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June 29, 2021
 by Paul McGowan

I am going to venture a guess that while most people reading my daily posts enjoy their content, more read them for the lively banter they generate.

It seems the same on our YouTube channel. Many of the more popular videos are judged by the number of comments than the actual content people are commenting on.

We are a community and whatever it takes to get us talking is fine by me.

The worst thing would be silence.

Up until a day or two ago, there was no means for commenters to subscribe to the comment threads for email notifications. That feature has been returned to the website.

Thanks to PS engineer, Kevin Briggs for coming to the rescue.

Let the comments flourish!

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39 comments on “Comments section”

  1. I told you the French were rubbish at football. OK, they might be World Champions, but they got beaten by the Swiss, for heaven’s sake. I assume this is lost on Americans who have to invent games that no one else plays so they can declare themselves world champions. To the contrary, the Brits invent games that are played all over the world by people who beat them – at their own game – literally, most of the time. England v Germany tonight. Remind me, who invented football? So they invented something called the America’s Cup, put their name on it so people don’t forget, and got beaten by New Zealand. Don’t worry, the Kiwi’s beat the English at pretty much everything as well.

    Tomorrow we can get back to Analogue v Digital, which would have been a good way to describe France v Switzerland a while back. Now you can’t tell the difference between the two.

      1. That was really bad. My mate when playing for Liverpool beat a couple of players and then missed an open goal. There’s been worse misses, but his was in 1992 and everyone still remembers it. So poor old Unai Simon will just have to live with it – for ever.

    1. Steven, When the NFL plays one or two of its regular season games in England the stadium is packed with with your countryman cheering on their favorite team. You know that our football is much like rugby. Maybe the British should start an American style football league. After several decades of practice there could be a super Superbowl between your champion and ours. Wonder where the smart money would be on who wins? 😉

      1. They tried with both American Football and Ice Hockey. Total failure. They can sell the NFL at Wembley once a year.

        American Football has as much to do with Rugby as it does with ballet dancing. American Football players wear body armour and helmets, and each team has about 300 players, plus lots of stops to sell stuff. Rugby has no protection, they beat the s**t out of each other, there are no breaks, 15 players and 8 possible substitutes, given the number of injuries. It makes no sense to me at all, but neither does American Football.

        1. SNTCWS,
          Surprisingly, American football does come from rugby. The previous Olympic gold medals in rugby were even won by the USA, until it was reintroduced and Fiji won the last one (in sevens, I might add).
          Nowadays, the full 23 players are almost always used by the teams.
          In the last RWC in Japan, South Africa replaced 6 of the 8 forwards in the second half to beat England in the final. England could not sustain the physical pressure of the Boks pack.
          The USA has a major chance of winning medals in Olympics rugby given it is sevens and their speedsters are world class. Some of them even know how to pass the ball and tackle.
          But the USA will rarely have a chance in football, unless it is women. Did you know that (I don’t think) England never won the Europe’s cup?

          1. I knew that our football came from rugby, but I did not want to pound on Steven any more. I also found his comparison to ballet amusing because pro wide receivers actually have taken ballet lessons to improve their balance and agility when running pass pasterns.

            I never had the guts to play rugby but I have watched rugby matches up close and while it is really brutal it is also fascinating.

                1. Does CtA have a sense of humour or do all jokes have to be the optimal 23 inches (582.2mm) long?

                  Boring game, great result. A bit like Good Class D.

                  Love Wimbledon. The most I paid ever for any tickets for anything was a pair of Centre Court debenture seats. Murray, del Potro and the lovely Wosniaki, and 15 course lunch. My eldest was there yesterday.

              1. There should be no forward passes in rugby either. Though the Kiwis still remember English solicitor and referee Wayne Barnes for missing one in Cardiff in 2007.

      2. I’m sorry Tony but I’m with Steven on this one.
        I’ve tried to watch Grid Iron several times but it has
        wa-a-a-ay to many stop/starts to be entertaining.
        To be fair I think that it has a lot to do with what you grow up with.
        Rugby & Rugby League flows & has minimal stops.
        Both games have something in common though & that is a high
        number of concussions & long-term brain damage to retired players.

        1. Do you remember the Bruce Beresford film “The Club” with Jack Thompson? Great film, made straight after they did Breaker Morant.

