A real breakthrough

April 1, 2021
 by Paul McGowan

To be honest, I have been working on a secret project for more than a decade and wanted to use this opportunity to tell the world—shout it out to the world.

I have finally broken the barrier between HiFi and live.

I have written about this before: how we can walk past an open window and tell without question when music from within is live or reproduced through speakers. Finally I know why.

It’s the speaker itself. The mechanical nightmares we call loudspeakers are to blame. What’s been needed all along is a massless speaker—one without any mechanical contrivance whatsoever. Dr. Hill tried with his Plasmatronic and it was a good start—but tanks of gas and inefficiencies doomed it to the oddity bin.

No, I’ve actually done it! How? How is it possible to produce the perfect massless point source? A full range reproduction device that can be powered by even a 10-watt SET amplifier and we can produce it for under $500 retail?

While you were sleeping, I snuck into your house and marked your calendar with the answer.


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60 comments on “A real breakthrough”

  1. These are evil thoughts for the bass junkie. I had a wonderful newly rebuilt pair of Quad ESL63 (cost me $1,500) which I sold to a guy who recently reviewed the Magnepan LRS ($1,000), using the ESL63 for comparison.

    They may sound truly real, but fact that these devices are so big and/or unreliable has prevented them taking over the world.

    Never heard of Dr. Hill, but his product sounds flammable.

    1. Not confused Stephen..I’ve posted this way below but thought you might like this:

      Nelson Pass’ ‘perfect’ mass-less, full-range Ion Cloud speaker, 1980.
      Notice: HIGH VOLTAGE Nix fingerpoken

      He describes ‘The Ultimate Audiophile Product’
      + Exotic
      + Incredibly expensive
      + Horribly inefficient
      + Unavailable, and
      + Toxic
      Pretty cool in my book.

    1. Another thing that made this story implausible is Paul expecting us to believe he has been working on something IN SECRET for over ten years.
      C’mon, Paul can’t wait to tell us about his latest project plus, with all the daily posts and videos, we almost know what he’s been up to in the last ten minutes. 🙂

    1. Pgoodier and Theo: Its verifiable. The problem with the original patent is that it would cost about 45,000 dollars to reach your door … Paul was just playing with the $500… At first I thought it was a typo.

  2. This device was patented by Professor I Lirpa in 1971. If you make any attempt to sell plans or products based on the Lirpa technology you will find yourself at the wrong end of a massive suit.

  3. Ha, ha. The kid in Paul is ever present.

    Nearly every day my inbox is full of Fools jokes–miracle cures, lures for political and charitable donations, quick fixes for everything from clogged arteries to clogged toilets. Sad part is a lot of people believe them and send them millions of dollars.

  4. Why is there an orchestra in my living room?

    Seriously, a handful of times I have approached my listening room door (usually after fetching a glass of beer (Fat Rat, you drink Foster’s?)) and the sound sounded very live. But I think a lot of that was because of the recording. Some recordings sound far more live than others. Jazz at the Pawnshop is one example. Dang, the clinking of those glasses sound like they’re all around me!

    1. Hi Neil,
      Foster’s beer is horse piss.
      We sell it to the rest of the world as the biggest April Fool’s joke ever.
      VB (Victoria Bitter) is my poison of choice 🙂
      Btw, I hope that you’re cheering.

      1. Also, Big Sky Brewing in Missoula, Montana has a brown ale called Moose Drool and Wichita Brewing in Kansas has a stout called Tallgrass Buffalo Sweat. Despite the date, I am not making this up. I have enjoyed them both.

        And one must never forget Firesign Theatre’s Good Old Country Bear Wizz Beer: “Son, it’s in the water. That’s why it’s yellow.”

        1. Moose Drool is my favorite while in Jackson Hole. Even if it is not local.
          My son got me into Pliny the Elder.
          And we have a local brewer that makes fantastic stuff in a Belgian style.

      1. Just watched your ‘Tour of PS Audio’s museum’ presentation
        & I’m gonna repeat myself here.
        You are the best exhibit in said PS Audio museum Paul.
        Happy April Fool’s day!
        OMG what hellish trickery do you have in store for Terri? 😉

  5. It’s been a long time since I looked at the “Hi-Fi Family systems”, but I was pleasantly surprised.
    So much better (bigger) these photo’s. 🙂
    One question : when can I (pre)order these new PSA speakers and what would be the exact price ?
    Or are they built only for the American market. (would be a pity).

