User Reviews - aspen FR20 Loudspeakers

they sound awesome!

I just quickly put them where my old speakers were and put on some music to break in and just got back in town. Did some tweaking today and they sound awesome!


The speakers, which are still burning in, are spectacular.

Been running it in for a few days… WOW!

Received my demo pair in black on Monday, been running it in for a few days… WOW! @Paul @Chris_Brunhaver I'd like to tell you both how impressed I am with the way these speakers are opening up and transforming my 2-channel system and listening room (all digital hi-res streaming, custom Roon server, Lampizator dac, Absolare Integrated w/ lots of fairly expensive cabling and conditioning). I think I have finally found a speaker that scales up to my room, delivers live-music dynamics and energy, doesn't overwhelm me with treble at my 8-9' listening position, and figuratively disappears from the stage, without losing much in terms of the gorgeous tonality and density that I have become accustomed to with the LS5/5s and other BBC-style speakers I've owned. Further, despite the much deeper bass on offer with the FR20s, I somehow think that I need LESS DSP/room treatment with these than other speakers I've used. My partner, who is definitely capable of hearing the differences in gear/speakers, wholeheartedly agrees