Change and disruption

September 5, 2021
 by Paul McGowan

With the recent sad announcement of the closure of RMAF and the postponement of AXPONA, it would seem we are entering yet another era, one without mass gatherings.

Given the current state of affairs coupled with the reluctance of so many to get vaccinated or wear a mask to protect others, we cannot in good faith assure the safety of our team.

To be totally transparent, we were among the bigger exhibitors of RMAF who had to make the tough decision not to put our staff at risk.

To help the show financially we had offered to instead put a static display in our room so those attending could touch and feel the new FR30 and BHK600 amplifier—and maybe figure out a way for the system to be playing. But, all that said, I know our decision not to risk the health of our team weighed heavily on the show organizers, Marjorie and Marci. They are wonderful people who had to make a tough decision of putting people’s health and safety above their own financial interests.

They define courage.

My sense of where we’re going in the future is a hopeful one. I am comforted by the assurance of our company’s epidemiological advisor that for those choosing vaccinations, CoViD and its evolving variants will, within a reasonable period of time, be relegated to the status of being just part of the annual flu shot routine.

And life will go on.

In the meantime, there have been lots of great ideas floated past us of how we might stay connected as a family anxious to share audio experiences together. Like having a chance to audition the new FR30 speaker or BHK600. That’s great and keep those ideas coming!

In the meantime, our in-home audition of products will remain the core of our domestic approach. Take it home, try it out for a month, and if it works for you, let us buy back your older gear. If it doesn’t, no hard feelings, and thanks for the opportunity to give us a chance.

With change comes disruption. With disruption comes change.

In the end, it’ll sort itself out and for the better.

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157 comments on “Change and disruption”

  1. I don’t know whether things will be better or worse, they will be different. The attitude over here in the UK is that everything that has been done can be done, 90% are vaccinated and a few will fall ill because they don’t generate antibodies or are both stupid and unlucky to get infected. So COVID has become like any other infectious disease with low morbidity. I think there is a large audio show in a month, with 60 exhibitors and 160 brands. Another was cancelled. There are full crowds at sporting events and gigs and no one gives it a second thought. We even shake hands. I think it will just take time for people globally to realise vaccination is the only answer, as has always been the case with polio, cholera etc.

    P.S. I think Paul is secretly British. Or wants to be. Else why would he post a picture of a woman in Hyde Park with a Selfridges bag?

    1. Right you are Steven, the Montreal FSI was also canceled here again this year. From what the medical scientists say, COVID is here to stay with recall vaccines every year. This has become ridiculously politicized especially in the USA, but not limited to. I’ve noticed that all ”conservative” parties in democracies are pretty much like minded; macho, racist, sexist and backward thinking, and craving for a dictatorship. End of rant.

      1. Sad, and well-said.

        Thank you for the comments. The fact that CoVID cases in America are more in 2021 than 2020 says a lot about today’s America…sounds a lot like the rise of Hitler. A young NC GOP congressman said he loves America and if it is necessary to kill other Americans…then, so be it!

    2. Hah! Thanks, Steven. I hadn’t even noticed the bag. Yeah, I do love Britain and Brits.

      I don’t know what happened in our country. I remember growing up we all stood in line for our shots. There was never any debate about it. Shots were mandatory and the reason for that was simple. We as a society were determined to protect each other from horrible debilitating and life threatening diseases like Small Pox and Polio. No one escaped. We all got it and we as a country wiped out those diseases.

      Speaking of Brits, I believe it was a Brit who started this whole anti vaxxer nonsense. Andrew Wakefield and his colleagues published a now-infamous and retracted paper in The Lancet, following which, in 2010, Wakefield was struck off the UK medical register for misconduct by the country’s General Medical Council. The fraudulent work on 12 children promoted a non-existent connection between autism and the MMR vaccine, used against measles, mumps and rubella. It propelled Wakefield to notoriety and turbocharged the anti-vaccine movement. He remains a headliner on the international vaccine-sceptic circuit as diseases once vanquished return because of falling rates of immunization. Many large epidemiological studies have found no difference in risk of developmental delays between children who receive the MMR vaccine and those who don’t.

      So, thanks, Britain!

      1. Unfortunately, the US has become a “ME, ME, ME!!!” society, where more and more people no longer give a dying duck about others. It’s to the point, it may now be a misnomer to call it a society.

        1. Well said, tarheelneil (and Paul). For a supposedly religious society, too many of our people are shockingly ignorant of morality and ethics. It seems that culture wars, conspiracy theories and anti-intellectualism trump the moral teachings of the various religions and the advice of scientists and experts.

          As to audio shows, I’m still holding out hope that the Capital Audio Fest will take place. By November 5th I will have gotten a Pfizer booster and I will be happy to wear a mask while in the demo rooms. The Delta variant, if the experience of other countries is an indication, will have faded somewhat. FIngers crossed that another, worse variant won’t take it’s place. The Hilton hotel will require all attendeed to wear masks. If I were a manufacturer, I’d have someone at the door taking temperatures, and I’d limit the number of people in a room. The fear would be that a few angry idiots will demand to be let in the rooms without masks. Or that people will pull the mask down under their noses and refuse requests to wear them properly.

          Personally, I would prefer that the hotel and show organizers go beyond masks and require vaccinations or a negative COVID test within two days of attendance. If they do that, the threat to attendees and manufacturers would be very, very low.

          1. In the US, it seems the least moral people are the most “religious”. Too often, they seem to worship themselves, and their material and monetary possessions.

            1. tarheelneil, I do not agree with your generalization that the least moral are the most religious. Had you said, the most “hypocritical” are the most religious, I would agree with you 100%. For example, many religions including Christianity teach that materialism is wrong. Jesus said, “So then, none of you can be My disciple who does not give up all his own possessions” (Luke 14:33). Few Christians believe and follow that commandment. They rationalize and say, “Awww, he meant that figuratively, or he only meant you have to be WILLING to give up all your possessions.” They interpret to suit their own view of the world, as they salivate over those new PS Audio speakers. 🙂

          2. I usually head south to Florida during winter, but didn’t go last year for obvious reasons. Still don’t know if we can go this year since the US government still has its land border closed. But it’s so absurd that one can fly in though. I went to the first year (Feb. 2020) to the Axpona show in Tampa. If we can go back this fall I’d like to catch the 2022 show if it’s on since they cancelled the 2021 spring FSI in Montreal for the second year in a row.

      2. “I don’t know what happened in our country. I remember growing up we all stood in line for our shots. There was never any debate about it. Shots were mandatory and the reason for that was simple. We as a society were determined to protect each other from horrible debilitating and life threatening diseases like Small Pox and Polio. No one escaped. We all got it and we as a country wiped out those diseases.”

        I’m stealing this.
        Couldn’t have said it better, thanks.

        1. I remember lining up for the polio vaccine sugar cube on the school grounds. It was like eating a piece of candy. I also remember the small pox vaccine. After getting it, my face swelled up like a balloon for three days. Today they might have halted the whole program because of my adverse reaction.

      3. Paul,
        I don’t know at what age you got vaccinated back then.
        I got vaccinated for all those diseases when I was a child.
        Children don’t really get to say no.

      4. I remember that Wakefield business, we got rid of him, he went to America where he had a wider audience. Before Autism, he suggested MMR might be related to Crohn’s and other inflammatory bowel diseases. His motivation was money. Other anti-vax motives are politics and religion, and there is a Christian lunatic woman going around telling her flock that Covid vaccine makes you magnetic and you can expect cutlery to fly through the air and attach itself to your forehead.

