Happy” October

I am not sure about October. At least not in this hemisphere. We’re facing the return of goblins, witches and pumpkins–and cold weather is coming too. Leaves have turned colors, many have fallen. The nights are longer, the morning’s darker with winter’s approach–good for skiers and skaters, not so much for sun and warmth. Soon snow will cover the ground as summer fades to a distant memory.

But winter brings other changes as well. This Sunday I will be in Chicago, playing the BHK monoblocks and DirectStream to the Audiophile Society–something I love to do. If you’re in the area, do stop by. We’ll be connecting the system with the much talked of Belden Iconoclast cables and our friend Galen Gareis, the product’s designer. Should be fun.  I’ll be in New York on November first to help out at the Marathon, then, on the 7th of November, I’ll bring the BHK and DirectStream to San Francisco.

Earlier in October we went to the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver. A great show for two reasons: it’s well attended and I get to spend the night in my own bed (something rare for shows). This year we showed with the YG Acoustics Sonjia 1.3 loudspeakers, four P10 Power Plants, a pair of BHK monoblocks, DirectStream DAC and the BHK Preamplifier. The preamp was a prototype and one I will be happy to write about at some later date. Suffice it to say, the Signature preamplifier designed by Bascom H. King, will be a giant killer.

Music soothes the soul

Here’s a quote from pianist Byron Janis. “What an extraordinary gift music has given us besides its beauty. It has a scientifically proven ability to help heal both physical and psychological problems. Listening to your favorite music does help, but playing an instrument has a greater success. Playing well or badly doesn’t matter; just using one finger to plunk out a tune is sufficient—you can come away with a feeling of well-being. Music’s healing powers, which Pythagoras called “musical medicine,” have been the leitmotif of my career.” Read the article here.

Over on Paul’s Posts after a few controversial subjects that generated a lot of pissed people, things have settled down and  we’ve been running a series on Bi-Amplification, then Bi-Wiring, and now we’re just getting started on Digital Signal Processing–DSP. We’ll later talk about horns, self amplified speakers and whatever subjects tend to interest our thousands of daily readers.

Join me. It’s easy to subscribe and many find a dose of high end audio each morning is better than OJ.

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On Beauty, Biber, and Berio

Why would anyone choose the sublime over the beautiful? Because it’s there—we recognize its presence in human life and in the wider world. A work of art that expresses sublimity gives us a chance to deal with chaos, with Fate, in manageable form. Music like the Mozart Requiem, Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, or Strauss’s Death and Transfiguration reminds of the implacable strength of our enemies.

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NuWave DAC Review

If I were told I would be required to live with the NuWave DSD DAC as my go-to digital machine, for say, the next year or so, I’d be a happy surfer on (its) sine waves. Indeed, I would count myself lucky among audiophiles.

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New vacuum tube

Korg and Noritake introduced the Nutube, a new miniaturized and high performance vacuum tube.

The Nutube is structured with an anode, grid, and filament, and operates as a complete triode tube, generating the same rich harmonics that are distinctive of conventional vacuum tubes..

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