Audiophile Day

October 2, 2021
 by Paul McGowan

Every single day of the year there are multiple celebrations of every imaginable topic.  In fact, this month there are more celebrations than there are days in the year.

And, among those, and special to all of us reading this post, is the 6th annual, Audiophile Day.

It’s a day to remember why we’re here. For some it’s the gear, for others the music, still others the camaraderie.

We are unique. A wonderful mix of good-hearted people from around the world. People in love with music and its faithful reproduction in the home.

To all of us, a happy Audiophile Day!

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42 comments on “Audiophile Day”

  1. What!
    Another year has just slipped by?!

    My Audiophile Day will be postponed until I receive my very first ‘Octave Records’ CD…
    hopefully within the next 10 days.
    But for the rest of you, ‘May your sweet-spot remain steadfast & true’ 🙂

    1. Hi FR.
      Happy audiophile day to you and everyone,I think today I will return my push pull valve amp to it’s rightful place on the rack.
      I hope your disc will arrive with in ten days but my experience of the US postal service was much longer,temporary circumstances ordered on 17/10/2220 arrived on 18/12/2220.
      The help and communication from PS Audio was great and the Audiophiles guide was delivered quicker.

    2. Good morning FR!
      Happy Audiophile Day to you too as well my friend!
      I’m not trying to be nosey, but when you said that you were waiting for your very first SACD to arrive in the mail, it made me think about asking you this question.
      How are you gonna play that new SACD?
      Did you finally brake down, and buy yourself an SACD player?
      If you did, then I’m very happy for you!
      Please give me the details!
      I would like to know how those DSD files sound to you both on the disc, and on your system.
      Please keep me posted!
      If you wish not to discuss it with me here, then hit me up privately.
      I can be contacted offline at:
      [email protected]
      Looking to here from you, very soon!

      1. Hi JP,
        Nope, I haven’t upgraded to a SACD player yet.
        I will be listening to the Redbook layer on the disc
        for now, until my budget permits otherwise.

        1. 90% of the sound engineers I asked for describing the audible differences in sound quality between a downsampled RBCD Version and the original SACD or 24/192 version answered that there are no audible differences. However there are differences between an analog and a digital recording. Even the analog guru Michael Fremer routinely makes digital recordings from his super high end analog rig, recordings which don’t destroy the analog characteristics and essence. Thus no worry. If the original recording had high end quality the RBCD will not be lofi.

  2. Happy Audiophile Day PS Audio !!

    You have transformed my hifi experience beyond all measure over the last two years.

    Long may it continue !

    Richard Peace

  3. Happy Audiophile Day to all. Listen to your favorite music, or some new music, or make that change in your system that you have been dreaming about.

    FR, News flash! The USPS is slowing down on purpose as of yesterday!

  4. Hello to Fat Rat and fellow lovers of the music and the gear that bring it to our ears. Here in my home, I call my audio get togethers an M.A.D. (Music Appreciation Day). It has been a while since I have had one due to C-19.

    However, just this PAST week, I had TWO! A studio owner / engineer of Rotory Records here in MA. with his very critical ears. He brought over a work in progress recording of a jazz group of 4 musicians all playing LIVE. He wanted to hear it on the Martin Logan Classic 9’s I have in my dedicated 434 cu. ft. listening space (I just had to mention it) lol. I always provide good wine and cheeses from the local market and make my guests feel welcome and comfortable.

    Noting that this engineer’s listening is all about near field studio work, and he wanted to here his efforts on a good system in a larger room. He decided that he was happy enough with what he heard and will master the project making no further changes to his mix. It was quite an honor to have him send me a text later letting me know he was home and to thank me for a wonderful afternoon and that the system was “amazing”.

    5 days later, and after much hopeful planning, I had two of my neighbors (husband and wife) stop by for the day. We started with the restored Bang and Olufsen 6500 system, a track from a good cassette, then onto a restored B.I.C. 960 table for some vinyl. It was fun to also demo a Marantz 11.2 AVR in PURE 2 channel mode with not a single ‘gimmick’ turned on. (It can be done!)