        My experience of immunologists is that they are very cautious people and would not allow a vaccine to be used with any risk. There was an Avian Flu outbreak and I remember the vaccine was developed extremely quickly. The head of the immunology unit that identified it and developed the vaccine was a friend at the time. He was a crashing bore with no taste for wine. He was married to a pathologist, made sense. On the other hand, one of my golfing pals (Professor A W ‘Tony’ Segal) did actually discover the cause of Crohn’s disease, amongst other things. He’s a bit like Anthony Fauci without the hair. Late 70s, fighting fit and plays off 9. In March after lockdown none of us had hit a golfball for 5 months, we all rushed out to play on the first day allowed. Half way round I see one person on the practise ground, it’s Tony, practising. We were all happy to go and play, very badly, only Tony would not play until properly prepared. There’s a good immunologist.

        Thank goodness bodies like the FDA (MHRA in the UK) remain independent. There was no miracle about the Covid-19 vaccines, the virus was well known and the vaccines designed in days, with 10 months of testing. Wakfield was about a proven drug that was safe that for financial reasons he wanted to promote as unsafe. Why people trust some crank on Newsmax more than the FDA, I don’t know.

  2. “CoViD and its evolving variants will, within a reasonable period of time, be relegated to the status of being just part of the annual flu shot routine. And life will go on”
    “I think it will just take time for people globally to realise vaccination is the only answer, as has always been the case with polio, cholera etc.”

    I totally agree.
    The reality is that Covid, as any other virus, is here to stay.
    It’s not like we wake up one morning and then find out that Covid out of the blue has disappeared. People who think that will happen…dream on.
    We’ll have to get used to a life with Covid. Fortunately it’s not a deadly disease for 99,9 percent of the world population.
    What the future brings with new variants and/or new viruses ? Nobody can tell and I am not the type of person who worries a lot. Certainly not about things that MIGHT come in the future. Totally pointless. I just do what I can and have to do (vaccination) and live my life.
    In my country normal life is coming back step by step, theaters, concerts etc. This afternoon a Formula1 race in front of tens of thousands of petrolheads.
    Human kind will survive this ripple in our time-space continuum.

    1. A lot of Australians are ‘dreaming on’ at present.
      We got ‘spoilt’ by being able to keep ourselves isolated from CoViD for so long…
      & then ‘Delta’ came along & into our community & now almost a whole nation
      of entitled white people are dazed & confused.

        1. RonRes,
          Just as well that I’m one of the entitled white folks then isn’t it? 🙂
          I grew up in my early childhood years amongst West Indian/
          African children & we were all friends.
          It wasn’t until I immigrated to Australia in 1968 & everyone was white, no one of colour that I could see for the first few years, that I even had an inkling of what a racist or what racism was.
          My beautiful wife, of nearly 12 years, is Chinese, from Hong Kong.
          I’m sorry for you that you found my tongue-in-cheek reply to ‘jb4’ racist, bigoted & surprisingly judgemental.
          My advice is that you should have a ‘Coke’ & a smile & lighten-up 😉

          1. Most of the world’s problems have been because of white people. That’s not a racist statement, just a factual, provable statement coming from an old, observant, open-minded white man. Also one reason my fiancé is black, too. I knew there was some reason I liked you, Fat Rat!

              1. Try a little research on “deep ancestry”, particulary concerning “Mitochondrial Eve” (mtDNA Haplogroup L1/L0) and “Genetic Adam” (Y-chromosome Haplogroup A, marker M91). As with anything on the internet, there is a lot of nonsense out there, but I find the National Geographic Society’s Genographic Project is reliable. I’m a retired groundwater geologist, so hominid paleontology and anthropology is outside of my area of expertise, but I’m not totally ignorant on the subject. Classical Western European art pretty much got it wrong, but they had to keep their wealthy patrons happy.

                1. CS, thanks for that National Geographic reference. Just to be clear, whenever I refer to Adam and Eve, it is in jest, and in reference to the ancient Hebrew myth. I never believed all mankind descended from a first man and a first woman who was made from the first man’s rib:) Over the years I’ve read many articles theorizing that modern humans originated in Africa. Other theories pointed to Asia. And now the mitochondrial DNA studies such as the NGS Genographic Project brings additional evidence that modern humans migrated from an area in east-central Africa. There could have been humans living in other places who died out due to disease, famine, warfare or other factors. I personally have not yet abandoned the slim possibility that humans or their predecessors were the product of extraterrestrial beings, planted on earth in a place such as Africa. No one really knows.


        2. And now enter stage right (where else?), the /!\ ALLITERATION WARNINGS /!\ Kock Country Club Choir, resplendent in their rich red robes.

          The choirmaster sounds a F(?*).

          “Rich old white guys uber alles
          from board rooms up in the sky . . .”

          Note: for anyone who may not have figured it out by now, I self-identify as an old white guy, generally of a middle class background, by U. S. standards; currently retired on Social Security/Medicare (gasp! socialism!) who lives a relatively modest but quite comfortable life, which by the standards of much of the world means that I live like a king. Just calling it like I see it. There is more to this song lyric other than this brief excerpt, but I am keeping it at a minimum out of respect for Paul McG in this, his audio focused forum. Viva satire.

          * Any gentle readers who can actually read music for “Deutschlandleid” may feel free to correct me as to the opening chord of the song, if necessary. Education is always appreciated.

      1. It is time to put capitalism to work. If you are not in the national database of vaccinated people and get CoVID, you pay the medical bill out of your pocket. As a capitalistic society, most understand the value of money/risk management, and it is time to let capitalism solve this “political issue”. As a vaccinated person, I do not fear going into large crowds. At some point, we just have to treat CoVID like we do driving a vehicle – mandate vaccinations just like car insurance. If one doesn’t have or has insurance and is involved in an accident – “pay the cost”. For those who have a valid medical reason not to get vaccinated, then be patriotic and protect others. Oh yeah, yes I have relatives/friends who refuse to be vaccinated – same to them.

          1. ….and Neil….. I was most recently in a 9 piece Neil Diamond showband since 2001, our leader retired the band when Covid hit and we lost ALL our scheduled shows for the season. Yup, 2 hours of non-stop Neil, but the shows were plush, good $$, early and the crowds were HUGE!

    2. Globally, except for the US. Too many people are too hung up on individual “freedom”, that it no longer matters to them what consequences their actions may have on anyone else. And, unfortunately, I don’t see that ever changing, except for the worse.

    3. If the vaccine works as intended then those vaccinated have nothing to worry about. I don’t know PS Audios policy on vaccination but if all of their employees are vaccinated or have natural immunity shown in a test for the antibodies to the disease then they shouldn’t be at any risk. I always wear a mask when indoors and even outdoors in crowded areas to protect others and myself. Even when no masks are required in my area I still wear the mask to be safe. Those who choose not to be vaccinated take their own risk for whatever reason they have but they are the only ones at risk. I fail to see why people who assume the risk because they have natural immunity or for some other reason are a threat to anyone but each other. They are not asking for anyone to take steps to protect them so why require it? And they pose no threat to the vaccinated unless the vaccine doesn’t work. There are many other dangerous diseases like tuberculosis for example. Where does this end? Should we stop all risk takers for everything they do in life that’s risky? Driving a car is risky. People choose to climb mountains and do other dangerous things. It’s called freedom.

      1. The vaccine works most of the time, but as shown by the New York Yankees, not always. You still have to be smart on how you mingle with other people. Also, mutations of the virus will continue to come into play. But all that being said, why of why would anyone not jump at the chance to get vaccinated. I’m cussing the State of Maryland for not qualifying me to get a booster shot! (Maybe I need a shot of booze.)

