Old for new

There aren’t too many things in life that float my boat more than getting new products—retiring what was once valuable and upgrading to something dramatically better. It’s why I allow my phone and computer systems to automatically be upgraded, or even more exciting, installing a new version of DAC software like Windom.

I do love the equipment I make music with. When it comes time to part company with them I demand a few things: a good home, and a fair price. If I cannot have those two things, I keep my older products (which is why I hoard stuff in in ever filling closets).

Audio equipment deserves to be used and loved, not collecting dust in a closet. Which is one of the reasons we are so proud of our ground breaking trade-in program.

If you are in the United States, you have an unprecedented opportunity to trade in your old for our new. Our unique program gives you the full and original retail price for your old equipment upfront. And you keep that older gear at home while comparing old vs. new.

We give you a month to decide which is better: old or new. Once you decide, we make it super easy.

We’ve put together a hilarious 1-minute video of how it all works. Have fun watching!

When you’re ready to upgrade, email me or call us at 800-PSAUDIO.

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Eat Anything

…and lose weight. Yeah, I know. Sounds stupid.

After my doctor told me I had to “lose the gut” or face diabetes II, I had to get serious about weight loss. I wasn’t obese, but I did have a growing paunch. After 20 years of trying unsuccessfully to shave off the pounds because every diet I tried demanded I change my lifestyle (and I couldn’t), I finally had to take matters into my own hands.

As an engineer, I understand the fundamentals of building a system that works. Which is exactly what I did—I engineered my own diet plan that allowed me to eat and drink what I wanted. I lost 22 pounds in 90 days controlling not what I ate and drank, but how much of it.

Then, I wrote a short book on the subject and called it The EAT Diet. It works, and if you want to shave off a few pounds, it’ll work for you too.

Would you like a free copy? Just reply to this email and ask for your copy of The EAT Diet. I’ll send you a free PDF. If it works, then perhaps leave a nice review or pick up a copy on your own to share with others.

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Mountain Chief

When reader McMillan Arrington sent me this incredible photograph I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.

In this photo, Frances Densmore, a pioneering ethnomusicologist and musician is playing a cylinder recording for Mountain Chief to interpret it into Plains Indian Sign Language. Densmore’s aim was to help preserve Native languages and cultures for future generations.

What a wonderful piece of history, unique to our country.

Copper Magazine

“One thousand, three hundred and twenty-three days ago, the first issue of Copper came out. What you’re now reading is, as stated, the ninety-sixth issue. That means that a new issue of Copper has appeared every 13.78 days, since the beginning.

Astonishingly enough, that is precisely on schedule. Regulars know that Copper appears (as if by magic!!) every other Monday. Depending on which confusing and contradictory definition you choose, that makes the mag biweekly. Or bimonthly. Maybe both.

Here’s the reason for this drawn-out pedantry: I cannot think of another single thing in my life where I’ve managed to stick to a schedule, and deliver according to expectations, day after day, month after month…and year after year. For that reason alone, Copper is, to me, a miracle.

Read the story of 96 Tears.

Copper is cost-free, ad-free, and committed to great articles without an attitude.

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Vinyl better than digital?

Neil Young claimed that digital compression technology — CD, MP3, streaming — undermines human dignity. Of the thousands of comments in response, many readers denounced him as emotional, anti-scientific, a Luddite and even partly deaf. But might Young know something the rest of us don’t?

For decades, there has been a deep-set conflict between those who claim analog has some ineffable “presence” missing in digital versus those with technical know-how who can explain how analog and digital actually work. In essence, the producers of digital tech claim it is flawless, while the most sensitive consumers claim it is awful. They can’t both be right.

Read the article

Mozart rocked!

Not many musicians are good or daring enough to tackle Mozart in the rock venue, but that doesn’t apply to guitarist Jan Akkerman.

In this great music video, Akkerman attacks Mozart’s classic opera Don Giovanni. It’s brave, it’s innovative, and it deserves to be heard.

The son of a scrap iron trader, Akkerman was born in Amsterdam. At age five he took guitar lessons and his first single was released in 1960, when he was thirteen years old. He first found international commercial success with the band Focus, which he co-founded with Thijs van Leer. After leaving Focus, he continued as a solo musician, adding jazz fusion influences.

And now, Mozart.

Watch the video

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