A special day

October 2, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

Today, October 2nd is a special day. A day set aside to recognize and appreciate those of us who direct our passions to music and its home playback.

Today is Audiophile Day.

Founded in 2016, this is a day to appreciate our community.  A community of enthusiastic devotees to the art of high-fidelity sound and music reproduction.

Audiophiles come from many different backgrounds, have a wide variety of experience levels and interests, and range from young to old.

Let us all join in the celebration and toast to the ideals we hold so high.

People around us may shake their heads in disbelief at the extent we go to wring that last morsel of sonic bliss from the system, but one listen is usually all it takes to amaze and delight.

Happy Audiophile Day!

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33 comments on “A special day”

  1. Happy cable swapping, toeing in/out, contact cleaning, subwoofer placing,
    record cleaning, tonearm balancing & general futzing around.
    Oh, & if you have any time left, happy critical listening everyone…
    on this great audiophile day.
    May your hearing never fail you!
    Best regards,
    From Australia 😀

    1. You forgot speaker cable separating. I spent all afternoon last week doing mine using plug wire separator’s. I’m not sure if I hear any difference, but they look very cool

      1. Hi RC,
        For some, I’m sure scientific, reason spacing the hot & return wires is
        sonically more noticeable with solid core wires than with a multistrand.

    2. Thanks for the connection to reality. If I need a nudge in this direction I listen eyes closed to the great Christy Moore album “Listen” especially Track 1, “Listen” followed immediately by PF cover “Shine on You Crazy Diamond” and I am cured and my wallet is firmly closed. Simplicity works for me, I have heard a heavy snow fall and the after effect / change this brings to my hearing but have not achieved the experience of “Whisper of Moonlight on the Water” or “Feather on the Breeze’ without Christy’s interpretation and imagination. Just 75 and “Still Sailing On the Breeze”.

  2. A day for locking yourself in a room and not talking anyone. On a Sunday, there’s the London Marathon, Singapore Grand Prix, Manchester derby (football) and all the hifi stores are closed. Went to a fabulous gig last night, Bach two short masses and two cantatas, couch potato day for me.

    1. Steven,
      I’m watching the season Grand Final of Rugby League.
      5 minutes to go & the Penrith Panthers have beaten the Parramatta Eels.
      Penrith are now premiers 2 years in a row.
      It’s a couch potato evening for me.

      From yesterday…Yes AU$15 is on the high side for what I will pay for a preloved CD, it’s usually
      in the AU$3-10 range, as we discussed here a few weeks ago.
      However, compared to a AU$75 Octave CD of music that doesn’t interest me…it’s a bargain 😀

  3. Every day is audiophile day here in sunny Ascot!……..Rugby league Fat Rat!!!!! flat caps and whippets come to mind ….. real men play Union!…….

  4. A Happy 7th annual Audiophiles Day everyone.
    If I remember correctly Ted’s wife came up with this idea. Thank you Mrs Smith.

    Abbreviated H.A.D. —— Something we’ve all been? 😉 Hallmark is missing an opportunity…

    Frost warnings here tonight. Time to breakout the big class A amps and spend the next six months curled up in the Sweet Pot.

    1. From the link…. (And the beginning)
      Audiophile Day is celebrated annually on October 2.

      This is a day to appreciate audiophiles. These people are enthusiastic – even passionate – about high-fidelity (Hi-Fi) sound/music reproduction. They exist around the world, come from many different backgrounds, have a wide variety of experience levels and interests, and range from young to old.

      The values of audiophiles are involved in every stage of music reproduction: the initial recording of a performance, the mastering and production processes, and, of course, the final playback.

      A significant number of audiophiles have contributed to our world as musicians, composers, etc. and many have been innovative in the realms of instruments, equipment, accessories, processes, and music sources/formats.

      The musical tastes of audiophiles are not necessarily limited – in fact, they may be quite eclectic.

