Find out how this revolutionary new disc player is changing everything we know about CD and SACD reproduction

DirectStream Memory Player

Ushering in a new era of CD performance

8 years in the making, the new DirectStream Memory Player will soon redefine our thoughts on what is possible. Where once we believed the best disc players had wrung every last drop of performance from optical discs, the DMP has opened new doors few thought possible.

DMP is a universal audio disc player, capable of playing just about any format, from CD to SACD. But that’s only the beginning of what’s exciting. Through implementation of a new, FPGA based, advanced Digital Lens, CD performance now begins to approach that of high resolution audio.

Perhaps just as new, DMP is able to finally unlock the once-unavailable DSD layer restricted from outside DACs. This means that for the first time, you can finally hear what’s on your SACD collection. Connect DMP to your DirectStream or DirectStream Junior and hear what mastering engineers have known all along, the analog beauty of pure DSD played through a mastering quality DAC.

We’ll begin beta testing DMP in October, take pre-reservations for customers in November, and first shipments released in early December.

Can’t wait.

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RMAF is coming!

The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest is right around the corner, and this year we’ve got a real treat in store for attendees. Not only will we be debuting the DirectStream Memory Player, but we’ll also feature a completely whacked out speaker system, the $128,000 Scaena La Maitresse Ultimes, pictured above.

We’ll be in Suite 1107 with a complete PS system consisting of the DirectStream Memory Player, DirectStream DAC, BHK Signature preamp, and a pair of BHK Signature 300 mono amps. Clean AC will be provided by multiple P10 Power Plant power regenerators. As always, cabling will be provided by MG Audio with sets of their finest.

The PS Audio components in the demo system have received dozens of awards from the worldwide press. This should be one heck of a system, so fingers crossed we can set all this up in one day and have it all work! Come by and say hi to myself, Ted Smith and the rest of the PS team.

Toe Tapping

If you’ve been around a while you’ll inevitably run into one of the metrics people use to evaluate hifi gear. Toe Tapping. Does the reproduced music get your toe to tap? And if so, might toe tapping point to a whole different set of metrics for evaluating gear?

Paul’s daily posts have been hitting a lot of great and involving topics as of late. Topics that increasingly spark controversy and comments. Like short essays on Enhancements, Essentials, DIY, Are tweaks for the lazy?, or Walled gardens. Plenty of stimulating subjects, thoughts and conversations to get engaged with what we all love.

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Copper Magazine

Copper Magazine’s really catching on. We now have more than 7,000 subscribers and growing almost daily. New features and articles are grabbing people’s attention and interest.

Issue 15. Back to Basics helps us understand the CD player, the inside story of Sheryl Crow’s first album, and a new regular column for the DIY. In this edition, How To Make Your Own XLR Cables for $50, plus a great essay, Who Are Modern Audiophiles?

Issue 16. Jim Smith continues his subwoofer article, I discuss How Much Amplifier Power Do You Need?, Darren Myers walks us through the process of restoring vintage audio gear, Woody goes in depth with the original heavy metal founder, we visit Twist and Shout, Denver’s premier vinyl shop.

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Machines, smarter than us?

In the last couple of years, deep learning techniques have transformed the world of artificial intelligence. One by one, the abilities and techniques that humans once imagined were uniquely our own have begun to fall to the onslaught of ever more powerful machines. Deep neural networks are now better than humans at tasks few would have ever imagined.

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Graphene speaker?

There have been many flat panel speaker before: ribbons, electrostats, and planars to name a few.

But none we know of have been made of graphene, the newest space age material that’s being used for everything from super conductors to transistors, and now speakers.

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Versa Dynamics

How many people remember Versa Dynamics, John Bicht’s innovative turntable company? 

Copper editor Bill Leebens sends us on a history tour of this once great company.

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