    Later moved onto the Martin Logan/Parasound system to round out the day. Vinyl on the Rega RP-6 – magnetic spins on the Teac R to R and even some digital tracks on a multi disc player.

    At the conclusion of a wonderful time, I was honored with a very lovely comment about the system, the music selections and the fact that the Classic 9’s were one of the finest sounding speakers ever heard!, and THAT coming from a Maggie owner!! They were here at 12 noon, left at 5:45pm. !

    Next up? A long time friend from Rhode Island will be making the trek, and we get to spend another great day enjoying music, food and wine. The M.A.D. sessions were started 40 years ago with THIS friend, and so it continues.

    Here then, my contribution to this ‘Audiophile Day’. Enjoy your systems, and the music they provide my fellow listeners.

  5. To all of our great community members, Happy Audiophile Day.

    I’m going to spend a small part of today reflecting on my history of being an audiophile by remembering all of the different equipment, recordings, people that I have met in this industry and fellow audiophiles that have I shared happiness, camaraderie and wonderful memories with.

    To all you folks in this community I send my best wishes.


  6. Happy Audiophile Day everyone we are lucky to have this forum the information gleened from Paul has been such a help over the years. Love the forum love the videos Thank you Paul for the time you give so generously to us all

    1. That’s the absolute truth. Paul works tirelessly by giving of himself in his endeavor to bring audio truth to our passion. Bravo Paul and thank you.

  7. Spinning a different type of disc today. My electricians had to drill loads of holes in my ceilings to remove old junctions and rewire. Spinning 95mm plasterboard discs to fill the holes so painting can progress Monday morning. Love a bit of DIY now and again.

      1. Well, I can’t say I’m the outdoorsy type…

        I give the credit to our writers and artists, and Paul for the platform and the encouragement and support. I couldn’t do Copper without them.

        Although, sometimes, when I think about it, it is kind of crazy to publish more than 30 articles a month of content! But I’ve gotten pretty fast and adept at editing and writing. Well, fast anyway. 🙂

        1. I’m in the outdoors type too. South Florida is my kind of state for anything. It’s been over two years since I took a nine hour hike with my sons in the Smokies in Tennessee and it was phenomenal. it was so peaceful it put my mind and soul to rest during that whole hike.

          Keep moving Frank, it’s hard to hit a moving target.

          1. Sorry Frank I read your last comment wrong. You’re not outdoorsy.

            Everyone is different… As the ancient Italian philosopher once said:

            “Salciccia his own’

  8. There are several ways to view Audiophile Day:
    1) Another year passed so quickly…I’m running out of time.
    2) I’m thankful I got to live another year and can still hear the music.
    3) I’m not the only one who is crazy.

        1. Oh, so more like Jonathan Winters?

          Certainly not George Carlin slthough I believe everything that Carlin was making fun of was his way of turning what he witnessed in society into humor because he knew that he couldn’t deal with the world around him anymore so he channeled it in another direction. This isn’t my opinion but the opinion of a psychologist friend of mine who spent 15 years researching and analyzing the change in George Carlin‘s last 20 years on earth.

                1. Well sort of. Robin Williams admired and adored Jonathan Winters. Robin was an off-the-cuff instant insanity kind of guy whereas Jonathan Winters was off-the-cuff but seemed very retrospective when he threw a punch line out. Them together A combination of instant insanity and humorous recollections.

                  So here you go Joseph:


  9. Alright. October 2nd is the day we all rejoice together for being audio nut jobs. 😉
    I love it. Count me in.

    A Happy Audiophile Day to all!

    Enjoy everyone.

  10. Thanks for the nice comments everyone and I hope to meet everyone someday when shows start up again, or in our travels.

    I figure there’s enough snark in the audio world, especially on online forums. And I confess, I indulged in it a little bit when I worked at TAS (though nowhere near the nuclear-blast level some of the guys and gals dished out). But, maybe I’m older and wiser now and my attitude is, what’s the point of all that? We’re in this for enjoyment. Music is a mysterious gift. I’m glad we live in a world where we can enjoy it.

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