Industry Reviews - aspen FR10 Loudspeakers

The FR 10s have a charming openness and spatiality.” They generate “an impressive feeling of scale and authority from a soundstage that’s typically ‘grand’.” In the summary verdict section of the review, the FR 10s are described as providing “a big-hearted, ebullient and hugely enjoyable performance across the board.” With careful setup, they offer “a scale and level of authority that belies their compact dimensions.... Read More

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Two things I noticed about this speaker, consistently, …is the mid-base and lower mid-range transition area … there’s a lot of strong upper mid-base punch that I really appreciated. … The other thing I liked…is the sound stage width …there’s a good wide sound stage but the instruments and the layering and the precision of objects within the sound stage are very well defined... Read More

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