressman that Paul is talking about makes the nightly news practical everyday. How could this happen?

    When President Trump was elected the people in NYC were outraged. They protested, they marched, they threw rocks. How could this happen?

    How these things happened is simple. We the people elected them. How do you change who is elected, how do you change how they are vetted, how do you change how the House of Representatives works, how do you change how the president is elected? Simple. You get up off your lazy a$$ and do something about it.

    Also, you may want to remember that being so upset with how our government works that you are willing to resort to violence to change it is exactly how this country was formed.

    As I said, most people get pretty upset when I talk about this.

    1. I agree 100%. If you blame the politicians, you are looking in the wrong direction. Don’t blame audio manufacturers for making things you think are rubbish, blame the consumers for buying them.

      I don’t buy DSD, but I will defend to the death the right to buy it. (Not really, you know what I mean.)

      1. Steven,
        And when the CCP starts WW3, I’ll be saying the same thing…
        “blame the consumers” for buying Made in China & giving all
        that money to the CCP so that they could build-up their military.

  7. If it was illegal for politicians to lie there wouldn’t be any politicians. And Fetterman and Warren would be in prison in a very crowded prison.

    1. Why don’t you back up your empty claims with facts. We are so off-topic now and I took part in this stupidity on an audio forum but your nonsense is just that… nonsense.

      You’re making false comparisons and you know it so I’m calling Bullshit on you.

      1. It’s not my fault you don’t know common knowledge. Warren claimed she was a minority to get a job at a prestigious college that paid her millions. Fetterman and his doctor and wife claimed he was as healthy as a horse and almost as smart while refusing to debate his rival until after millions of mail in votes had been cast. You look it up.

        1. This is what you come up with! Oh boo-hoo. You must be joking me. Why don’t you talk about your party and every illegal and illicit thing almost every one of them has done over the past 50 to 100 years. There’s no changing your small mind ideas about people who are truly trying to make a difference for the majority of people in this country versus the small minority with a ton of money orders in New York City and a lot of power. I’m not fond about what Elizabeth Warren did if that’s the truth but John Federman is the man. You probably voted for the Wizard of Oz when you know what was at the end of the Yellow Brick Road.

          Your ridiculous comparisons to the most Two thieves and Treasonous subhuman individuals. The worst of the worst who crawled out from the primordial slime and rocks they were hiding under. The most horrible of horrible group of people that I have ever seen in my entire 76 years on this Earth. You’re nothing but a pot stirrer. Now I call double bullshit on you!

  8. The news hour has become the entitled victim hour. “Some weather fell from the sky and inconvenienced my life and it’s somebody’s fault and I demand something be done!” Next is the “don’t let it happen to you” moron story: “I gave $125,000 to my beautiful Nigerian girlfriend went to meet her at the airport and she never arrived” or “golf balls keep hitting my new house I bought on a golf course. I demand the course pay my insurance premiums AND move the fairway!” Then comes the obligatory insignificant celebrity incident/anecdote and finally the DAILY Harry and Meghan tidbit. Sprinkle in some weather – but not the actual temperature- the what it feeeels like number, some sports and the who’s killing who – locally and about the planet.

    Jeopardy and wheel of fortune look pretty good…

    And yes those are actual news stories. I won’t even mention the old biddie who sat in her bazillion dollar kitchen in her trazillion dollar bling and cried over the canned lobster she bought at Walmart that gave her a lil belly ache and the store stock boy should be fired because HE didn’t notice the expired date on the can. Nope, I didn’t know canned lobster was even a thing. That rich folk buy. Apparently.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, because not unlike the Trump mini series, it is actually some of the best comedy material ever. You just can’t write stuff this good.

    Now would someone please pass me the super extra strength industrial pump action spray bottle of Markle-B-gone..?

    1. We enjoyed watching Harry getting drunk and falling out of bars for years before he even had stubble, doing drugs, getting laid with minor celebs and playing naked pool and whoring in Texas. Much of which was covered up, but how do you cover up an elephant with a napkin?

      All of a sudden he’s become Mother Teresa with an attitude and we’re meant to believe him? It’s all PR, marketing of human-interest nonsense. So over here we’re playing the Trust Game – William or Harry? Older people trust William because he’s a bore but probably dependable, Harry attracts the younger crowd because they respect someone who can be so badly behaved without killing someone. (Except he did kill quite a few when playing chess).

