Turkey Freedom

As committed vegetarians for more than 40 years, Terri and I loved Copper cover illustrator Bob D’Amico’s art for Issue 124. Our mascot, Nipper, is helping to board a flock of turkeys while co-conspirators Louie and Patti make sure the coast remains clear.

Whatever your dietary predilection we hope and trust you were able to enjoy (even if only virtually) a sense of family, giving, and generosity this holiday season.

2020 will go down in our memories as one of the strangest years of our lives. Through it all, we’ve been blessed to be part of our extended HiFi Family.

Let us all give thanks for the good things we have, for life’s treasures even if they may sometimes be hard to find.

From all of us at PS Audio, may you and yours find happiness this holiday season.

We’re here for you.

Your HiFi Family.

Hey Joe!

The latest release of Octave Records is music worth owning. Renowned blues artist Otis Taylor knocks it out of the park with this exclusive pure DSD release.

If you’re not yet an Otis Taylor fan, go here and have a listen to the tasty samples we’ve posted from the album. Otis is a true American gem. 

On this release, Otis is joined by former Allman Brother’s guitarist, Warren Haynes, Jazz trumpeter, Ron Miles, singer, Langhorne Slim, and violinist, Anne Harris, among others. Otis has created a psychedelic suite of 10 continuous songs threaded with urging motifs, dynamic textures, and hypnotic passages interplaying with Otis’ signature lyrics and vocal style. Recorded exclusively on the Sonoma DSD Multitrack recording system and remastered by Gus Skinas for this limited direct-to-master SACD release.

Definitely, this limited edition release is one piece of music you do not want to miss out on. Grab a copy before they are all gone.

Have a listen to Otis

Analog Product of the Year!

“Wow!” That’s about all I could say when I learned PS Audio’s Stellar Phono Preamplifier had been named by the editors at Stereophile Magazine as their Analog Product of the year.

Congratulations to the entire PS Audio engineering team who worked hard to build this beauty. And a special shout out to the product’s principal architect, PS Audio’s own Darren Myers.

That an offering from our most affordable product line, Stellar, was chosen as the best analog product of the year from a crowded field of mega thousand dollar competitors makes this award even more startling.

Thanks to our HiFi Family for your support of this fine product. Also, thank you to reviewer Michael Fremer who was first to review the Stellar Phono and made it his personal choice for Product of the Year! 

We are honored.

Tomorrow’s our First!

Tomorrow, Saturday, November 28th at 11 AM MST we’re hosting our first live Chat with Paul webinar. This will be a Zoom webinar limited to 500 participants.

If you’re interested you can keep this URL handy. If you want to join, click on the link a few minutes before starting time to get in.

It will also be live-streamed on our YouTube channel and that has an unlimited audience.

It will likely be a chaotic cluster this first time but hopefully fun. It’ll be good to connect.

Tomorrow, 11 AM, Saturday morning for some, 7 PM or so for Europeans, 11 PM for those in Asia. We’re shooting for an hour long.

Hope to see you there.

Click this link to join on Saturday

Copper Magazine

The Octave Records “Column to be Named Later” now has a name: “Octave Pitch,” courtesy of reader and name the column contest winner Mark Mazur. Read about Octave’s new release, Hey Joe Opus | Red Meat by Otis Taylor here.

Elsewhere in this issue: Larry Schenbeck initiates a series on bel canto singing and I experience an audio initiation. John Seetoo continues his AES Show Fall 2020 report with a look at some of the 7 Audio Wonders of the World. Ken Sander deals with Split Enz. Anne E. Johnson looks at the career of the Country Gentleman, Chet Atkins, and celebrates the 600th birthday of Johannes Ockeghem. Tom Gibbs waxes nostalgic about four holiday reissue LPs. Jay Jay French is buying a stairway to heaven. Roy Hall invests in an Isle of Arran distillery.

J.I. Agnew gets his head around coils in audio. Tom Methans re-lives boogie wonderland. Robert Heiblim examines advances in assistive hearing. In our “Sitting In” section, Max Townshend of Townshend Audio offers a test for determining speaker cable differences, and cartoonist Peter Xeni lets off steam. Ray Chelstowski offers a decidedly different holiday songs playlist. Don Lindich concludes his interview with Krell Industries’ Walter Schofield. We wrap up the issue with streaming audiounstable speed and the shapes of things.

Copper is cost-free, ad-free, and committed to great articles without an attitude.

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The most amazing concert ever

When my friend, Alon Sagee first sent me a link to this video I put it aside for a few days. I needed some space where I could just devote a few minutes to its watching. Anticipating a spirited rendition of Ravel’s classic, Bolero, I was not disappointed—however, not for the reasons I suspected.

Seriously, spend the three and a half minutes of time enjoying this remarkable piece of music played…..wait for it……on a single cello. Right? Bolero played on nothing more than a cello.

But there’s a surprise twist that makes everything worth watching.

Take my word for it. Do not miss watching this.

Have fun!

Watch this video

Watch as artist Kanazawa Kenichi turns what we hear into art

Stuck at home?

With the pandemic forcing us to continue staying at home, what to do?

You can assemble a wonderful home audio system, improve the one you already have, or perhaps build your own from scratch.

In the golden age of hi-fi in the 1950s and ’60s, building your own stereo equipment was almost as common as buying it. Entire magazines dedicated to the craft were full of black-and-white halftone depictions of Brylcreemed dads hunched over disemboweled sound systems from companies such as Heathkit and Dynaco, soldering irons in hand.

Today, people are searching for home projects, and a new company, Bottlehead, might have the answer. Bottlehead is an audio kit maker in Poulsbo, Wash., across Puget Sound from Seattle. 

If you’re interested in learning more, read this article from Bloomberg.

ht: to reader Jerold Block for sending this info to me

Read the article


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