Higher fidelity

June 30, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

We define the word fidelity as being loyal, devoted, and faithful.

Our goal at PS Audio has always been to reach for a higher fidelity.

In search of pure musical truth.

It's a lifetime quest that has taken us from the building of a single piece of audio gear to finally crafting every link in the chain from capturing a higher fidelity at the recording microphone to playing back that sound in your home.

From the AC wall socket to your ears.

We're all about reaching for a Higher Fidelity.

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34 comments on “Higher fidelity”

  1. How can 2-channel audio ever deliver a “high-fidelity”-sound field when in a most simple case of recording a single singer’s voice the voice is then reproduced by two loudspeaker having multiple drivers each emitting its own sound wave resulting in a sound field in the listening room which has no similarity with the original sound field? Stereo will always produce a most artificial sound field and sound effects far from a live event. A minimum requirement for a “higher fidelity” classification should be at least “inter-speaker-crosstalk-cancellation” minimizing the inherent comb-filter distortion of ordinary stereo!

      1. Of course you did! But, sorry, you have totally missed my points. And I am sure that there are great artificial sounds and phantom image sound effects from well designed mixes and stereo chains. But here in today’s post “high fidelity” was addressed. 🙂

  2. Paul,
    How about 'PS Audio' designed & built higher fidelity hearing aids for the Boomers that
    are slowly going deaf but still want to enjoy their home-audio rigs & canned music?
    The final step in the 'Boomers have all the money' high-end home-audio link 😉 ✌

    ... or 'PS Audio' high-end planar headphones with a maximum 118dB SPL with less than 0.2% distortion?? 😀

    1. Pardon?

      The USA are currently playing cricket in Windhoek. I remember going to a restaurant there (twice - it's the most popular place in town), driving up Mandume Ndemufayo Avenue, turn right into Fidel Castro Street, left into Robert Mugabe Avenue and then turn right into Nelson Mandela Avenue. A revolutionary route you can't forget, so no chance getting lost. You then arrive at Joe's Beerhouse and have a mixed grill kebab of Zebra, Kudu, Springbok and Crocodile. Delicious. I suspect Paul would have the Margarita pizza.

        1. The relevance is of course that the name Fidel, as in Fidel Castro, is fairly common in Spanish and other countries, for the meaning "faithful". He did indeed prove to be a very high fidelity revolutionary, right to the end. Not many get to die in their bed at age 90.

        1. There is a street named after just about every African nationalist and revolutionary, including Sean MacBride, who was chief of the IRA at one time. Che Guevara and other central and southern Americans are poorly represented. No Evita Boulevard of Pinochet Parade.

          The streets around the university are named after Voltaire, Socrates, Schopenhauer, Leibniz, Locke, Plato, Aristotle, Descartes and Hegel. There's other parts of town named after birds, an area named after various nuclear scientists, an an area full shrinks (Freud, Adler, Pavlov etc.). Of course there is a music zone, with Haydn Street, Mozart Street, Wagner Street, Schubert Street, Bach Street, Strauss Street, Handel Street, Verdi Street, Beethoven Street and Brahms Street.

          The latter is not that unusual, I parked in van Beethoven Street in Antwerp on Monday night.

          In the USA you get 1, 2, 3, ... very dull.

          Meanwhile, Namibia beat the USA by 6 wickets with an over to spare.

          1. So if you say for example, Wagner’s not up my street, it just means you haven’t been to the right places. Seriously, that’s all very interesting. Street names and their origins, a fascinating topic of its own and not always so obvious.
            If there was a road named after a hi-fi company I wonder where it would lead. I’m sure everyone will have a different opinion.

  3. "How can 2-channel audio ever deliver a “high-fidelity”-sound field"?

    By Synergy of great recordings, components, speakers, cabling, setup and most importantly...Room Acoustics!!

  4. Paul, paul, paul....
    DSD wizardry, check.
    ADCs, combs and other magic, check.
    Transports, DACs and stuff, check.
    Preamps, check.
    Amps, check.
    Speakers, (Oh Yeah!)check.
    The only thing left you haven't built are the microphones!

    1. yes and Paul will bring us 18 inch or larger subs very soon. I remember him talking about subs in the past at least I thought he did? Good thing about HSU audio and I think many engineers miss is giving the end user "choices" for change. 2 ports that can be plugged with foam for more controlled or one or two ports open for more bass for rock or RB music. Also some magic subsonic filter built into the amps would be nice and also a bypass crossover and phase switch. I don't often like the "canned" amps they put into these subs so a total bypass switch would be nice also. That way you could hook your own amplifier directly into the speaker bypassing the built in Bash amps.

  5. I think it is a noble pursuit. It is not going to change the world, but it will change some of our enjoyment, which seems pretty scarce these days.

    1. It's noble, but rather elitist. I seem to have plenty of enjoyment these days, I don't need a new DAC to cheer me up.

      I'm much more interested in better hifi for everyone, that costs £100s, not £1,000s or many £10,000s for PS Audio. Always have been. If only there was a street in Windhoek named after Jeremy Bentham, alas there is not.

      1. Only if we behave in an elitist way. I always ask anyone who asked me for advice about audio gear what their budget is. I then try to suggest things that are within their budget. I grew up in a lower class blue collar neighborhood and while I live in a better neighborhood today I have never forgotten where I came from.

  6. Marital fidelity, societal fidelity, high fidelity, Which one is most important?

    So far high fidelity hasn’t lived up to it’s stated goal or commitment…..

  7. PS Audio produces state of the art components and speakers. It's not mass market junk so it's not going to be priced that way. But their components are much less expensive than comparable gear on the market. Even if you have the money to pay much more why needlessly burn money?

  8. And the hi-fi chain goes on - to a room with good acoustic treatment, into ears that are hopefully in good working order, to a brain that has trained these ears, with the knowledge and wisdom to interpret as high fidelity what the ears have heard. I'll stop here before everything goes spiritual.

  9. And where's the turntable to go with the phono preamps? Just kidding of course there are so many great TTs that's probably not a market worth getting into.

  10. The question is fidelity to what?

    Harry Pearson nailed this in referring to unamplified music. Unfortunately, it has become scarce, and the experience required to create it is getting lost.

    In my opinion, everybody interested in high fidelity needs to step up and find ways to give that experience to young local musicians. The degree to which PA systems kill the experience of both music and theater is stunning but young people know nothing of this. Hence, they have little interest in high fidelity.

  11. Higher Fidelity?

    Meaningless to most of those posting replies here on a regular basis. Participants here lack both the intelligence and the hearing ability to mentally grasp and perceptually detect the concept. Same as the average, non-audiophile inclined listener.

    Like most hominids striding about the planet today, those here have only one supreme audio law to which they adhere:

    >>When you hook it up and turn it on, sound comes out. Period<<

    1. Neward,
      If that were the case I wouldn't have rejected four different pairs (brands) of loud-
      speakers over a three year period of auditioning, before finally settling on a pair of
      DeVore Fidelity - 'O/93' floorstanders...so I can not agree with your comment here.
      Still, it's nice to read your dulcet tones again today after your absence.

      Big Ears 😉

  12. Without a doubt it does take years. It is a lot of trail and error and I’ve spent over ten years researching music (finding my sound ) and understanding good audio equipment. I have to say the rewards are huge.

    So to start with a well recorded, piece of music as a gift to all of you here I give you GRACE JONES “ NIGHTCLUBBING.” This is off Island Records from 1981. You don’t need to buy the Blu ray audio version. The original CD is absolutely brilliant.
    Happy Canada Day and Independence Day to all North America inhabitants. 😉


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