User Reviews - aspen FR20 Loudspeakers

Knocked it out of the park!

I had might sights set on the FR30s but just couldn't manage their size. The 20s were perefect but had me worried they wouldn't live up to the 30s. I was pleasantly surprised. These are amazing and exactly what I was hoping for. Good work!

Love 'em!

I have the FR20 at home and absolutely love them. I hope you get a chance to hear them. The FR20’s are truly wonderful. I purchased them because of the clean and open midrange and tweeter, and was pleasantly surprised to find the bass was also much cleaner than my last speakers. And when set up just right, they have tons of magic. Female vocals that bloom sound nice. Vocals that are clean sound nice. They image very nice too.

everything I hoped for and more !!!

I’m extremely pleased Paul, they are everything I hoped for and more !!! … and they replaced excellent speakers, Dali Epicon 8 that I had for 8 years, the longest of any speaker in my main system…I will slowly tweak placement, the room, and subwoofer settings overt the next few weeks…again, many many thanks…and James was totally awesome as always in getting this all done…

You gotta hear 'em!

I’d like to tell you both how impressed I am with the way these speakers are opening up and transforming my 2-channel system and listening room (all digital hi-res streaming, custom Roon server, Lampizator dac, Absolare Integrated w/ lots of fairly expensive cabling and conditioning). I think I have finally found a speaker that scales up to my room, delivers live-music dynamics and energy, doesn’t overwhelm me with treble at my 8-9’ listening position, and figuratively disappears from the stage, without losing much in terms of the gorgeous tonality and density that I have become accustomed to with the LS5/5s and other BBC-style speakers I’ve owned.