Happy Holidays!

The holiday known as Thanksgiving is thought to be a uniquely American celebration first set as an official day by US President Abraham Lincoln. It was a time in our country’s history where our divided nation really needed a day to be together with family enjoying a meal together.

It wasn’t until many years later the iconic turkey got associated with the holiday, mostly from a 1943 Saturday Evening Post Magazine cover by American painter Norman Rockwell.

As a vegetarian, I am not too interested in eating a bird, but I do love being with family. And, family and togetherness are something all of us can enjoy in the coming days, regardless of why.

From your Hi-Fi Family at PS Audio, thank you for all you do. Enjoy time with your family.

For the full story of Thanksgiving’s beginnings, you can listen to Seth Godin’s Akimbo podcast, here.

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I swear music is addictive. If I go more than a few days without my dose I am unhappy. Jittery. Argumentative.

And music in the car, or what passes as background music in my home, soothes the withdrawal symptoms but does not give me the fix I need.

My true drug of choice is found in Music Room Two and the IRSV. I press the standby button on the BHK preamplifier. Ten seconds later there’s the satisfying click of the BHK Monoblocks turning on at the behest of the trigger voltage. Another 10 seconds later and my spirits rise as the IRS servo woofers thump into life. And then all is right. The air in the room feels different. Perhaps it’s the slight rush of noise from the servo woofers. Hard to say. Easy to feel.

I am listening to Gus Skinnas’ latest mix of Jessica Carson’s masterpieces. There’s that opening sound of the room just before she plays the first notes on the piano. Maybe its the air conditioning system in the studio, or the slight shuffling of her feet finding the piano pedals. I am transported into the music and we are one…

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Rebuilding ears

Is it possible to regenerate and restore our ability to hear? According to researchers, a new technology labeled FX-322 might just hold the answer.

“Sensorineural hearing loss, or SNHL, is the most common form of hearing loss and results from damage to the hair cells in the inner ear or problems with the nerve pathways that convert sound waves from the inner ear to the brain. These hair cells can be lost due to chronic noise exposure, aging, certain viral infections or exposure to drugs that are toxic to the ear.

FX-322, is designed to activate progenitor cells in the ear to regenerate damaged auditory cells and improve hearing function.”

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Copper Magazine

“Big news: at a November 8 press conference at the New York Audio Show, hi-res streaming service Qobuz announced it was eliminating its MP3 streaming tier and going to a lower $14.99 per month pricing plan that includes access to all hi-res and CD-quality streaming. The new Studio Premier plan is available to the first 100,000 subscribers and is $12.50 per month with a yearly plan. The announcement follows on the heels of Amazon’s reveal of its own $14.99 plan ($12.99 for Prime members). More affordable hi-res streaming can only be a good thing, especially in bringing the pleasures of better-sounding music to more people.

Tom Gibbs looks at re-issues from the Stooges, the Stones, Miles and more. Woody Woodward tells a tale of haunted roads and the inimitable Bonzo Dog Band. Professor Larry Schenbeck offers insight into Russian composers Rachmaninov, Medtner and Prokofiev. Anne E. Johnson gives us an unflinching look at the Pogues and the work of Hildegard of Bingen, one of the most important composers of medieval sacred music.

Copper is cost-free, ad-free, and committed to great articles without an attitude.

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How speakers make sound

We’ve all watched our loudspeakers with fascination. Unless there’s some super low frequencies in the music, the drivers that create sound in our homes appear to not be moving at all. And, for that matter, how can a single driver simultaneously produce multiple instruments and voices?

Why are some speakers better than others?

Lots of questions and not a lot of easier answers until now.

There’s a great new animation that shows, in easy to understand steps, how a speaker works and makes sound.

It’s fun and informative to watch.

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Buddy Holly Live!

Well, sort of. Seems the latest craze to hit concert goers is to have dead musicians playing “live” on stage in the form of a holograph.

“It was a little disorienting attending a rock concert by an artist known for albums such as “Burnt Weeny Sandwich” and “Uncle Meat” in a pavilion associated with Freemasonry — but then nothing was straightforward about a show featuring Frank Zappa 26 years after his death. At the Scottish Rite Auditorium in Collingswood, N.J., in a room off to the side of the grand ballroom, I caught up with Eyellusion’s Jeff Pezzuti as he was into the second week of the Bizarre World of Frank Zappa tour, and he was still in the glow of an enthusiastic review from Rolling Stone.”

Read the entire article “Dead musicians are taking the stage again.”

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