        1. For one the vaccine is not without risks. One size does not fit all and people who have natural immunity or are at low risk of dying from the disease if they got it choose to not get it.

          Many people already had Covid and were either asymptomatic or got ill and have natural immunity. Another thing is the vaccine only has FDA emergency approval and has not been fully approved. In fact there are pundits calling for a third shot that does not have FDA approval and that caused two FDA officials to resign in protest.

          Where are the my body my choice people? Try telling someone to stop smoking or to stop eating unhealthy food or stop riding that motorcycle or climbing mountains. Again if you are vaccinated you are protected, if you’re not protected then why are you pushing something on those who either have natural immunity or don’t want to take it because they are asymptomatic or have a low chance of getting seriously ill?

          And yes even though vaccinated you can still give it to someone who isn’t vaccinated but that’s a risk they assume and it’s nobodies business but their own.

          I think they need to develop a vaccine that not only protects people but also stops the transmission to others. Covid is not a death sentence. Most survive it unless they are in the high risk category.

          Check to see if you have natural immunity through a test and if you don’t then consider taking the vaccine. But it should be your choice what you put in your body or what you eat. I would never force anyone to be a vegetarian or vegetarian to eat meat. Their body their choice.

          What if I encouraged someone to take the vaccine and they had a bad reaction and died? There are over 6000 confirmed deaths in the USA after taking the vaccine. A small number when over 180 million doses have been given but do we know the long term effects of the vaccine yet?

          My cousin had a bleeding stroke in his brain a few months after taking it. Still some unknowns. One size does not fit all. Take it if you feel comfortable or are at high risk but don’t force your will on others.

          1. You state : “There are over 6000 confirmed deaths in the USA after taking the vaccine.”. While you are 100% correct, your implication is 100% false. I was forced to do a ton of research when I read this 2-3 weeks ago, where this person also stated that that included people who had died from ANY cause of death after getting the vaccine. I though both comments were preposterous, so I went on government websites to prove him wrong. Well dang nab it, he was correct on both counts. In the US, our government requires any person who dies after getting the vaccine, NO MATTER WHAT THE CAUSE, be reported along with those who died as a result of the vaccine. If you die from cancer, old age, or any other non-vaccine related reason, you must be counted (this info off US government websites). The 6000 figure was from mid December, 2020 to mid August, 2021. During that time, anticipated deaths in the US would be expected not far from 6000 from non-vaccine deaths, based on calculations of government data. Therefore, extremely few of those 6000 died because of the vaccine, probably less than 100. Saying 6000 died AFTER receiving the vaccine is a night and day difference to saying 6000 died BECAUSE OF the vaccine. You are literally thousands of times more likely to die because you did not get the vaccine than you are due to getting it.

            1. Not true. If you have natural immunity or at a low risk because of age and no underlying health issues you have almost no risk of dying from the virus. No more then a vaccinated person. If you fall in the high risk category and had the virus you also have natural immunity. On the other hand if you have a history of bad reactions from previous vaccines or have health problems that could open yourself up to serious side effects from the vaccine you have just as good chance of dying from the vaccine as you do from getting the virus, perhaps even a higher chance. That is why people need to make their own choices based on what their Doctor says and not Don Lemon on CNN. If the Doctor says you have natural immunity or at a high risk of adverse reactions and recommends that you shouldn’t take or don’t need the vaccine that’s between you and your Doctor. Every year unvaccinated and even vaccinated people died from the flu. Where was the outcry to force people to get the flu shot? More children died from the flu than Covid. And many people got sick or died from the flu shot.

              1. That is not true. Most of the deaths for the Delta variant are otherwise healthy people under the age of forty from all stats I have read. And, more and more, people who had the virus are getting it a second time.

                1. I’m not against vaccines nor am I advising anyone to take it or not to take it. If you feel its good for you and you consulted with your Doctor then get the vaccine. That’s your choice. But one size does not fit all nor do we know what the long term effects will be until we are a long way into the future. People who choose not to take the vaccine will live with that decision just as those who chose to take the vaccine. Everyone should be respected. I don’t ridicule or try and embarrass or humiliate anyone for taking it or anyone for not taking it. I’m pro choice especially on a vaccine that is still in the trial stages and don’t have full FDA approval. Emergency use approval is not full FDA approval. In my opinion those who don’t have natural immunity and are in the high risk category probably should take the vaccine after consulting with their Doctor.

          2. As Chubbs said to Happy Gilmore, “Spoken like a true idiot.” Have you noticed how many criminals on death row find religion after they end up on death row? It’s very similar to the anti-vaxxers that suddenly become believers after they end up in IC with a ventilator hose down their throat. Strange how quickly reality can change a person.

      2. Thanks, Joe, and thanks for wearing your mask and thinking of others.

        Here’s the problem. An unvaccintaed person is far more likely to be a carrier and spreader of the disease. A mask helps only so much (about 20%).

        The facts from the medical community are pretty clear. A fully vaccinated person has only a 30% chance of being a carrier. With a mask in place, that percentage goes to 10%. Thus, a fully vaccinated person wearing a mask is 90% safe to others from spreading the Delta variant (before the Delta variant that number was effectively 100%).

        Those are pretty persuasive arguments, not to mention if you do get CoViD you likely won’t have to go to the hospital.

        In any case, those are the facts to consider.

        1. But is a non vaccinated person who went through Covid and has natural immunity far more likely to transmit the disease? The science says no. If you’re protected after taking the vaccine you have nothing to worry about from anyone. Some Doctors have told their patients to not take the vaccine because they are at a high risk of complications from the vaccine based on their health history. The decision falls with each individual and their Doctor based on their circumstances. Nobody else’s business. Again if you took the vaccine don’t worry about others and the reason they choose not to take it.

          1. I recently had to go to ER for a potentially life threatening issue and there were no hospital rooms for me because of so many COVID patients. They had to ship me to another hospital. Most of the COVID patients would not have had to be hospitalized if they had simply taken the vaccine when it became available to them. Anyway, I was glad to go to another hospital and give up my slot for any room that would have become available later to another critically ill COVID patient.

            1. Yeah I agree that if you have not taken the vaccine, do not have natural immunity, and are at high risk of getting ill because of underlying conditions you probably should take the vaccine after consulting with your Doctor. I don’t think Paul should cancel events though. I have been to 5 concerts in the past month, 3 indoors and the Billy Joel and Dead and Company outdoor concerts that I tested negative for and wore masks but not continuously. Few others wore masks. I have not taken the vaccine but I have natural immunity and don’t feel its necessary. Been through Covid months ago, lost my sense of taste that returned after a month. Been around thousands of people in the past month and tested negative. Feel great. I will continue getting tested and wear my mask especially while indoors. Lots of people got Covid where I work so I’m not surprised I got it too. We are a national security labeled company so we had to stay open. Nobody hospitalized that I know of.

              1. Sadly to say though about 8 people have died world wide but that’s out of over 15,000 employees and at least 800 known who got the virus. Probably many more unknown. These numbers were before the vaccine was released. May my fellow colleagues RIP.

          2. Just a personally known example, my brother-in-law and his wife both got CoViD-19 fairly early in the pandemic (August plus-or-minus 2020 (? Reckoning by calendar dates was never my strong suit). They were lucky to have relative mild symptoms, probably due to what is now referred to as the Alpha variant and self-quarantined at home. Never-the-less they both got the double dose of the Pfizer vaccine as soon as it was available to them via their county Dept. of Health, who was administering things during the early phase of the roll out when dosages were still in limited supply.