      Do we trust people based on a probably false assessment of character or do we actually look at the evidence? How do we know anyone in audio knows anything about the stuff they spout out endlessly?

        1. My favourite Royal is Druk Gyalpo, the Dragon King of Bhutan. He is young, good looking, highly educated, geogeous wife and a true man of the people. A constitutional hereditary monarch with political power. Universally loved by his people, he travels throughout the Kingdom meeting all the ordinary people. He instituted a litter day when every month everyone goes out an collects litter, even in the most remote places. He must like golf as he built a 9-hole course behind his palace (the only golf in Bhutan), where his staff and civil servants can play. We have a book of his photography called Through the lens of the King”, a really superb book, unlike Harry’s 419 page rant.

          Most monarchies these days seem to be pretty similar – scaled down, popular, relatable, serving at the will of the people.

          Harry is deeply unpopular, Charles and William very popular. The viewing figures for the only UK interview were poor, 20% less than part 2 of a police drama on the BBC at the same time.

          Meghan’s mistake was thinking being royal makes you a celebrity. Quite the opposite. It’s mostly about opening a new old age home up north on a wet Tuesday in January.

      1. ..cover up an elephant with a napkin… that’s awesome… I’d not heard that one.
        Yes, everything I know about these two people I’ve learned against my will..

        Don’t you just respect & adore those folk who book a 17 month, 5 interviews per day media tour with every newspaper outlet, radio station, talk show, magazine & news program on the planet and promptly claim “We just want to be left alonnne!”

        That and these (so called) reality shows. Just where do they find so many boundlessly shallow and entirely unlikable people who are willing to discard what miniscule amount of dignity they might possess merely to feed their inane desire to be on TV? Yet another spoiler alert – if there’s a Director – IT’S SCRIPTED! That’s for those of you who can’t see past the cringy ‘acting’. Please can we stop making shallow stupid people famous? Isn’t that called the Kardashian effect?

        A recent survey showed a combined total of 52.3% of 1,000 surveyed kids from age 6 to 17 years old wanted to become either a vlogger, a blogger, influencer or a YouTuber.
        Not sure where they’re all gonna go when they need a dentist, doctor or plumber…
        “Hey Google, show me a video on how to set my own broken leg.”

        1. Harry was famous for getting completely hammered at a bar called Wahiki, run by some of his friends (one married his cousin Eugenie), so I presume he got free drinks. Conflict of interests as the Palace wanted to cover up Harry getting pissed all the time and his mates wanted the publicity of Harry getting pissed in their club all the time. Wahiki was convenient as he could literally stumble 500 yards downhill into St James’s Palace, his dad’s London home, or have a posh Indian at Chutney Mary on the way.

          The massive irony likely missed in the USA is that Harry is picking up on almost every slight, real or imagined, to trash the Royal Family, whilst a book on Harry’s actual misdemeanours would run to several volumes. Very much the pot calling the kettle black.

    2. Hey Kip,
      You is right on the money!
      I noticed about a decade ago how all the news media really wants to do is to create its own sensationalised crap-news…I blame Murdoch.
      It’s fun in a way because as intelligent human beings we get to say, “yes that’s true” or, “no that’s bullsh!t” to the news items presented to us…or turn it off all-together.
      Last year, in Australia, one free-to-air TV channel swapped the word ‘News’ for the word ‘Alert’, just to try & sensationalise even more the crap that they feed us.
      Maybe it’s a sign of my age but these days I only really watch the ‘news-alerts’ 😉 to see which music icon is the next to pass-on.
      I couldn’t give a rats-arse about Harry & Megan; good luck to them, but I don’t need to know or care about their life-story.
      Quite frankly the whole British monarchy has been a joke since the Germans took it over.

  9. Hard not to get political today. If for the sake of harmony we pretend this kind of sick behavior would be spread equally over the whole political landscape, then I’d go with your headline appeal to all: don’t lie!

  10. You’re a sick puppy. You need psychological help help and right soon Pot Stirrer!

    My apologies to everyone except this idiot for putting myself out there in a very distasteful way. Paul, if you want to pull my comments I fully understand, but I won’t remove them on my own

    1. Thanks for stepping in Tony. My apologies to you and everyone else that have interacted with me over the course of months for getting involved with politics today.