  6. Horse Hockey!

    April Fools you Fools

    Paul… you can disregard the email I sent you a few minutes ago. I got my chain pulled by Steve Guttenburg!

    We need a little jocularity these days.

  7. I checked my kitchen calendar for the answer – all it had was “Start prep for colonoscopy”. Maybe I’ll check the other calendars……

    1. While Lirpa has a patent, they never made the transition to full production. The issue was that the speakers were so transparent that the packers were never sure they had placed the products in the retail packaging.

  8. Paul, this morning, when I checked a night time recording of my in-house system of infrared cameras, I saw you marking my calendar.
    I wish you had woke me up, so I had welcomed such a honored visitor, offered you some drinks and snacks, played my HIFI system for you (it’s always on as you taught us), and asked for your critique, and begged to help me to tune it up with your kind guidance ( I tried to tweak it myself using your Book and SACD, but I’m sure you would’ve found ways to make it much better).
    So, please, next time you’re in, text me in advance, so I’d properly prepare for the HIFI KING’S arrival, and we can tweak my system, listen to some great music, have some drinks and food, and spend a wonderful fun time together. And of course Terri is welcome to come over with you as well, my wife would be thrilled to have you both as our guests (it would be a little easier to pick you up at the airport during the daylight though )
    Happy April’s Fool Day!
    Your greatest admirer always!

  9. Must pass this one on from a Merchant Shipping comrade:
    I remember one time when I was First Officer on one of the large LNG ships, relaxing in my cabin when the 2nd Engineer burst in and shouted “There’s a helluva leak on your nitrogen tank !!”. I rushed out on deck, into the LN2 house my head in panic mode and found ….. ….. a leek on the top of the tank. I had forgot it was April 1st.

  10. As soon as I got that email in my inbox this morning, I emailed Paul directly and asked him, “you’ve got me curious.
    What is the answer?”
    He replied and said, “April Fools!”
    So don’t take this too seriously.

  11. a vacuum enclosed box, with brown sugar-coated Bacon for the sweet tweeter, the midrange of mashed potatoes well damped with gravy, and bass supplied by 1″ ribeye steak(bone in) which can be tweaked from rare to well done.A feast of sound.
    Sorry, Paul no veggies to lightweight and edgy leaving you hungry for a richer sound.Bon Appetite

  12. Lirpa Labs is pleased to announce that Lirpa Labs has been dispanded. The Illustrious Professor Lirpa has gotten fed up up with the whole bloody mess and has moved back to his private ocean on Sigma Draconis IV. [oh, that explains the gill slits]. All employees are summarily dismissed without severance, effective immediately.

    Wait! What?

    –off line–

    1. errata: ‘disbanded’ — disregard the the 2nd (or the 1st, but not both) ‘up’

      Aging slushware is exhibiting mild dyslexia, kayo?

  13. Ah yes, the gonkulating turbo-encabulator. Delivering phase detractors, able to to utilize marzel vains to align the cardinal gram-meters. Done through the modial interaction of magneto reluctance, made of the elusive “unobtainium”…

  14. Paul is asking for it. Party at Paul’s!!! Who’s with me?
    I’m cosmo Kramer door crashing. Paul I’d like my sourdough bread and hummus while I experience, in your living room no less, the REAL music experience.

    Happy April fools and Easter long weekend to all!! Enjoy! Chocolate goes down easy this time of year.

  15. Well, it seems that Paul has found the secret- two empty cans
    from his favorite soup and some bakery string! Oh, please use
    red and white braided cord, with low capacitance of course!


  16. Tekton speakers produced beautiful sounding speakers that have SPL’s up to 104 db per 1 watt of power and can handle over 2000 to 4000 watts delivering up to 140 db maximum output and unlike Klipsch speakers they are audiophile grade and they will even upgrade to Seas drivers if requested at a small increase in price but those are 7000 to 12,000. They have less expensive fairly efficient Impact speakers for about 2000.00. Hottest selling speakers on the market right now. Paul says he can do it for less than 500.00. He’s got Chris hard at work. 🙂

    1. It explains why I have not heard much from Chris lately on videos. Paul has him locked up in the dungeon working hard on his secret project. 🙂

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