            As for me, I am a free range senior with underlying conditions. I registered with my (different from above, but same state) county Dept. of Health and received both doses of the Pfizer vaccine (the only one offered at the time, no complaints) last March. I am also a widower, empty nest, retiree and my local support system consists of me, myself, and I. I know from experience with other non-CoViD-19 disease that being very sick and alone is a non-optimal situation (I am also a master of understatement).

            Self-proclaimed champions of liberty may be willing to accept the personal consequences of their inactions, but they generally do not live in isolation. The SARS-CoV-2 virus is a very complex collection of very complex organic molecules as is all life on earth. It is non-sentient, but very effective at carrying out its programming to make more SARS-CoV-2 viruses, especially the Delta variant. We are just low hanging fruit to the mindless but opportunistic virus. Personal liberty is an irrelevant concept at this level of biology. At the human level, the consequences of inaction extend far beyond the infected individual. As of the last update 10 hours ago, the total death toll in the United States of America attributed to CoViD-19 is about 648 thousand souls, according to the [sarcasm font on] evil liberal media [sarcasm font off] that is the New York Times. That is greater than the population of the City of Miami, FL. God knows the extent to which these deaths affect those who loved them. Children who will never again feel the loving embrace of a parent. Parents who will feel the emptiness in their heart at the loss of a beloved child. Spouses that that never again hear the voice of their partner in life. Even the weariness of overburdened health care workers who struggle to tend to the sick and dying, when they know that much of this was preventable. I could go on and on. Champions of liberty may loudly proclaim this is acceptable collateral damage. They are wrong. Death indeed will come to us all from “the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to” eventually. But this is just foolishness.

        2. There are many Doctors who refuse to take the vaccine. The CEO of Pfizer has yet to take it. I was told by a paramedic that there are long term consequences of the vaccine but the elderly at the highest risk from Covid will most likely not be subject to those consequences because they will pass before the long term consequences get to them. On the other hand young people who are at the lowest risk of Covid and who take the vaccine will be subject to the long term consequences of the vaccine because they most likely have many years ahead of them. So if they choose not to take the vaccine that’s their choice.

          1. Hi Joe,
            (next life; lol)
            For some it’s a craps-shot sure, but it
            has to be seen as the lesser of two evils.
            The Delta strain is infecting children as well.
            We have people in their thirties over here dying
            from the Delta strain.

            1. We have been told by Doctors on TV that while the Delta variant is more contagious its also less deadly than the original. This is common with virus mutations as they weaken. You will never know the truth because some want to politicize it. Maybe so they can continue using the controversial unsecure voter mail in ballots and so teachers can continue getting paid for being home. DeSantis the Governor of FL will have none of it. He actually has a 5000 fine signed into law for any place that requires a vaccination to be allowed into their place of business. We need to stop the discrimination. Discrimination laws are meant to protect the minority. Right now the unvaccinated are the minority.

              1. Not sure which “Doctors on TV” you are referring to, but a particular “Doctor on TV”, okay Dr. Anthony Facci on CBS Face The Nation yesterday, reports that the Delta variant is at least as deadly as previous versions of the virus and some studies are reporting that it is slightly more deadly. Lots of reports to sort out in a dynamic situation. Keeps you on your toes. Old proverb: “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.”

                1. There’s lots of confusion on this because it’s being politicized. No it was not Fauci. Fauci should be fired. He has no credibility. He has been wrong so many times he no longer has any credibility. He just regergitates what the CDC says and the CDC has become a political tool. Normally when viruses mutate they become weaker. Look it up if you don’t believe me. Also while the virus is on the uptick due to Delta deaths are not because we have better treatments for the disease.

            1. Well it’s about time. And since he was so hesitant to take it in the beginning I am hesitant to believe he was injected with anything other than sterilized water. His hesidenctcy to take it in the beginning and his excuses why don’t breed confidence. If the vaccine is good you shouldn’t have to pay people or blackmail them into taking it.

              1. Ok then, no more flu shots no more mumps, measles, chicken pox, small pox, etc. shots…I mean they’re all vaccines right; they are probably all bad for you so let’s allow nature to take it’s course again…like in the bad ol’ days.

                1. Those vaccinations have steadily improved over the years and have full FDA approval not just emergency use approval. I’m not against vaccine usage. Just pro choice, especially when it comes to experimental vaccines. They are also combating a lab created bio weapon not a natural virus occurring in nature. There’s much to learn about this virus and these experimental vaccines.

                2. FR did you know the polio vaccine while protecting well against polio was found to have a cancer causing ingredient in it and that even while this was known the government continued to inject people with it all the way until 1990? The vaccine supposedly no longer has that cancer causing substance in it.

                  1. Nearly everything you have in your house has cancer causing ingredients. I live in CA. There is a carcinogenic warning label on almost anything you buy at Home Depot. Most sugary and starchy foods we eat should carry such a warning.

                    1. I never said thst the Covid vaccine causes cancer, previous vaccines were known to. We really don’t know much about the long term effects of the Covid vaccine. We know there have been short term effects that killed some people. Adding one more cancer causing substance into your body could be the straw that broke the camel’s back. Lots of unknowns still. I’m not against vaccines. I’m pro choice.

            1. Sorry Paul I should have stated that early on the CEO of Pfizer was hesitant to take the vaccine and when approached about it he said he didn’t want to deprive anyone from getting the vaccine. I didn’t buy that argument because to get more people aboard he should have been the first one taking it on camera to exude confidence in the vaccine. I’m glad he did take the jab. Wish him and all who took the vaccine only the best.

                1. Agreed, I didn’t know he finally did take the vaccine. I should have checked on that before assuming he didn’t. My fault. But he did not take it immediately as he should have and that was a fact. As far as all the facts when it comes to Covid they are still evolving since the early days of the pandemic and I’m sure there is still more we will learn about the virus, the variants and the vaccines used to fight them, how many more boosters are needed, how long natural immunity lasts and also what constant mask wearing does to everybody especially children and people wearing them through long periods of time and through exercise. For the social development of children they need to see the faces of their playmates and for proper education both teachers and students need to see each others faces. Breathing your own exhale all day and not taking in the same amount of oxygen needs to be studied more. I have seen some photos of children who have developed rashes on their faces from masks. Perhaps an allergic reaction. Personally I like the blue hospital masks. They are light and I can breath better through them. There will also be some next generation vaccines that will be released and I’m interested to find out more about those. Have a great day Paul.

        3. Paul, I am not saying you’re right or wrong but two of these vaccines are a relatively new technology called NRMA and we have no long-term data on what will happen in the future after being vaccinated. I don’t believe in multiple vaccinations when three separate ones can be given like MMR And there are many pediatricians who agree with me. This is just Big Pharma making sure that parents don’t have to bring their kids back to the doctor because they probably won’t and that’s a loss of income. Pfizer just said about two months ago that if they make a booster they’re going to include the flu shot in with it. There you go, more dollar signs flashing in front of the CEOs eyes.

          I took the vaccinations because I weighed the options. If I didn’t take them I may die sooner than if I find out a years down the road that there are major issues arising from this type of technology so I buy myself a few more years at the very least. I believe that’s using my common sense whatever a little I have.