      I occasionally see myself as PS Audio’s Jimminy Cricket. That’s really not my place and I understand that. I’m sure quite a few of you would rather call me JCPB……
      Jimminy Cricket Pest Bastard 🙂

      1. It’s good to be in touch with your feelings and have moral and political convictions, Stimp. If your life only spins around like vinyl or a silver disc, you’re not likely doing your share of making this planet habitable for mankind.

        1. I believe I’ve done my share over the course of my life helping people in need. I’m not going to go back to recent posts where I talked about what I’ve done to help others during the course of my life. I’m a helper, not a hinderer and there’s several awards that I have been presented during the course of my ownership of my retail stores in New York City makes my name very well known to this day. I won’t repeat my past comments because I feel that repeating myself is unnecessary. Hopefully, some of the folks in this community will remember what I have written in my posts regarding how I helped others. I won’t use this information to defend myself today because I’ve already given the facts of what I’ve accomplished. Don’t feel it’s necessary for me to have to defend myself at this time. The only thing that’s important to me is that I know what I have done and I feel damn good about it.

    2. Copy that.
      I watched a documentary on Sunday – Moonlight Sonata: Deafness in Three Movements.
      My audio nirvana (re: yesterday) is merely the joyous fact that I can still hear any audio at all.

  11. I have no tolerance for lies, unless they are good-intentioned white lies, like telling a 95-year old they don’t look a day over 50. Or a pastor telling mourners that the deceased is in heaven looking down on them. Or a vendor declaring his product the best there is.

    When judging whether a lie is simply a mistake, I hold journalists, politicians and clergy to a higher standard. Some of the most famous U.S. Presidential lies:

    “I was appalled at this senseless, illegal action [Watergate break-in].”
    “Read my lips, no new taxes.”
    “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”
    “Saddam Housein has gone to elaborate lengths…to build and keep weapons of mass destruction.”
    “[COVID] Cases up because we TEST, TEST, TEST. A Fake News Media Conspiracy.”
    “I didn’t lie.”
    “I’m in this for myself.”

    I lied about the last quote. 🙂

    1. Ha ha ha, very funny.

      Here’s some new breaking news that came out 10 minutes ago… George Santos top aide was making phone calls prior to the election claiming to be ‘McCarthy’s top aide’ to raise more funds to get Santos elected. Do you consider this a white lie? Somehow I doubt it.

  12. I heard the other day someone thought Kathy Hochul actually cared about New Yorkers so much she had have extra Botox just so she wouldn’t offend them.

  13. This is hilarious!
    While I was sleeping y’all went nuts with ‘Politics USA’ & I’ve been restraining
    myself since my last outburst last year & decided never to do it here again
    …don’t you just love the irony?
    The media is full of sh!t, politicians are full of sh!t, people who say that they can’t
    hear the difference in cables are full of sh!t.
    That should just about covers it.

    We are the ones who get to see the world fall apart over the next twenty years.
    The reason that there is so much bullsh!t going around right now is because the
    world is faced with a climate change dilemma & nobody wants to give up their
    toys & their consumerism way of modern life…it’s that simple, & so if we are
    distracted by the bullsh!t, like a frog in boiling water, we won’t notice or we
    won’t care about THE REAL ISSUSES.

    I’ve said it many times before & I’ll say it once more…
    “NERO FIDDLED WHILE ROME BURNED” & we are doing exactly the same thing.

      1. Aah, I see that the deaf idiot is back.
        Happy New Year to you & your sclanninghag!

        It doesn’t matter whether it’s true or not.
        I merely mentioned it to make a point…
        which you, in your infinite stupidity,
        have obviously missed.

  14. “My hope for 2023 is that we, as a group, do our best to generously continue helping each other get to where we hope to go.”

    Ironic that a post which delivered the nice sentiment above is one that caused the biggest stirring of the pot so far, but then it is only January 9th.

  15. Well Rich, I always hoped to go to Norway.
    Who wants to help?
    I’m certain there’s a young blonde lovely with a name like Tuva Nieuwejaar just waiting to show me around that stunning looking countryside.
    C’mon….who’s in?
    Send a Canuck to Scandinavia!
    Do it.
    DO IT!!

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