In memory

March 24, 2021
 by Paul McGowan

In light of recent events, I think it may be helpful to turn to the one thing we can all agree upon.


As some of you know, Octave Records is going to be launching an amazing work in May: the entire Bach Cello Suites, recorded in the cavernous Mesa Arts center by our friend, world-renowned Cellist, Zuill Bailey. Can't wait to share this masterpiece with you.

In the meantime, Zuill suggested we share a beautiful and healing piece of music, Song of Birds. This was originally performed, sadly, after the tragic El Paso shootings.

It's music that can heal wounds and soothe the pain.

Click on the picture of Zuill to watch the YouTube video.

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20 comments on “In memory”

  1. I'm sure that I speak for all of us when I say,
    "Our deepest sympathies to the families of":

    Denny Stong, 20
    Nevin Stanisic, 23
    Rikki Olds, 25
    Talona Bartkowiak, 49
    Erik Talley, 51
    Teri Leiker, 51
    Suzanne Fountain, 59
    Kevin Mahoney, 61
    Lynn Murray, 62
    Jody Waters, 65

    God rest their souls.

  2. A beautiful tribute to the ten innocent souls that have crossed over both needlessly and senselessly by a extremely troubled man with ill intent.

    I think I speak for this entire community by sending our condolences to all of the family, friends and acquaintances that cherished these now lost souls.

    No more, please, no more.

  3. That is a wonderful piece. I went to a recital of the Bach cello suites (over 2 evenings, as is normal) by Stephen Isserlis about 4 or 5 years ago at the Wigmore Hall, the venue where Pablo Casals brought the Bach cello suites to the British public's attention. When he finished he made a little speech and said it's very difficult to play an encore after completing the suites, because they are the greatest of all cello pieces. So the only appropriate thing to do was to play The Song of the Birds in memory of Casals. It is a Catalan song that Casals played at every concert after his exile following the Civil War. This music makes me think of Guernica, painted at the same time as Casal's famous Bach recordings, commemorating perhaps the greatest tragedy of the Spanish Civil War. Isserlis includes The Song of the Birds on his Bach cello suites recording on Hyperion. I would hope Mr Bailey plays it before he starts his performance at the Mesa Auditorium.

  4. I hate to say this, but I have grown numb. Living 30 miles north of NYC we get our local news from NYC TV channels. There is literally someone shooting or stabbing someone else in NYC almost everyday. Of course I heard the news about the 8 deaths last week and the 10 tens this week. Of course I think this is horrific and my heart goes out to everyone who has lost someone due to these horrible acts of violence. However, against the news of the constant onslaught in NYC I have started to protect myself from becoming severely depressed and doing things that I should not do. I so not want to drink too much, or eat too much, or use fowl language too much or even worse think about buying a gun to protect myself. So I have become numb.

  5. I can relate to what you say tonyplachy.
    As terrible as these killings are, we can not and do not feel the same pain as the families of the victims do. If we did (with every killing), the world would become unbearable for us and we'd become insane.
    In order to prevent that the brain has a defense mechanism.
    So we all have grown a bit numb and listen to Pink Floyd perhaps (as Fat Rat suggests) or Bach.
    We have to, to (mentally) survive.

    Less serious matter : I recently enlarged the text of these posts on my computer and I have to say: it's so much better ! Now I can actually read what I write. 🙂
    I have to admit though that I am using an old 40 inch flatscreen tv as my monitor.
    That helps.
    And I don't want to nag again...but there is indeed a clear difference between the color of the post itself (black) and the color of the comments (greyish).

  6. All I can say now is 😐

    I mourn for the innocent, am baffled by the mindset of who caused the carnage, and have learned of a line not to cross here.

    1. That post that was deleted shows what you're up against.
      Politicise, racialise, blame the media, praise the Great Orange One and the answer to gun crime is more guns.

      1. Steven,

        I’m not up against anything. This a topic that is to be avoided. Your not changing my mind, I’m not changing yours. It up to the US citizens and the way they elect. Then up to states to ratify the change to the constitution. There’s probably middle ground somewhere, but most don’t look for that. So we’ll just continue to disagree. ✌️ BTW the last part of your last sentence is presumptive, but that’s ok. If you read this I wish you well.

        1. These things often change not by inches, but by seismic shifts, and not by winning a political argument, but by the supporters of an injustice realising the hopelessness of their position. Mass popular movements rarely have much impact, and if they do it usually very long term. Republicans aren't all of a sudden going to decide to change the Constitution. It does impact on the USA's moral authority, if any remains, and on a personal level having had a relative buy a gun for the express purpose of killing himself, which he did. As I mentioned yesterday, twice as many people in the USA kills themselves with guns than kill others.

          My previous post was only directed at the offensive post deleted.

          My post this morning in response to Paul was entirely about this piece of music.

  7. It's a sad state of affairs, especially for those left behind who loved these 10 peoples whose voices were silenced too soon. And also an indictment for where we stand as a people in a country that should be "A City upon a Hill." There is liberty, but there is also the social contract and the golden rule. The trick, as always, is finding the balance, never simple in a dynamic system.

    Since this is an audio and music post, thanks to Paul for bringing this to my/our attention and to Zuill Bailey for his artistry of this music from Pablo Casals. I know it's a YouTube video, but the music is worth running through a good stereo.

  8. I lived in Boulder for 29 years, up to the Columbine Massacre. My first shopping trip with my first wife for my first apartment in 1973 was to the Table Mesa King Soopers,and many times after that. I bought my first pans, flatware, and glasses along with some prime beef and beef parts (kidneys, stomach).

    I still have friends who live two blocks from there. This was another symptom of our sick society that leaves people so isolated that they pick up a mortal weapon to feel a connection. Hug strangers! Ask how they're doing, and LISTEN.

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