          This reminds me of the mercury amalgam issue. I’m not changing the subject I’m just giving a different example of big business touting safety.
          I used to manage three large dental practices and we went through a lot of silver powder and mercury to make amalgams for fillings which was the majority of dental fillings that were done in these offices. The claim was always that an amalgam of these two elements would stay an amalgam so why is it that so many amalgum fillings have to be replaced because they have dried out after a number of years. The dentists refuse to answer this question and I’ll tell you why. Over the period of years the mercury leaches out of the amalgam leaving mostly silver and much less mercury and where does this mercury wind up? It vaporizes into every cell of your body. If you want that in your life then fine. I’ve had mine removed a long time ago. I don’t trust the FDA as far as I could throw the White House. But this virulent virus is a totally different story and I made my choice to get vaccinated and I’m happy I did. How do you not believe in promoting a strong immune system by prevention and not medicines after the fact which have their own set of huge problems. The way much of our population lives their lives now is by breaking down our immune system on an hourly basis. We don’t care about our health, well maybe people like Paul and I do but most people don’t have a clue or they want to stick their heads in the sand and continue on with their current ridiculous lifestyles. I’ll stop my rent now.

          1. And the long term effects of the vaccine is more concerning to a healthy 20 year old person than a 85 year old person. The 20 year old in a low risk pool might rather take their chances with not taking the vaccine since we know they are at low risk and we have no data on the long term effects. The 20 year old might wait for more data on the long term affects before taking the plunge. The 85 year old cannot wait. The one thing that people who are telling people to take it don’t have and that’s long term data.

            1. Also there’s evidence that Delta came in from the southern border. You couldn’t fly from Europe to Texas with a passport and proof of vaccination but millions were allowed to illegally cross into Texas from countries that had poor health care and few vaccines to go around. Go figure

      3. Joe, that’s just not true. Unvaccinated people, as I previously explained, are at 100% risk for carrying and spreading the virus. Vaccinated people are 70% less likely to be carriers and if they wear a mask that number goes to 90%.

        In the same way we forced people in spite of their “freedom” to not smoke where it affects others, this is really not much different.

        And your Governor Santos of Florida. Yikes. His state has the dubious honor of the highest per capita hospitalization rate for CoViD in the country. The hospitals are jammed and lord help you if you have something common like a heart attack. You’ll just have to wait.

        It is irresponsible for any government official not to be working to keep their flock safe. That’s the job of a governor, of government. Imagine if this were water . That same governor is responsible for clean water, clean air, and the health and safety of their people. To actually make a ruling that any school district or business that demand a mask and bars entry if not is not only irresponsible, it should carry with it criminal punishment.

        And, as I mentioned, the end result is like a football game: Florida comes in first with the worst record for hospitalizations in the nation. Texas isn’t far behind.

        No one should have the “freedom” to endanger the lives of others and no government should enact laws that result in the loss of safety and wellness within their communities.

        1. Paul who can those people who carry harm other than those who also assume the risk? Those Congress people who fled out of Texas on an airplane all took the vaccine and at least 6 of them tested positive and could infect others and they were seen on the plane not wearing masks. Also many caught at parties not wearing masks. The same at Obama’s big birthday party. Nancy getting her hair done caught not wearing a mask. The do as I say not as I do crowd. So let’s not make this political. People with natural immunity are no more likely to cause spread than those who are vaccinated or even unvaccinated, Some can can be carriers and asympnatic. Some are not carriers. I don’t know where you are getting your statistics from but that’s not what the science says. Again who can those people who are carriers harm other than those who assume the risk for whatever reason? If you took the vaccine and it works you’re protected, if it doesn’t work why should I take it? Might as well not risk the unknown long term effects and just stick to my natural immunity that’s got me through this without taking any vaccines. This seems to be about power and control more than saving lives. If they were really concerned about the spread Biden would have closed the southern border.

            1. I agree Paul. Me and you don’t want to politicize this but there are power hungry politicians who do. Did you hear about that HR Bill in Congress that wants to federaliize elections and make the Covid election rules permanent? Just send millions of unsecured ballots out to every address even if people moved, died, or not eligible to vote in this country and allow ballot harvesting. Easiest way to rig elections.

  3. ‘Change & Disruption’…isn’t it the challenges in life that make living it so much more satisfying?

    As far as CoViD & those that choose not to get vaccinated goes; some people insist on learning the hard way in life (‘Long CoViD’)…& death.
    “Think for yourself…”

    Prospective customers who audition a pair of FR30’s at home will have to handle/fondle them with cotton/kid gloves…no scratches on the piano white/charcoal finish or you wont be able to return them for a FULL refund.

    What’s the discount for ‘B’ stock (ex demo)?
    Will the FR30’s be run in before they are shipped to the prospective customer, so that (s)he is not spending the whole month running them in?

  4. Emiko Carlin organized and hosted a successful Long Beach, California, audio show, which was safe and fun for exhibitors and attendees. Why weren’t her virus protocols a prototype for future shows?

    Concerns about the current virus do not explain, for me, the decision to kill RMAF permanently. Sporting events are being played in stadiums, schools are open, movie theaters are open, nightclubs are open, wedding parties are being enjoyed, airplanes are filled to capacity — everything looks pretty back-to-normal to me.

    Is it possible the virus is just an excuse to close an insufficiently profitable business venture?

    1. My son caught the virus from me,no it’s not Covid it’s probably worse it’s Audiophilia!! RMAF Falls on his birthday so my surprise trip and father and son audio bonding experience is history just as it seems audio shows as well 🙁 We are both vaccinated and I am wondering the same as many on this blog they put on Lolapolsia here,but an audio show no way? Seriously Covid can’t be the factor that permanently killed this show?

      1. Denis,

        Please explain the relevance of your statement to my view that vaccinated people showing proof of vaccination can be admitted to audio shows.

        Thank you.

  5. Ha Fat Rat, it seems to me you are counting your money already to see if maybe you are able to buy a pair of ex-demo FR30’s.
    No, I am kidding, but it’s a good question.
    The good news is that if I buy a pair that is “tested” (and sent back) by 7 previous potential customers, at least it is run in 🙂
    I guess the speakers will not be run in by PSA.
    A good question for “Ask Paul”. He can make a nice video about the topic.

    1. jb4,
      That’s what I’m saying.
      Who wants brand new if you’ve only got a month to ‘play’ with them?
      “Sent back by 7 previous potential customers…” Bingo! 🙂

  6. Your sense of moral decency and courage under fire is admirable. I am sure that you are busy working with pros on how to market products in this new world that we are living in.

    Ice hockey players know that the puck is in front of them and so is the goal so why look back.You are turning out the highest quality audio components and there are consumers who want to purchase them so there will be avenues to pursue that will convert your designs into sales.

    You are the Master and Commander of your ship and so far have done a fabulous job at navigating both smooth and rough waters.

  7. Good morning my Audiophile Family!
    I know this is not a church.
    And I have no right to preach the gospel to any of you.
    But reading Paul’s early morning post and all of the comments that came there after, has gotten me wondering something.
    Do any of you have faith in God?
    Sure we’re going threw a time of famine, but if you trust God to bring you threw it, you won’t be in it for very long.
    We all have lived threw lots of famines over the past 20 years, but he brought us threw them.
    This is just a wake up call from God, to see who will turn to him.
    I’m speaking by faith and faith alone when I say what I’m about to say.
    Times of trouble and sorrow will come, but they won’t last very long.
    By my faith in God, we will get past all of this.
    Just as long as I continue to put God first, he will take care of me and everyone else that trust him.
    For God so loved the world, he gave his only begotten son.
    So that we may not perish, that we may have eternal life.
    John Chapter 3, verse 16.
    I love you all!

      1. If religion no then why God yes? Are you speaking about organized religion? That is the greatest lie in the history of mankind.. Do nonbelievers have to say it for the 10 trillionth time that no one has ever proven the existence of a God. If that ever comes to pass I’ll be the first to join up. And, if there really is a God, I believe that I will be judged by what I have done during my life on Earth and not the fact that I have to pray to an omnipotent being who does not need anyone to pray to him, her or it.

