Basic decisions

February 19, 2020
 by Paul McGowan

One of the more difficult choices when assembling a reference audio chain is answering the most basic of questions. What's it for?

It's rare we ask ourselves this basic question because few among us really think much beyond the desire to have great music in the home. And frankly, that's just fine. H-Fi is a fun endeavor, not a life and death struggle.

Yet, if we find ourselves actually planning out our future direction for upgrades or beginning system building, it can sure make it easier if we have the time and patience to ask the right questions. If the system's purpose is to extract every last ounce of information from the music, then our choices will move in one direction. If instead, we're more interested in maximizing sonic excitement, we might take an entirely different course. And working towards perfection on both accounts yet another path.

Taking just a moment to ask yourself what's it for, can often times save a whole bunch of time and money further down the line.

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