        2. FR, Your right, it is what you grow up with. I played high school football ( 50 years ago ) and to me it is the greatest game ever. It is brutal as is your football, rugby, ice hockey, lacrosse and probably a few games I can’t think of right now.

          The good news is that music is more universal than what sport people like best.

    2. The lose once and go home tournament model may be practical when dealing with a competition between many teams over a relatively short period, but it does not necessarily indicate *****THE ABSOLUTE BEST***** sports team. A string of consecutive wins is a not unreasonable indicator of overall quality, but even the greatest can have an off day and then it’s over until the next tournament. So it’s just about who is on top of the podium at the end of the tournament, not necessarily the best team overall. The model used in Formula One racing, e. g., where the points leader for both driver and manufacturer after numerous races at different tracks around world is probably the better system, but few can afford to compete in such a competition. At least a talented footballer/soccer player (‘Maruhkuhn terminology) from humble origins can rise to glory on the world stage; in theory, with the a few fortuitous breaks along the way. So apples and oranges.

      Oh, look! That amp has the lowest measured total harmonic distortion numbers! It’s just gotta be *****THE ABSOLUTE BEST***** sounding amp!

      1. Who said winning is about THE BEST? When you’ve got your winner’s medal, no one gives a damn.

        The classic example is Chelsea’s 2012 Champion’s League win (the biggest club competition in world sport). Their semi against Barca, over 2 legs, they lost by miles on every statistic, e.g. Barca had 72% possession, but Chelsea scored 3 goals and Barca 2.

  2. I’m definitely more in favor of the comment section having a direct response to that of your comments from other members. There are some minds on here where I value their opinions, so I feel the community can grow tighter when you can have a direct back and forth with some people or between other people.
    It is a winner just like the Italians when it comes to soccer. 😉

    Viva la Azzure!!

  3. Thank you Kevin & Paul.

    What I’ve seen change since my days of reading and sometimes posting is the gradual departure from the deeper audio discussions. But then again, in most of the deeper topics, the comments from individuals & resulting responses became very predictable. I guess they still are and maybe that’s because many have reached a comfortable level posting here.

    The idea of valuing opinions, and as I said before, gleaning some ideas toward my own system approach are much less frequent.

    Since I’m still a working slob with limited social media time, never mind having even less desire to participate in social media, this area is as close as I get. I’ll be fair… Occasionally I mix in the pod casts when driving longer distances.

    All that said, it’s fun reading, it’s fun responding, and many of the ‘regulars’ from the old posting site are missed. Time marches on and things change…

      1. Dobrý den, Antoníne Plachý?
        ano, jsem čech (respektive moravák) a píšu z malé vesnice poblíž Slavkova u Brna.
        Martin Barák

        Hello, Antonín Plachý?
        yes, I am Czech (respectively Moravian) and I write from a small village near Slavkov u Brna (Austerlitz).
        Martin Barák

        1. Martin, You might guess that I am Czech from my last name name, but I am an American. However, all of my ancestors came from what is today the Czech Republic. I think it is really great that you participate in this forum. I cannot read, write or speak Czech, but my mother could.

          1. Hi, just for fun, I guessed your name, or rather how it would be correctly in Czech. If you ever need to translate something small into Czech, I’m at your service 🙂

  4. Silence…?
    That’s one thing we don’t have to be afraid of as long as our beloved host stands at the helm of this site.
    So I guess we have to put up with him for at least another 10 years. And that’s good 🙂
    After all we are family.

    1. Is that what you hear when you walk through the doors at Boulder, Sister Sledge?
      Just change the lyric from sisters to brothers and, well, it’s an idea, yet to be adopted? 😉

  5. The photo of the two birds is cute. An assertive one squawking at the other, who seems unimpressed but politely listens anyway as it quietly maintains its perch. Add a few more squawking birds and an even larger number of stoic birds who occasionally peep and it would represent this and most forums. 🙂

      1. “I’ll shout and scream, I’ll kill the king, I’ll rail at all his servants”

        “Mr. Confused, it’s time to take your medications.”


        “Kumbaya . . .”

  6. Every audiophile has his or her opinions based on his or her experiences. This site provides for everyone to voice his or her opinion. This is indeed the greatest service one could provide. How else will one know what other fellow audiophiles think ? incomparable service. Thanks a million. Regards.

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