Industry Reviews - Aspen FR20 loudspeakers

The Aspen FR20 are simply excellent speakers that impress in every respect. High-quality, elegantly designed and easy to set up, they are suitable for listening rooms and living rooms alike. Despite their size, they do not require enormous power, they pack an energetic punch even with smaller amplifiers and always appear controlled. Ultimately, however, it is clearly their sound that makes them completely convincing. This level of precision, depth of detail, dynamics and simultaneous long-term suitability and musicality is not standard even in the reference class. You quickly lose yourself in their wonderful playing, which makes you never want to stop listening to the music. The PS Audio Aspen FR20 are my new favorite speakers... Read More

The PS Audio Aspen FR20 is for the music lover who has done their homework, knows what they need, and doesn't follow the pack.... Read More

Positive Feedback

A little more reduced, a little less massive, but at least as high a level – that is the definition of successful down-sizing. Or simply the description of the PS Audio Aspen FR20... Read more

these mighty, musical and marvelous speakers set a new benchmark in their sector and, arguably, fix the standard even more ambitious designs now have to beat... Read more

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