    1. I’m remembering the old joke about the preacher stranded on the roof of his house during a raging flood. He refuses help because he has faith in the Lord. Fast forward to the punchline. After he drowns and meets God, he asks, “Lord, I had unwavering faith in you. Why didn’t you deliver me from that flood?” God rolls his eyes and answers, “What did you want from me? I sent you two boats and a helicopter.”

      The New Testament says to love your neighbor as yourself. Those who selfishly refuse vaccinations (as opposed to those who can’t get vaccinated) and who behave recklessly are endangering everyone. And they’re killing the economic recovery and preventing activities such as audio shows. People of faith should see the vaccines as a gift from God, but they are behaving exactly like the drowining preacher.

      1. Good afternoon eatapc!
        The people that you spoke of, at the end of your comment, are the people that I was aimming that at.
        I’m not gonna point finger’s, but some of you, sounded like you were loosing hope.
        And as for the ones that refuse to get the help, those are the ones that are putting all of us in danger.
        Those of us that are wize, will do whatever it takes to protect ourselves.
        After all, you can’t help the people that don’t want it.
        But I wanted to encourage everybody to keep your heads up.
        This thing isn’t bigger then us.
        But with the Lord, we’re bigger then it.
        I really encourage you all to look up to The Lord and prey that we get past it.
        But at the same time, we all must do our part.
        This is nothing to do with relidgen, but it’s what I truely believe in my heart.
        If you just do your best, God will do the rest.
        In other words, God will help you, if you help yourself.
        And as for my friend Stimpy2, God gave John the words to write in the bible.
        When God wrote down anything, he wrote the 10 commandments down, on two tablets, made of stones.
        Have a very blessed Laber Day, all of you!
        PS, everything I said, was all out of love twards everybody in our HIFI Family.

      2. eatapc,”You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” (Leviticus 19:18). God said that before he told the Israelites to go slaughter the Canaanites.

        There is another joke about the woman on the roof praying to God as the flood waters gradually kept rising. She had to climb onto the top of the chimney before the helicopter finally arrived. God consoled her, “I heard your sincere prayer and have come to save you.” She looked upward and angrily complained, “Yes, but what took you so long?”

    2. So my friend John, did God write those words? I don’t think so. I respect your right to believe in God but I have no belief in an ultimate being. It will take hundreds of billions of years to possibly even get to the bottom of the existence of mankind and the universe. Be well my friend.

      1. Everyone has their own belief system. You have yours and I have mine. My belief system is not responsible for the millions upon millions of deaths in world history that I’ve been caused by organized religion. So good luck to you.

        Oh yes “Thou shall not kill” so how do you reconcile that?

          1. My apologies JosephLG. Our belief system ist likely the most important part of our beings and the way we want to conduct ourselves. Sometimes I am too quick to judge because I scanned through the posts too quickly and that’s not a good thing.

              1. It amazes me that the constitutional amendment separating church and state which the Supreme Court is supposed to uphold supports alt right religious fundamentalists who are calling for rioting, killing and maiming people that don’t agree with them.

    3. Many in this forum are, as am I, old enough to remember such things. For newbies, let me provide a bit of historical context. Back in the archaic days before the rise of cable television, let alone the Internet, American television was dominated by the Big 3 broadcast networks: ABC, CBS, and NBC. There was also a little thing generally called ‘educational television’, usually exiled to the UHF band, that eventually morphed in PBS, “but wha’ o’ fhat?” In their never ending quest to lock in audiences for longer periods of time and thus sell more advertising, they invent ‘made for television’ movies and then week long mini-series. Thus endeth the history lesson.

      NBC made a mini-series called “Shogun” based on a novel by James Clavell (1975). This was set back in 1600 when the Catholic and protestant countries were generally not playing nice together, for geopolitical as much as theological reasons. The protagonist John Blackthorne (Richard Chamberlain) is an English pilot of a Dutch privateer harassing the Spanish colonies in the ‘New World’. The Spanish fleet finally gets their act together and chase the Dutch ship around the tip of and up the west coast of South America.They escape by running before a hurricane/typhon across the Pacific Ocean and eventually run ground on Japan. Japan is pretty much a closed society at this point, but allow some trade with the Portuguese and a few Jesuit missionaries. Blackthorne survives and after some initial difficulties is accepted to a degree into Japanese ruling society. A vast oversimplification, but I am finally getting to the point of all this exposition.

      Blackthorne meets and is befriended by Vasco Rodregues (John Rhys-Davies), the pilot of the Portuguese “Black Ship” who says to him, “You’re an ingles and a heathen protestant, but you’re a pilot and all pilots should love all pilots, forever amen!” Or words to that effect.

      Heathen protestant. I rather like that.

      1. Good morning Confused Steven!
        I grew up, watching the same networks.
        But however, here in North Florida, those two channels you spoke of, were on VHF.
        Those two channels are Channel 5, WUFT and Channel 7, WJTC.
        The first one, broadcasted out of Gainesville.
        The other one, broadcasted out of Jacksonville.
        But I never got to watch those channels daring the evening hours until I found my very first TV set on the side of the road when I was an 8 year old little boy.
        My mom sent me to the store to get her some cleaning supplies for the house.
        I decided to take another way back home from the store, other then the way I got to the store.
        I wasn’t looking where I was going at the time.
        I took a road that had sidewalks on either side of it.
        I nearly tripped over the thing, when I ran in to it.
        I stopped and took a look at what I hit my legs on.
        And, what do you know, I found me a TV set!
        I left it setting there as I took my mom the cleaning supplies.
        I grabbed my BMX wagon, and ran back down that same road.
        It took some doing, but I got that TV, in to the wagon and pulled it home with me.
        I plugged the TV in, and turned it on.
        I got sound, but no picture.
        And so, I opened it up, and took a peak at all of the tubes in it.
        All of them lit up, except for one.
        I needed a new 6K2 tube, but my dad only had a big box of 6K4 tubes.
        And so I grabbed one of them, and replaced the burned out 6K2 tube with it.
        I plugged the TV back in and turned it on.
        First, the sound came on.
        But about a minute later, the picture came on.
        And the rest as they say my friend, is history.

        1. Hi Joe,
          Well, you have to understand my wife’s & my crazy (disgusting) sense of humour.
          My wife is Chinese, born in Hong Kong, & the Chinese zodiac calendar puts me squarely in the ‘Year of the Rat’ (YotR).
          The Rat is the first animal in their zodiac calendar (12 animals; 12 year cycle) & the cleverest & most cunning 🙂
          McGowan is also born in the YotR (1948)

          At the time that my wife started calling me ‘Fat Rat’ I had stopped smoking marijuana as a daily event & I started exercising like a maniac to assist with changing my previous lifestyle.
          I got down to a very slender 83kg’s from 107kg’s (I hadn’t been that slim since my late teens/early 20’s)
          As a joke, my darling started calling me ‘Fat Rat’ & it stuck.
          (We like irony & juxtaposition in humour)
          So when I entered the world of the internet, YouTube, Paul’s Posts, etc.
          I decided to sign on as ‘Fat Rat’.

  8. Although I am not in the position to purchase PSA speakers, I suggest that the in-home trial for them be extended to 60 days, as their break-in and time to properly set up takes considerably longer than other components. Heck, it might take 30 days, or more, just to do that, let alone get any critical listening done.

    Just a thought.

      1. Having purchased and applied the Audiophile Guide and CD, I have confirmed that my existing loudspeakers sound perfect. No need to contemplate new speakers. 🙂

      2. Paul needs to design future Audio Guide CDs with an embedded code to make all other speaker brands sound lacking, but when played back through PS Audio speakers, the code makes a huge sound stage that reaches out and slaps you silly. This hidden code akin to Volkswagen’s emissions chip that allowed a more powerful engine pass muster, I’m sure will work perfectly as long as there are no arresting developments from the dream police . .. ..

