Go for the gold

May 17, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

Today marks a milestone for Octave Records.

We’re launching two new killer discs, each produced on the FR30s, and each available as a 24-karat gold CD in addition to our standard SACD and download versions.

While our SACD releases are popular, we get soooooo many requests for lower cost CD versions that we rolled up our sleeves to see what we could do.

Our first challenge was to make sure the 44.1kHz versions of the original DSD masters were flawless and held all the magic of a DSD recording. Our second challenge was to find the perfect pressing plant to make these rare 24-karat releases with the quality that we demand.

And we did! Now, for the first time for many, you’ll be able to enjoy state-of-the-art recordings as made by Octave.

Our first is our latest Audiophile Masters compilation number 6. What a wonderful collection of tracks from the likes of guitarist Miguel Espinosa, the Seth Lewis Quartet, a touch of country, classical, and sweet music.

The second is without a doubt killer. The Everlasting Dance by Tierro. I can’t wait for you to hear the recording quality we achieved on this masterpiece.

Both are available now.

Can’t wait for you to see what your system is really capable of.

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37 comments on “Go for the gold”

    1. I came here to say the same thing!!! 404 errors for all links.

      EDIT: I just figured out why, those links must not be active yet because it’s not available on the PS Audio site yet. It isn’t listed, so I’m assuming those links will go live soon.

  1. A ‘smilestone’.. perhaps 😉
    I found out very recently that the Importer/Distributor of ‘PS Audio’ here in Australia,
    ‘Magenta Audio’, sells ‘Octave Records’ DSD Hybrid CDs, at AU$69 a piece; that’s
    AU$10 – $15 more expensive than a 24 karat gold ‘Mobile Fidelity’ SACD/CD Hybrid.
    I think that I’ll stick with silver for the time being.

    1. The two gold CD’s I bought only cost me 19.00 each plus 7.00 combined shipping for a total of 45.00. Seems reasonable for high quality custom made Gold CD’s copied from DSD. Can’t you buy them directly from PS Audio in the USA or does PS Audio only ship CD’s to US addresses?

      1. Hi Joe,
        You’re a regular here & therefore I can’t believe that you didn’t follow all the drama & disappointment (the saga) that I kept reporting on here on ‘Paul’s Posts’ (PP) in December
        2021 & in January 2022 about the ‘United States Postal Service’ (USPS) that refused/
        refuses to ship packages from America to Australia since late September last year.

        I paid AU$63.50 directly to ‘PS Audio’ on September 22nd via ‘PayPal’ last year &
        after 4 months of waiting & being told that due to CoViD, due to staff shortages at
        ‘Australia Post’ (all BS, crap excuses made up by the USPS, by the way) that the
        USPS was/is not shipping packages to Australia (as far as I know they are STILL
        not shipping to Australia) I still hadn’t received the CD that I ordered & so I
        cancelled the order in late January this year & Paul refunded me the money.
        It was discussed by many here on PP…as I said in my opening sentence,
        that I can’t believe that you are unaware of this story.

        Anyway, AU$63.50 or AU$69; it’s still too high.
        Some things are just not meant to be.

  2. Beautiful presentation and the CD looks truly terrific. I love those 24-Karat discs. I’m happy for Paul and Octave. I bet the discs sound unbelievably good. 🙂

  3. I’ll keep it short….

    If they hold “all the magic” then why should one opt for more expensive?

    Todays picture is beautiful. Now just waiting for now ✌️ 😀

      1. No problem Paul

        Enthusiasm is always good.
        Being a download guy it doesn’t matter much to me. If I was spinning to listen, instead of ripping or downloading my interest would be peaked.

        Thanks for all you do and the great products.

  4. It looks like the ones mentioned above aren’t on the website, but many of the other Octave recordings have the CD layer option listed for purchase. I assume that’s in error?

    1. Thanks. The pages are live now. Not sure what you mean by the CD layer being available separately. We’ve always had a CD layer available on the SACD (and one for download). What’s new is the availability of the gold CD.

        1. Different product; different market.
          I suspect that the pricing of the CDs is, at this point in time, very critical
          & so Paul is gonna wanna hold the reins tightly on the sales of the CDs.

          1. Hmm thought the idea was to sell as many as you can. I can see the reason for limiting them though to create a demand in the future for new releases. Beanie Babies did this. I have a ton of those….lol.

        2. Thanks, but truth is we’d love to. Amazon’s crazy when it comes to selling and listing CDs. Try as we might we haven’t figured out how to sell them on Amazon. Anyone know how we’d appreciate the help. Yes, we want to sell as many as possible.

          1. Paul you can sell the physical discs as well as the downloads on Amazon. I like to buy on Amazon because if you spend at least 25.00 or have Amazon Prime the shipping cost is usually waived. I bought both discs on your website and the 7.00 shipping cost was combined so not a big deal. I do like free shipping though, who doesn’t. 🙂 You can contact Amazon customer service by phone and they can walk you through the process. They are open 24/7. 1-888-280-4331.

              1. Us little guys who benefit from your expertise but cannot afford the high ticket stuff right now can at least afford a few CD’s. Appreciate your honest advice Paul. Thanks.

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