Octave gets its own Channel!

We are as pleased as punch to announce the launch of Octave Records' new YouTube television channel.

No, we're not Disney + with the Beatles, but our new channel has plenty of good reasons to subscribe. You can keep up to date with the step-by-step building process we're featuring of the new Octave Studios. As of this writing, we're on update 6 where the drywall's just finished and they are ready to begin the next steps. In future episodes, you'll watch us as we build out the world's most advanced state-of-the-art recording studio.

And, we've got music videos and artist interviews. We'll be showing live-captured footage of the recordings like the one we just published from Octave Record's newest artist, Thom LaFond. Watch and hear a track off his upcoming Octave release, The Moon Leans In which debuts this Christmas (see the bigger story in this month's newsletter). It's a fabulous recording of a remarkably talented songwriter and singer you will love.

And if that's not enough, I am hosting a Master Class called The Analog Mixer. Learn how our wonderful Studer analog mixer (formerly owned by the Rolling Stones and later, Neil Young) works, how we use it to mix Octave Recordings, and what the future holds.

Head here and subscribe today. Once subscribed we'll let you know as soon as a new video is released.

Octave Records Channel

Product of the year!

We are blushing at the announcement that our wonderful Stellar, M1200 Monoblock amplifier, designed by PS Audio's own Darren Myers, has received the coveted product of the year in the solid state amplifier category.

This prestigious award appears in the January Issue of The Absolute Sound which goes on sale today, November 30, 2021.

The M1200 is an amplifier we are very proud of. Not just because it's been named product of the year, but because it is simply one of the best sounding power amplifier pair out there.

Too much power?

I've gotten notes from people anxious to try the M1200s in their systems but are afraid. Afraid that 1200 watts is just too much power. I am here to let you know the idea of "too much power" is a myth. For any given signal input, a power amplifier will play at the same level regardless of how many watts it can deliver.

So, for example, if your power amp at a given loudness level is using 50 watts, the fact that it is a 200 watt amplifier doesn't mean anything other than you have another 150 watts of headroom remaining. Place an M1200 in the same place and you get the same 50 watts—but now you have a ton more headroom available.

And, headroom is key to getting more linearity within the usable range of audio where we listen.

Check out the M1200 Power Amp

Copper Magazine

This is the 150th issue of Copper! We are thrilled to have reached this milestone. It would not have been possible without our exceptional staff. I am honored and more than a little humbled to be working with such a talented group.

In this issue: Rudy Radelic asks: what’s in a number? 150, that is. In The Mindful Melophile, Don Kaplan offers 150 of his favorite recordings, and I list my favorite 150 rock and pop albums. Steven Bryan Bieler looks at a ranking of the best 150 albums made by women. Anne E. Johnson considers 150 years of Aida, and has an overview of multifaceted rocker David Bowie. We have two Capital Audiofest 2021 show reports from Harris Fogel and Steve Kindig. Tom Gibbs finds a new attractively-priced DAC. Ray Chelstowski interviews Don Airey of Deep Purple about their new Turning to Crime album, and I talk with saxophone master Frank Catalano.

Adrian Wu continues his series on exceptional analog recordings. Tom Methans has a conversation with Shannon Parks about the ultra-flexible Parks Puffin phono preamp. John Seetoo concludes his series on Christian music innovator and super-guitarist Phil Keaggy. Russ Welton asks which is better when it comes to speakers and subs: large or small? New contributor Jack Flory remembers when he was a boy fascinated with all things audio, and Stuart Marvin has a fond look at the 1960s musical magic of the Fillmore East and other New York venues. Ken Sander sets the wayback machine to two San Jose, California music festivals. B. Jan Montana rides ahead. J.I. Agnew concludes his series on the dazzling direct-metal-mastered DMM Dubplate, Vol. 1. We wrap up the issue with a rotating Staar, a cheesy situation, some vinyl aeronautics, and magnificent mesas.

Copper is cost-free, ad-free, and committed to great articles without an attitude.

Sign up for COPPER

Sneak Peek

As promised, here's a sneak peek of an upcoming Octave Record's release from a fabulous artist, Thom LaFond. The music video debuted today on our new Octave Record's YouTube Channel. 

Thom's new album will launch this December 2021, and we're giving listeners this video as a teaser so you can see both the recording process as well as watch Thom as he records his track, Spare Me, from the album The Moon Leans In

The recording was made at Animal Lane Studios in pure DSD by Octave recording engineer, Jay Elliott. This is one of the very best recordings we've yet launched and I can't wait for it to be available for you to own.

In other Octave news, we still have a few vinyl copies remaining of Temporary Circumstances. The other vinyls have mostly sold out as these are all limited edition 180 gram releases. This is a great record with wonderful sonics.

While on our YouTube channel, be sure and subscribe so we can let you know when new videos launch.

Watch Thom's music video

Audiophile's Reference Guide Package

"Hard to imagine that setup alone would have made this much difference. I am shocked. Thank you."

I am delighted to report that we've just printed our fourth edition of The Audiophile's Guide and people from all over the world are enjoying better sound with their systems for the price of a book and CD.

There is simply no more valuable upgrade to your system than getting the set up right.

The book and its companion CD are available together as an easy-to-grab package by going here

Get your Book and Disc here


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