  9. An observation,

    Apparently if you are a card carrying in lock step ‘liberal’ responding here it’s ok to bash any other group or individual that doesn’t fit the definition or thoughts of that group.

    We they… us them.


    BTW I don’t necessarily disagree … at least whole heartedly any way.

    1. That’s a great video, presenting good counterarguments for universal, mandatory COVID vaccination. It is so long and repetitive that most people won’t have the patience to watch it all the way through. It gets more interesting once you get past the horse drug ivermectin and into the risks of COVID emergent super-viruses arising through over-vaccination, and the conclusion that herd immunity may never be possible.

      1. Thanks Joseph, what differentiates Dr Malone’s observations from many others, in addition to his willingness to admit doubt, is the fact that not only is he an accredited immunologist and virologist, but he is also the inventor of the technology behind the mRNA vaccines. That got my attention.

        1. Despite the good Doctor’s doubts, I still am in favor of universal vaccination. Unless we try to achieve herd immunity, the new strains will just keep on coming. One way to approach a forest fire is to just let it burn itself out, destroying everything in its path. The other approach is to come at it with firefighters, flame retardant and water carrying aircraft and everything else you’ve got. You may not win, but at least you gave it your best shot. No pun intended 🙂

  10. Yuck, these terrible priests and their Sunday school sermons should be banned from this site.
    Especially the ones that talk about Jesus as if they met him personally in real life and Jesus comes to their home every day to drink a cup of coffee.
    And what I find most disturbing about these religious fanatics is that they always wanna make us believe that good things (e.g. a vaccin) always come from God and bad things “of course” always from humans.
    If we are created by (a) God then it’s including our brain and all the bad things and thoughts coming out of that brain.
    I believe we have a free will, we’re not puppets of some divine puppeteer.
    But I am not stupid. I know that discussions with religious fanatics are pointless. Just as pointless as discussions about taking the vaccin or not with vaccin nay-sayers. I read more than enough prove of that today.
    Same story as in audio about cables making a difference or not.

  11. I have debated with myself for almost an hour as to whether or not to comment here. Since I am now commenting here I guess I have both won and lost the debate with myself. As some of you know I am a baby boomer and a retired Ph.D. physicist. As a child the thing that scared the crap out of me was the possibility of nuclear war. I remember sheltering under my desk at school ( as if that would have done any good ) and bomb shelters, etc. When I later read that Dr. Edward Teller thought that there was some chance that the first test of the H-bomb might have destroyed the planet it really shock me.

    Today what scares the crap out of me is the virus that causes Covid-19. This virus has demonstrated properties that have never been seen before ( what this means about its origin later ). The fact that this virus mostly impacts old people ( or those with other health risks and issues ) is not unusual ( young people do get really sick and die from the virus, just not as often ). What is unique about this virus is how rapidly it mutates in to a more transmissible form that spreads quicker and easier. Whether or not it is becoming more deadly is hard to determine given how convoluted the data is due to an overwhelmed medical infrastructure. And while people who refuse to be vaccinated for reasons of politics, fear, misinformation, limited mental capabilities or stubbornness certainly are not helping it is not clear that if even if all were willing to be vaccinated that medical science could get ahead of the rate of mutation. It is clear that the unvaccinated are increasing the spread and number of mutations ( not every mutation is serious, but the more there are the greater the chance of one that is serious ).

    What we know is that natural antibodies in the blood from having been infected by the virus last three to four months and that the vaccine immunity falls off at a rate of about 6% per month. The idea that long term we will be able to deal with this virus like we deal with the flu is not supported by the data that we have at this time. Comparing the flu virus to the Cocid-19 virus is like comparing a Mini Cooper to a 12 cylinder Ferrari. I think the most we can hope for is vaccinations every six months, higher death rates and a lot of precautions. Over time we may better understand what is and is not risky behavior. Retro fitting all commercial buildings with better air circulation and filtration is going to be slow and expensive. We also have to remember that this a worldwide problem and is not going to be solved by just treating NA, UK and EU. We must also find money and resources to continue to look for possible mitigation medicine. You have symptoms of Covid-19, you get to a doctor or hospital quickly, they give you medication and you survive.

    Getting a definitive answer as to the origin of the virus may never be possible due to politics, a lack of cooperation, destruction of data and too much time since it happened.

    1. Thanks for your very informative comment Tony. I get that feeling as well but I don’t have the knowledge that you have about this virus. I know it’s very dangerous and nothing like we’ve seen to the best of my knowledge.

    2. Thanks, Tony. From my sources which include some very highly placed and knowledgeable immunologists, some regarded as being at the forefront of knowledge and research and one who was part of a team of viral experts who went to China at the request of our government at the beginning of this mess, have all told me privately there’s no doubt in their minds the virus is a manufactured one.

      Their conclusion was that it was an accident. It escaped and took everyone by surprise. They also pointed out that plenty of other countries, including our own and Russia, are/were actively growing such virus for study in their labs as well. Accidents happen. The Chinese, unfortunately, do not have the same open policies of engaging the international medical community if and when something like this does occur. Russia, the US, and most other countries engaged in viral research do.

      Of course, like any government suddenly realizing what had happened, did two things (that governments all seem to do), shut down the city (Wuhan), and covered up as much as they could. Deny everything. I can’t think of another country that wouldn’t have done something similar.

      In any case. The reason I write this and share this is to ask a question. Let’s imagine the info shared with me from my experts is true. That the virus accidently escaped a lab in Wuhan and now all this has taken place. The question is, so what? At this point, who cares? I don’t.

      I understand that finger pointing and blaming seems to be the right thing, but that’s emotions talking. The emotions of children. China (and for that matter no government) is going to own up to this and pay reparations. It would start World War III. Not going to happen.

      So, let’s move on and deal with it as adults. Accidents happen and will continue to happen. Playing with fire means sometimes you get burned.

      Let’s treat this like the other viruses we have successfully stamped out. Join together, get vaccinated, take care, and before you know it, it’s a thing of the past.

      Ok, that’s my 3 cents worth.

      1. Paul. I am not a virologist so this is speculation on my part, but I would think that if we new how the virus was made or altered that it would help in understanding how to eradicated it.

        1. Yes, of course. Which is one of the reasons why the vaccine got built so quickly and is so effective. And the good news, as you’re aware, is because the mrna designer vaccine, like most modern flu vaccines, is tweakable to handle the varients.

          As usual, science kind of got us into this mess and now it’s getting us out.

  12. Change and disruption. If this pandemic has shown me anything, it is the simple fact that my generation (and location – relatively small city, west coast of Canada) has literally had the easiest go of life – likely of all time. (born 1964 but born 50 to 69 should be similar) We grew up freely and safely and respectfully in the 70s, put a million miles on a bicycle – anywhere and everywhere without a phone, we’ve experienced most of the world’s advancements, best toys (childhood and beyond), benefits, entertainment, we could see any part of the world within a day’s travel, no major wars, no major tragedies, no depression, nothing life threatening – the pandemic is really the first ‘inconvenience’ inflicted on our lives. We are truly the luckiest people who’ve ever lived.

    *of course personal results may vary, I’m not downplaying the virus, I’m simply stating it is the first crisis in our life/generation that has had really prevented us from freely and safely living our day to day gifted lives. Am I wrong? Compare our hardships vs advantages to pretty much anyone born before us. Or to people in countries not as fortunate as ours. We’ve had it pretty dang good.
    And it ain’t over!

