A new DAC

We’ve just released what I call ‘a new DAC’. Ted Smith designed new firmware for DirectStream that takes one of the best DACS in the world into another orbit; placing it in a very special category of rarefied air. And any owner of DirectStream can upgrade today, for free. Here’s the reactions to this massive upgrade.

If I didn’t know otherwise I’d say I’ve had a speaker upgrade, not a DAC software upgrade. It’s not subtle. $20,000 speakers now sound more like $30,000 speakers.


It is a REVELATION! I’ve gone back through a range of my reference recordings, from piano concerti to old opera recordings, blues and jazz to a range of current instrumental and vocal artists and many live recordings from a range of genres. Every single one of them reveals more detail from the lowest lows, through the midrange and on up into the highs. The ability to hear more detail in every voice in an orchestra or band, combined with greater presence ‘in the room’ in live recordings is astounding.”


I’ve been listening non-stop and I can’t believe the improvement.  The soundstage is even more amazing than it already was, voices are even more precise and clear.  I never had an issue with the bass before, but now it is noticeably tighter, deeper and better defined.  This is the closest I’ve ever been to “being there”.


Some of my red book cd’s, now sound like I’m there in the studio listening to the performance. It’s live but I know better.


Wow, where is the ‘jaw dropping’ emoticon when you need one?  Superb firmware!


I’m definitely the closest I have ever been to the music – transported to the venue. I cannot wish or ask for more to the sound and performance bottom to top – perfect is the performance, this DAC is amazing thanks.


Well, this just knocked me out of my chair.  Excellent upgrade, gives us a bigger soundstage and a much better bottom end. Looks like one more nail in the coffin for my vinyl collection!


The noise floor was already beyond the hearing level, the jitter was barely measurable, but hey looks like all those insignificant 0.000000001% do matter indeed.


The desire and ability of the PS team to improve a SIGNIFICANT investment for no further cost is a HUGE benefit that I don’t take lightly. This truly sets you apart from most high end manufacturers and solidifies the reason to do business with you! Bravo!

Did I mention the upgrade is free? If you own DirectStream, click here to download the upgrade. Place it on a blank SD card, after you unzip the files, place it in the rear of DirectStream, power cycle the device from the rear panel switch and be prepared for an amazing experience. It’s a new DAC.

Trade up almost over

Throughout the United States as well in some areas of the world, the September trade-up promotion is ready to close. You have only a few days left. This is a great way to upgrade your existing DAC to DirectStream and start enjoying some of the benefits you just read about. Click here for details on the trade-up program for the United States. We accept any make or model of DAC, but there are only a few days left.

 World Premiere One

In 42 years of designing and providing high end audio equipment to the world, PS Audio has never built anything with tubes in it. That’s about to change.

… and change is hard sometimes. But when I compared the sound of the new power amplifier we’re designing with tubes on the input, vs. multiple types of solid state designs, there was no choice but to go with the tube for the amp’s front end. The difference is not subtle. Not even a little bit.

On Friday, October 10th, in room 550 of the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, we will unveil to the world Bascom King’s masterpiece, the PerfectWave Amplifier, powering a very special system. Bascom, a world renowned analog designer, will be available Friday and Saturday to answer any questions you might have.

And how good is this amp? I am not modest, nor am I embarrassed to brag a little. This 250/watt per channel tube input/MOSFET output power amplifier is in the top five of all amplifiers, at any price, ever made. No, seriously. I encourage you to come by the room, see the two prototypes, listen to them and meet their designer. It’s a rare opportunity.

World Premiere Two

I cannot adequately express to you how much I have wanted to take the massive IRS V loudspeakers in Music Room One to a consumer audio show. That is a near impossible dream. They are so large they would not even fit into a freight elevator. Alas, that will not happen.

Expressing my frustration to the speaker’s designer, Arnie Nudell (the founder of Infinity Systems), he told me to instead get a pair of Infinity IRS Betas. According to Arnie, they sound better than even the IRSV in some respects; in particular, the lower midbass.

That was all I needed to know and called my good friend Larry who just happened to have a brand-new pair, stored in a warehouse all these years. They are in pristine condition. I purchased them immediately.

I then twisted Arnie’s arm (it wasn’t hard) to set them up for us at Rocky Mountain and so, my friends, we have a second world premiere to enjoy. Room 550, the Keynote Suite, will host the first public showing in a quarter century of the Infinity IRS Betas, as setup by the designer himself. This is one demo you do not want to miss. Trust me. Arnie will also be buzzing in and out of the room if you’d like to meet him.

Sprout Lounge

As long as we’re on the topic of world premiers and the upcoming RMAF in Denver, Scott McGowan has another surprise in store for you. In our second room, adjacent to 550, he’s building the Sprout Lounge.

What’s a Sprout Lounge? Picture a cool living room in a modern home, with music playing. Instead of the traditional ‘old school’ chairs and speaker demo, like his old man is doing, Scott’s taken a different approach building a relaxing setup with both headphones and speakers in a setting more reminiscent of what you might use at home.

You can hear what a Sprout system will sound like on either The GoldenEar Aons or a pair of Audeze headphones. Just come into room 550, turn right and you’ll be able to enjoy Sprout Lounge.

Lastly, we also are participating in the CANJAM downstairs with a pair of Sprouts and Audeze headphones. Enjoy.

Five composers you’ve never heard of

“I remember Karl Haas doing a turn he called the Mystery Composer every once in a while on his old radio show. He’d play a little unfamiliar music, feed you some obscure tidbit about the composer, and dare you to figure out who it was. Then he’d play something else—a slightly less obscure tidbit—and tell you a little more. Eventually you’d figure out it was Bizet or Mendelssohn or whoever. (Yes, the Mystery Composer often turned out to be someone pretty well known.) The game was usually fun. I wish I had the patience to reconstruct a few for you.”

You can read the rest of Lawrence Schenbeck’s article by clicking this link.

Neil Larsen

““This is awesome!!!!!” Gerald, a good friend and fellow musician, couldn’t hide his excitement as we waited in a very long line at The Cool Shades Bistro to see Neil Larsen in concert. I’ve experienced Neil’s astounding musicianship in both live venues and via many hours of listening to his studio recordings. Gerald, thanks to his “enthusiastic interest” in jazz keyboardists, has been immersing himself in Neil Larsen’s recordings and videos in preparation for this concert-his first as far as jazz is concerned.”

You can read the rest of Keith Copeland’s article by clicking this link.

Until October

October’s newsletter will have some great new articles, Paul’s Posts and fun, interesting items hopefully you can enjoy.

Have fun and see you next month!

Paul McGowan


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