      Audiophiles, we celebrate you!

      1. Saving the environment by not burning coal. 😉 – more like space heaters for the fall months. – although I need a bigger house for the 7.2 system – 😀

  5. Thanks for the post. This is the first I have heard of it. It’s a good way to set aside a day for listening to music.

    Record Store Day used to be my favorite day, but no longer participate. I would wake up and go to a couple stores to pick up some cool new albums. Then, the eBay whacks started showing up. Long lines formed early in the morning with clowns picking up limited releases, which they then went home and immediately posted on eBay.

  6. I first discovered Audiophile Day here, thanks to Paul, a few years ago. I was surprised, impressed and maybe even a little proud that we had our own special day to celebrate. However, if you’re committed, every day is an audiophile day. Digging deeper I discovered that if you can think of it, it probably has its own special celebratory day, many occasions falling on the same day. For example today, Sunday October 2nd is also:
    National name your car day.
    Change a light day.
    International day of non violence.
    National fried scallops day.
    National custodial worker recognition day. (don’t you just love a snappy phrase 😉 )
    and World farm animals day.
    There’s probably more. If you’re feeling bored or got some time to kill you can always check out https://www.daysoftheyear.com/ for those days you want to celebrate, but just not sure what.

    1. So, I think I could knock out several of those at one time, particularly changing a light and eating scallops. Getting a farm animal to listen with me would be quite the challenge, however.

    2. It also happens to be the first day of ‘Daylight Savings’ here in New South Wales.
      So now I’m an extra hour ahead of the rest of y’all 😎

    3. Let’s not forget March 14…!
      I’ll let you look it up if your simple anagram solving skills are not exercised up…

      When is tinnitus free day?
      Aw snap, there it is…why is it you don’t really notice it until you think about it or mention it?

      Whatchya doin?
      Just sitting here listening to my ears ring…
      In mono.
      Couldn’t it not at least be in stereo?
      With a nice wide soundstage?
      And a holographic center image??
      Nope, it’s just left ear.
      And right ear.
      And with no condfoundedpiddletwittin MUTE button.
      Now, it COULD be the result of a lifetime of (over)celebrating HAD.
      Thank crikey it doesn’t effect listening. Matter fact, a good audio session is like a temporary tinnitus bandaid.

      How bout a happier D?
      Like National Cute Butt Day?

      Is that a waddle, a wiggle
      A posterior giggle,
      A wriggle, a struggle
      Or hip bone trouble
      Or an ass chewing bubble gum….?

      OOPS, I guess we’re not allowed to say stuff like that anymore.
      Like, Canadian sorry.

  7. while I’m sure Paul and the crew would prefer you send your money to him (small denomination currency preferred), it might just also be the end of the model year day on UHD TVs. There are some good sales on the big wall-hanger sized monsters this weekend. It might increase the enjoyment of watching music as well as listening. 🙂

    1. I just bought a SONY Bravia OLED television and am loving it. My 22-year old Bravia LED that stayed on 24/7 was still working fine but OLED takes television image quality to another level.

        1. Tony, to get the best picture quality I used the CUSTOM picture setting and tweaked all the parameters to my taste. I am thinking of getting a SONOS Arc soundbar which should work in my small room. Are you using a soundbar system?

          1. No, I have a 2.1 audio system that I use instead of the TV sound. It consist of a MF M6i integrated amp. a pair of ATC SCM19 two way speakers and an REL G1 subwoofer

  8. HAD!

    I particularly celebrate the evolution from my very young years, on into my income earning years, and now later into my retirement years.

    The things that I learned and appreciated from earlier times we’re all just part of the evolution.

    I’ve never had a bad 2-channel system.

    I appreciate this rag-tag collection of “the usual suspects” 😉

  9. This is the first I’ve read or heard of Audiophile Day, and on my 74th birthday! I meant to reply yesterday, but was too busy listening to music…
    Thanks, Paul!

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