Industry Reviews - Aspen FR10 Loudspeakers

The PS Audio Aspen FR10 loudspeaker is a great-looking and serious audiophile speaker, capable of delivering wonderfully immersive aural experiences. Whether you're into vinyl, streaming, digital file playback, or enjoying an HD show or movie over your Hifi system, the FR10s render it wondrously. They are very interior design friendly; unimposing in size, their sleek, contemporary lines fit nicely in homes with discerning tastes..... Read More

Positive Feedback

The FR 10s have a charming openness and spatiality.” They generate “an impressive feeling of scale and authority from a soundstage that’s typically ‘grand’.” In the summary verdict section of the review, the FR 10s are described as providing “a big-hearted, ebullient and hugely enjoyable performance across the board.” With careful setup, they offer “a scale and level of authority that belies their compact dimensions.... Read More

Hi-Fi News

Two things I noticed about this speaker, consistently, …is the mid-base and lower mid-range transition area … there’s a lot of strong upper mid-base punch that I really appreciated. … The other thing I liked…is the sound stage width …there’s a good wide sound stage but the instruments and the layering and the precision of objects within the sound stage are very well defined... Read More

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