    1. I’d go along with that pikpen, had similar thoughts myself.

      Interestingly, having spoken to a 98 year old WW2 veteran who fought at Dunkirk, he thinks this pandemic is worse.

  13. Paul I wish you the best in displaying those beautiful speakers. I hope you find a way to get them out there for people to see and hear. Life is short and we cannot be held hostage to this forever. You have done all you can to protect your employees and your customers. The vaccine, masks, and treatments have been out there for everyone who wants or needs them. Put out masks and hand sanitizer for those who want them and let’s roll. The show must go on!

  14. Tony,

    “Getting a definitive answer as to the origin of the virus may never be possible due to politics, a lack of cooperation, destruction of data and too much time since it happened.”

    I’m not sure if “definitive” is a higher or lower bar than “beyond a reasonable doubt.” I think there is at least a preponderance of the evidence that the Chinese government is responsible for pursuing a research program which, at least negligently, burned down the world.

    1. RonRes that’s what Communist countries without free press do. They cover things up. There are whistle blowers in China but many of them have gone missing and presumed dead. A few escaped to the USA and are talking but not saying everything they know because they fear what would happen to their families.

      There is circumstantial evidence that the virus originated in the Wuhan laboratory. The main evidence is that almost two years later not one animal has been found with the virus. Not a bat, not a monkey, not any animal. If this virus occurred in nature it would have been discovered already.

      China lied saying it came from wet markets. China waited weeks before letting the world know while they closed down travel in their country while allowing travel to other countries. The Chinese military has stated in the past that they work on bio weapons because a nuclear war is unwinnable.

      China will not release records or allow any outside county to investigate within their country. I believe more whistle blowers will come forward in time if they have not all been killed already.

  15. To those insulting antivaxers all I have to say is you are not following the science. Many who have not taken the vaccine went through Covid before the vaccine was released and have better immunity to the virus than the vaccinated without risking the long term effects of the vaccine. Who are you to tell people how they should take care of their health? Doctors who had Covid have refused to take the vaccine because they said they don’t need it now. Many in the hospital took the vaccine and still were hospitalized. Many who took the vaccine had bad reactions and many have died. I’m willing to bet that there are less people in the hospital after acquiring natural immunity than those who took the vaccine. I’m not against vaccines or masks. I wear my mask all the time while many vaccinated people don’t wear masks even though they can still transmit the virus. My natural immunity is better than your vaccine and it works against all the variants while the vaccinated need to keep taking boosters of non FDA approved experimental vaccines without any data on the long term affects of the vaccine. That’s the science.

  16. Let’s all listen to real science instead of political science. The politicians want to make everything a political fight and don’t care what’s good for the American people.

    If you want to boost your natural immunity to Covid take Vitamin D and Vitamin C with Zinc whether you took the vaccine or not. Stay healthy everyone. We will get through this.

    Support your local restaurants and other businesses who have taken a big hit while the big boys like Amazon, Wal-Mart, Home Depot have doubled their business.

    1. Be careful with supplements. My kidney doctor advised me that taking any Vitamin C supplements can cause kidney stones, so don’t overdo it. Also, I have read that large doses of Vitamin D (say, over 5,000 IU daily) can cause calcium build up that can cause nausea and vomiting, weakness, and frequent urination, bone pain and damage to the kidneys by creating calcium stones. Vitamin A (6,000 – 10,000 IU daily) can lower the risk of Vitamin D toxicity. Should limit zinc to no more than 50mg daily.

      1. I agree. I never take vitamins that are higher than the daily recommendation unless for a short time as directed by a Doctor. And I don’t take vitamins everyday, maybe twice a week. Your health care is between you and your Doctor and nobody else. A news anchor should not be giving advice for your medical care.

        There was a TV recognized figure who at the advice of his Doctor treated his Covid with drugs prescribed by his Doctor, he recovered in two days and he was attacked by people who have no business giving medical advice for treating his virus with drugs prescribed by his Doctor. Covid and the variants are going to be around a long time so we need treatments too but there are some that believe masks and vaccines are the only solutions even though the current vaccines are still only approved for emergency use by the FDA and their long term effects are still unknown.

        Each person should take steps that they deem to being best for them. I don’t give advice to anyone about how to treat their health. A young man who plays football and took the Covid vaccine now has an enlarged heart and was told not to exert himself for 6 months or he could get a heart attack.

        A study in Israel concluded that natural immunity is 21 times more effective than the vaccine. When you start with vaccines when you are not in a high risk group who need them you lose natural immunity and risk unknown short and long term vaccine risks. That’s the real science. Not political science.

        1. If we are waiting for Covid infections to get reduced to zero before getting on with our lives we will be waiting a long time. We need therapeutics to the virus, new and improved and safer vaccines, wear a mask if you want to or if it’s required, wash hands frequently or use hand sanitizer and we need to learn to live with it. Not be held hostage to it. Unfortunately there will probably be other viruses in the future we will also need to learn to live with. Where does it end?

  17. After sifting through all the comments on here I realized how easy it would be to eat frustration for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
    Common sense and the rightful understanding of one’s sovereignty goes to JOE.
    I feel I can identify with most of what he says and appreciate him for speaking his mind the way he has on this thread, but unfortunately I feel a lot of what he has spoken about will fall on deaf ears. Many of you are older on here and are indeed products of your time. I know going down this rabbit whole of information and dispensing it won’t win any wars or save any lives because at the heart of it all some people are just too ingrained into their original infrastructures of thoughts and beliefs and I honestly can sympathize for how hard it is to come out of that system of beliefs and start to muster even just one philosophical thought and question like “ Why do I Believe what I Believe?”
    And then start examining root causes of these beliefs.
    It isn’t easy and many of you here have shown how hard it is.
    More importantly this is not a question of overall intelligence. It isn’t like that at all. It mainly revolves around critical thinking. Many to not possess this in regards to this situation regarding Covid 19.

    All I ask from from all of you is that if you are gonna take the vaccine or even the booster shot if you haven’t already, is to read the informed consent.

    I respect and really like a lot of the minds on here, so speaking as your friend please look after yourselves and others by doing your due diligence. We cannot be so trusting of people who are in power.

    Enjoy the sonics tonight, fellas.

    1. I think we should all find this interesting, but especially those who feel that individual liberty should rule the day. In 1904 ( yes 1904 ) a pastor was fined $5 ( yes $5, that was real money in 1904 ) for not obeying a vaccine mandate issued by the Cambridge ( Mass. ) Board of Health that said everyone must be vaccinated against smallpox. The pastor appealed the fine. Backed by an anti-vaccine organization the case made it all the way to the United States Supreme Court. The link below goes into the history, the decision and the majority opinion.

      By a majority of 7-2 the mandate was UPHELD! The relevant section of the majority opinion is below:

      “There are manifold restraints to which every person is necessarily subject for the common good,” read the majority opinion. “On any other basis, organized society could not exist with safety to its members. Society based on the rule that each one is a law unto himself would soon be confronted with disorder and anarchy.”

      Please read the entire article.

      1. Thank you for posting this, Tony.

        “On any other basis, organized society could not exist with safety to its members. Society based on the rule that each one is a law unto himself would soon be confronted with disorder and anarchy.”

        Boy, that sums it up for me. I cannot imagine what’s got into folks who believe “freedom” means a law unto each person’s self. That does not describe a society.

  18. For some on here who strongly advocate vaccine mandates should take in some information in this video.

    Also Paul and Tony when you advocate authoritarianism it is extremely counterproductive. You create segregation and you allow for more people to not want to take the vaccine.

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